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New PartyPoker cashback system goes in live today, replaces old VIP system
Posted by Defrag, May 23
PartyPokers new cashback system is going live today, replacing their old bonus points. With a maximum of 23% in the previous system PartyPoker will rewards its players with up to 40% rakeback, paid weekly. You want to pick that offer up along with all other perks from LiquidPoker - register your account at PartyPoker here right away.

The new Partypoker Cashback reward programme is straightforward and simple, paying out up to 40% cash back directly into your account every week.

Here’s how it works:
    IMPORTANT:Opt-in every week in the ‘Rewards’ section of the client any time during the week (00:00CET Monday to 23:59CET Sunday). If you’ve already earned points before opting-in, those points will automatically count toward that week’s total once you’ve opted-in.
    Earn points by playing poker. You’ll receive 1 point for every $1 of rake you generate
    Collect points to receive cash back. You must earn a minimum of 25 points to start receiving cash back. The more points you collect, the higher the rakeback percentage you will receive. If your points balance falls between tiers, the payment you receive will correspond to the last tier hit. When you...

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You need some poker motivation? This should do.
Written by: Defrag, October 05
Games are getting tougher, winrates lower, rakeback and vip systems are going down, basically poker got harder to beat. However, there are still players that completely crush the games and make insane money.

Yeah, now he's gonna say "all you need is motivation and a strong will to learn and develop your skills". Sounds like bullshit right?

Check this archived post from 2007 from 2+2 forum, and then take the guess who is it from:
    "Ive made some posts here before, and ive met several of the members over aim conversations and the like. However, i am starting to feel like I am stuck in a hopeless situation. Every time i begin to do well, i have a huge roller coaster ride and end up broke again, ending up having to reload. Again I am down to my last 30$, and I just dont even know what to say. Its not like im out of money, but if i cant get my bankroll going, and i continue to be a marginal losing player, whats the point...

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PokerStars unveils details regarding their new bonus program
by Defrag on May 21

This is something that was long anticipated and feared: PokerSt...

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PokerStars to host first ever Sunday Million live in Czech Republic with $1mln gtd
by Defrag on May 19

The world’s biggest weekly poker tournament, the PokerStars Sund...

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Partypoker introduces completely new cashback system, smashes competition
by Defrag on May 16

PartyPoker has just sent out e-mails to players informing about their long awaited new rakeback system. This is one of the rare cases in the poker world, where pok...

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New rules for WSOP 2017 - no more unnecessary stalling by players!
by Defrag on May 15

PokerStars implemented shot clocks for their tournaments to limit excessive time being taken when faced with decision and World Series of Poker directors decided to go sim...

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King’s Gamers Contest featuring ElkY and the eSports Stars
by Defrag on May 14

Sebastian "Forsen" Fors, Craig "Onscreen" Shannon, Alan "Hotted" Widmann, Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi, Marcel "Dexter" Feldkamp, Sophia "djari" White and Ted "PyrionFlax" Forsyth join Be...

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