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Viktor "Isildur1" Blom enjoys a rollercoaster session, wins a $140,000 pot
Posted by Defrag, May 25
Viktor “Isildur1” Blom looked like he might have finished yesterday as the day’s biggest winner after he closed his session at $1k/$2k FLO8 tables. However, he moved to $1k/$2k 8-Game tables and managed, after being up well over $100k at one point during the evening, to end the day under the line.

Once the games slowed down, the last 5 hours of the day were exclusively Blom in a heads-up match against Daniel “jungleman12” Cates at one table.

Isildur1 started the match with a $140k stack just to see it disappear over the time. At one point he was forced to reload for $50k and ended up winning back over $90k to end his day down "just" $11k (although as the match with Cates continued into Tuesday, it shows up as Isildur1 lost $78.8k in the daily results).

The biggest pots came during last hours of the day:
In the first pot, Cates flopped two pair against Isildur1’s top pair. With turn giving Isildur1 a flush draw the action was simple: bet, re-raise, all-in, call. River card delivers a flush to the board, but also pairs the board, which gives jungleman12 a full house to beat a flush from Isildur1.

The last...

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ZoomWatcher ex-player -> web developer
Written by: Zetsnotdead, March 24

I was never active in the forums but I've been in contact with a bunch of Lpers over the years. It's also been my starting page for a long time and it's the only poker community I feel close to.

I'm 25. I started playing poker in high school. I spent 2 weeks in uni but I couldn't stand it. I'll be honest with you, LP. I was never the type to hit the books hard.
Oly coached me during my nl years and I'll never forget the HOURS of coaching and talks. Thank you!!!
Then I made a switch to PLO and got in contact with Mipwnya. He taught me a TON and became a great friend. I really appreciate everything you did for me Quentin.
I also got to play a bunch of Unibet Open events where I met some of Lpers.

Then inspired by Panorama's and AndrewSong's blog posts, I decided to do a cold turkey switch to programming full time. Kevin, thank you for sharing your story and the emails we've exchanged. They were very helpful! You pu...

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Doug "WCGRider" Polk wins SCOOP for $115,000 live on stream
by Defrag on May 23

Well, there we have yet another big victory for one of the top poker streamers: Doug "WCGRider" Polk has won the $2,100 SCOOP High #43 for $115,000 while streaming li...

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Howard Ledered apologizes for his role in FullTiltPokers downfall
by Defrag on May 22


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WSOP might be potentially up for sale - is Amaya going to bid?
by Defrag on May 20

Another big news hits the poker world: the most recognizable brand behind live tournament series, the company behind the World Series of Poker could be up for sale accord...

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Hot news: starts cooperation with PokerStars!
by Defrag on May 18

This is one of the biggest news for our site and members in a long, long time - our e-sports part, has attained a new official partnership, with...

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WSOP to organize a live debate on Twitch, ask your questions
by Defrag on May 17

Everyone is invited to join executives from the World Series of Poker on Thursday May 19 for a Town Hall video conference hosted on the social media streaming platform Twitch...

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