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New to LiquidPoker? Register here for free!, with over 50,000 users registered and growing every day, is one of the largest and most active poker communities online. Almost all of the website's visitors are real money poker players who are interested in learning and finding out the most they can about online poker. They are very interested in trying out new pokerrooms, promotions and bonuses, making Liquidpoker a place with a very interesting and benificial target base for everyone running their own poker business and wishing to advertise it.

Website traffic details

Uniqie Visitors per month 100,000+
Pageviews per month 1,300,000
Total Members 60,000 and growing
New posts per day 800+

What we offer

Your banner will be shown in the top middle part of every single page and sub-page on, should you choose to advertise. The banner will be placed inside a rotator that will include a total of 10 banners at most! With a monthly unique visitors rate of 100,000 and over 50,000 registered members, you are guaranteed fantastic exposure to many online real money poker players.

Thanks to Liquidpoker's low cluster of banners you can rest assured that the visitors' eyes won't get lost through tons of banners. Also, keep in mind that your banner would be the largest and most visible one on the entire website. All of this together guarantees your banner gets the absolute maximum exposure possible.

Campaign details

 Here is where your banner will appear:

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Below is a list detailing the price of an advertising campaign on Liquidpoker. We currently don't offer longer exposure periods than 3 months. The prices are per one slot (one banner) in our rotator. We have a maximum of 6 slots available. Should you choose to buy 3 or more slots, an extra discount of 10% will apply to your total order.

Banner type: 1 month of exposure:
Standard banners (size: 468x60 pix) $500
Animated banners (size: 468x60 pix) $650

Payment details
We offer a wide range of payment methods for you to choose from:
  • Bank Transfer
  • Neteller
  • Moneybookers
  • Pokerstars transfer
  • Full Tilt Poker transfer
Any additional transfer fees are the responsibility of the advertiser and will be added to the total cost of the campaign

Get your banner online!

To get your banner up and running on, just Send us an e-mail with a description of the campaign you would like to run (number of slots you would like in the rotator plus duration of campaign) as well as any questions you might have, and we will get back to you within 72 hours with all the asnwers and payment details.

Note: we reserve the right to deny the use of a banner if the content is deemed offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

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