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Wardrobe help

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Daut    United States. Aug 07 2012 02:10. Posts 8872
I kinda want to revamp what I wear. i basically dress like a 15 year old high school athlete and its time to change that. i've tried to get my girlfriend to help a bit but what she likes and what I like are so far different that Id rather get some other opinions and form something thats more of my own style.

I searched some of the old threads on LP ( but given how much people were recommending ed hardy and affliction shirts, I think it's safe to say that those threads are outdated.

I guess i'll just go over every part of an outfit that I need help with. I've got nice pairs of jeans, nice dress shirts, a good pair of sandals and finding cool sneakers is really easy. so i need help with shorts and casual every day shirts.

i mostly just wear t shirts. lots of jiu jitsu tees like these:

finding t shirts to wear is easy and i can do that either online or at a place like pac sun. finding nice polos and casual every day shirts is not. it doesnt help that i have a hard body to find shirts for. im 6'0 170 so im tall but pretty thin. muscle wise i have lean arms, a very small chest and a thin frame but well developed shoulders. so basically mediums are snug on me and really short while larges are the right length but are extremely loose fitting around my arms and chest.

any recommendations for nice casual every day shirts that arent t shirts and arent golf shirts? one big pet peeve i have is guys who dress like they are a professional golfer every day. looks really stupid to me. just as i imagine me dressing like im some pro mma fighter looks really stupid to them.

As of now I wear 3 types of shorts:
board shorts:

bball shorts:

very casual but not workout shorts like these:

but these really arent enough. any recommendations on other good every day shorts to wear?

i also have absolutely 0 sense of what kind of stuff matches together to the point that I probably come off like I have aspergers lol. what are big no-nos for matching shorts and tops? and what colors go well together or dont go well together?


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patti   United States. Aug 07 2012 02:18. Posts 550

Anything j crew or banana

Daut    United States. Aug 07 2012 02:21. Posts 8872

  On August 07 2012 01:18 patti wrote:
Anything j crew or banana

i dont think you realize how retarded i am when it comes to this stuff. if i walk into j crew i will walk around for hours and find 1 thing i like and then get home and it will feel weird and ill probably never wear it. i need pictures of things

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RaiNKhAN    United States. Aug 07 2012 02:27. Posts 4080

that last pair of black shorts works imo

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PuertoRican   United States. Aug 07 2012 02:37. Posts 11485

- Don't wear those board shorts and basketball shorts, unless you're going swimming or playing basketball.
- The 3rd pair of shorts are nice, just get a few more pair of those of different colors and patterns, don't get stuck in that black pattern, which is usually the most comfortable for guys to wear.
- Revamp your entire wardrobe to where you can look at all your clothes and say "damn, I look good". This consists of adding clothes little by little over time, and having at least 4 different websites saved in your Bookmarks that you check out regularly and have those stores email you every time a new sale starts.
- Don't buy a lot of clothes at one time that are of a certain style, you'll get owned when the trends change, like the Ed Hardy crap you mentioned already.
- Don't have a "favorite" outfit, that's something that you should grow out of after you graduate from high school.
- Don't be afraid to try stuff on, don't buy something just because it looks good, because you're probably seeing it look good on someone else, and might not be right for you. Once you have a sizable wardrobe of at least 15 different tops (not t-shirts), you will be able to eyeball tops and pick and choose items pretty quick.
- When you are buying items online, bookmark all of the items you want to buy, then wait at least 2 days and look at them again, you will end up saving a lot of money on clothes you don't buy on impulse.
- Get accustom to the different seasons and when the clothes come in and out of your favorite stores, this will allow you to buy some nice product on discount and also prepare you to not spend so much money at a certain time so you can get the new Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter line that is coming out soon.
- My favorite store to shop at for jeans is Guess. They always have good online/in-store sales, bonus program if you sign up for a Guess-card, and always have good looking girls working at the stores. My favorite thing to shop for at Guess are the jeans and seasonal long sleeve non-collared shirts, the shirts with collars are usually over priced. The jeans are between $100 - $130.
- In USA, I get more dressy shirts from Express, since they always have good deals on them.
- I almost forgot to add the biggest point of them all, KNOW YOUR SHIRT SIZE!!! Men look so fucking ridiculous when they don't know their shirt size or something similar to their shirt size, since most guys don't pay to have their shirts altered/fitted for them. Once you start wearing fitted shirts, you'll notice how retarded guys look with a bunch of extra fabric on their arms and on their back puffed out as they walk. There's fitted shirts you can buy, which are decent once you know your size, but it's best to pay someone to alter them for you, it's so worth it.
- There's websites where you can buy inexpensive shirts that get mailed to you in your exact size, you just have to know all of your measurements.
- In the end, it all depends on how much money you're looking to spend on clothes. If you want to actually be fashionable, it will cost you. The steps/items I listed above is a great place for you to start, which can then lead you into more creative ideas that will cost you more money to put outfits together, and this doesn't even include the super expensive brands that are a whole other story.

These are just some ideas I thought of real quick, lemme know if you have any other questions.

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julep   Australia. Aug 07 2012 02:53. Posts 1274

why do anything if you have a girlfriend? you are already in. dont have to fuck about with this fashion bs

gororokgororok   Netherlands. Aug 07 2012 03:09. Posts 3877

Pretty solid post by PuortoRican. Although I disagree on the favorite outfit, fuck that I still have that :D

AndrewSong    United States. Aug 07 2012 03:09. Posts 2341

If you're looking for alternative ways to dress while being able to treat the clothes as pajamas, it won't happen. I think best place to start would be with plain v-neck shirts with nice jeans, loafers, casual shoes or even sneakers for days you don't want to think. It'll be nice to have couple belts that can go with your shoes. I would recommend starting with v-neck shirts that is more fit around the neck. Looser ones can make you look too fat, skinny or bummed out. Ones that are loose on the neck only works if you're spending lot of time at the gym. You can find these at jcrew, saks fifth or basically any A list clothing store.

As for everyday wear - us guys only have t-shirt, polos, henley and long sleeved shirt(button up) that works for us. One of the not to do list is wearing short sleeved shirts. You don't do this period. If it's hot outside, you wear a shirt(button up) and roll the sleeves up.

You should buy some henleys too if you are looking for comfortable clothes to wear. V-neck shirts and henleys pretty much go with anything. You can throw in a blazer or a cardigan on top and u'll look fresh to head out at night. Even a nice hoodie works as well.

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qwerty67890   New Zealand. Aug 07 2012 03:11. Posts 14026

whamm!   Albania. Aug 07 2012 03:48. Posts 11625

anything there is cheap, super comfortable and fashionably updated with the times. no fucking brand names plastered all over the garments A+ fabric. made in japan but i think they have stores in the U.S.
you're welcome

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Joe   Czech Republic. Aug 07 2012 03:49. Posts 5987

Easiest thing to do is find someone among your non-internet friends, who is a lot into fashion. A lot of girls are, so it shouldnt be that difficult. Then just ask them for help, they will most likely help you eagerly, because they like to do this (fashion and going shopping, even if it is not for them).

Or if u really wanna do it yourself, dont ask internet guys like us, go through fashion bullshit magazines and stuff, dont read the crap just check the pictures and find several with outfits that you like, print it out, go to shops with similar wear, show the shop assistant the pictures and let them help you.

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QuirkyEric   Slovakia. Aug 07 2012 03:54. Posts 308

  On August 07 2012 01:10 Daut wrote:
i basically dress like a 15 year old

no need to change

Tycho   Netherlands. Aug 07 2012 04:11. Posts 1553

ask any of your friends who seem to care about clothing and look good to help you
they can go to clothing stores with you so you can actually see what clothes look well on you
better than depending on LP

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patti   United States. Aug 07 2012 04:33. Posts 550

  On August 07 2012 02:48 whamm! wrote:

anything there is cheap, super comfortable and fashionably updated with the times. no fucking brand names plastered all over the garments A+ fabric. made in japan but i think they have stores in the U.S.
you're welcome

They only have a shop in New York. Don't even think they opened the one in California. And they still don't have an online store. Believe me I love this brand.

Watkyn   Netherlands. Aug 07 2012 05:44. Posts 10

Basic pointers:

- Fit is everything. You can pay $200 for a nice shirt, if it's too big (not just the size, but the general cut) it won't work. This is by far the most important thing in menswear.

- You don't have to be adventurous or be "in style", you have to feel good about yourself. Don't wear skinny jeans because GQ tells people to, don't wear Clark's Desert Boots because r/MFA (reddit) tells you to. Find a style you feel comfortable with, and stick with it. Having a "uniform" isn't a bad thing for guys if it looks good. You'll overtime change/improve your own style.

- On trousers. In the online men's style community everyone will only talk about raw denim. Raw denim is dark, unwashed denim that will age over time. I personally only wear raw denim. Another common option is chinos. The most important part is the fit. If it's bunching up at your feet, get it hemmed. If it's too loose around your calves, but another pair. You don't want it to be skin tight, but you do want it fitted. It isn't for "fashion", it just looks better. I freaking love denim, if you want to know some affordable brands/models, ask! I'm currently wearing a pair of Tellason Ladbroke Grove's

All those shorts you've posted look quite immature to me. If you see any sort of prints on it (letters or logos) you'll want to avoid them. If you want to start easy wearing nicer shorts, get a pair of plain navy shorts that end right above your knee (like this) . If you have thin legs, a slight taper (slim fit) would help. But the most important part is the length. If it's too long (like boardshorts) they'll make you look disproportionate and thus unflattering.

- Shoes. Leather shoes aren't for everyone. If you want to wear sneakers, I'd advice you to buy something easy and classic. I personally like white Vans Authentics (looks great under navy shorts without showing socks!). Converse Jack Purcell's and Superga's work too. Just look them up and see what you like. If you want to wear leather shoes, Clark's Desert Boots (preferably in beeswax) is the easiest to pull off and quite affordable. They look good under denim and chinos.. but not under shorts!

- Shirts. I only wear sportshirts. By that I mean "dress shirts" that aren't supposed to be under a suit. They are made with more casual looking fabrics. I always tuck my shirts in too. If you have the money to spend, my favorite sport shirts are by Gitman Vintage. They are made in the US, with great fits and fantastic fabrics. If you have less to spend. Brooks Brother's extra-slimfit sport shirts are great, and J. Crew is known for their cool sport shirts too. Some examples from J. Crew: 1, 2, 3.

Now, the absolute most important part about the shirt is again, the fit. A well fitting shirt isn't what you see in GQ where everything is skin tight (they pin it from behind anyway), but it also should never billow. There are a lot of guides online telling you how a shirt should fit, look it up, and try to get a feel for it. It, again, is the absolute most important part of your clothing.

Since you want pictures, you should check out some men's style blogs. What I want you to mainly look at is the fit. Some blogs:

Put This On: - more of a classical style (a lot of suits), but also other very valid information. Their webseries is really good too
Midwestyle: - I really like their personal styles, great fits and a good source of "real world" inspiration
The Styleblogger: - a bit too fashion-forward for my taste, dont always like his fits but there are some good ones

If you like like forums. is my favorite. Note that you'll be getting an expensive taste after spending a couple of hours there...

If you are serious about looking awesome, send me a PM with a photo of yourself with your favorite and/or daily outfit, I'll probably be able to help you much better that way!

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Trolala   Estonia. Aug 07 2012 06:42. Posts 2050

Some quality posts in here.

morph1   Sierra Leone. Aug 07 2012 06:44. Posts 2352

you don't have to be fashion expert to dress nice
wearing those basketball shorts and jiujitsu tshirts all the time is realy lame
I train bjj and beside manto shorts that I wear exclusievly when I roll... I hate any weardrobe that is bjj/mma/poker/gaming related
it's just terrible taste to wear it and you look like one of those "wannabe" egoistic tards that are trying realy hard to be part of something they are not
I saw some realy cool bjj tshirts that are somewhere descrete but even them I would avoid

simple advice... find some friends that are folowing the fashion
do some googling and just find what do you like and what should you wear

also in all of this big shops you have guys/girls that are working there and they will help you a lot if you are realy clueless
looks also what type of combinations they put on mannequin in stores and get some idea what's "in" and what's not
and yea you have try things first so you can now what fits you and what not.. so fuck internet for this things
even shoes sometimes look ugly when you hold them but when you wear them they are actualy nice on your feet

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Watkyn   Netherlands. Aug 07 2012 07:32. Posts 10

Since I won two buy-ins while writing my last reply, I'll just go ahead and post some more general advice :D

On combining colors (which isn't quite as important as fit!), if you don't have an eye for it (it's something you can develop, but some people just... can't), keep it easy. Navy navy navy. Navy looks good with other blues, red, white, brown, purple, tan, orange, pink... virtually everything. It's that easy. That's also why pair of dark raw denim always works.

I've touched on it before but generally, anything with words/logos look juvenile. That includes brand names and big logos. Really small logos (like the Polo Ralph Lauren horse) are acceptable, but I personally don't wear that either. If you want to look stylish in a t-shirt, get a slim fit solid v-neck t-shirt, or maybe (my fav.) a pocket t-shirt. Can't say it enough times, make sure it fits nice n slim.

As basic as it is, a well-fitted pocket t-shirt, navy shorts and white Vans Authentics (no show socks!) will already put you miles ahead of most guys.

By the way, I barely wear shorts, I only wear them if it gets really really hot. I personally prefer light chinos in the summer days as I think they look more mature. Having that said, there is nothing wrong with shorts if that's what you prefer.

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Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 07 2012 08:09. Posts 4741

Hey, I don't know a lot about Fashion, but I did what I usually do when I ponder on things....

I start searching on the internet lol!!

There seem to be a pretty big sub reddit on Male Fashion Advice on reddit. Over 122k subscribers!!

How Clothes Should Fit:

Matching Colors:

The Basic Wardrobe:

Common Style Acronyms:

whamm!   Albania. Aug 07 2012 09:01. Posts 11625

find what fits your body type and height.
colors matching with skin tone is nice, but girls dont really care about that, only fags
+1 on not wearing ed hardy and any MMA being douchewear, along with any brand faggetry plastered in front
keep attire simple, clean and comfortable. and shop at gap, banana rep and uniqlo. very basic, reasonable but nice.


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