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PokerStars to remove regular heads-up cash tables this week
Posted by Defrag, February 09
PokerStars is not stopping with the controversial moves: it just came out today that the poker room decided to completely remove regular cash heads-up tables as we know them, and replace them with zoom tables.

The change will go live this week, on Friday 12th of February. This change comes kinda expected, as Amaya already removed heads-up tables from FullTilt last year.

Heads-up regulars have received the following e-mails:
" We are writing to inform you that as of Friday 12th February No Limit Hold'em, Fixed Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha Heads-Up regular tables will be removed and will be replaced with Zoom pools.

Heads-Up Zoom is already in place at most stakes and will be added at $50/$100. We will also be adding Zoom No Limit Hold'em Cap games at stakes up to $25/$50.

This change is part of our commitment to reducing predatory behaviour and improving the recreational player experience."

This change completely removes bumhunt (hunting for weak players only), but also the most important aspect of heads-up game - the ability to adjust and exploit one opponent and his tendencies. The games will look pretty much the same as regular zoom games - after every hands, you will switch the opponent and the table, right to the next one from the player pool.

What do you think about that change?

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Old New Grind
Written by: makan18, January 09
The end of the year usually is the time for the review and summing things up. Taking into consideration my goals as I saw them before this year started, I should regard 2015 as a failure. However, many events took place which were completely beyond my control and, in turn, these occurrences often resulted in huge lack of concentration, which is why ultimately I believe this year was a success. The results are pretty solid, I improved mindset-wise, despite the fact that my A-game manifested itself fewer times than in 2014 (one of my poker friends thinks otherwise, as he suggests that I’m the most consistent A-game player he’s competing with – thanks for kind words ;]). I played 800 hours, but I estimate that my A-game amounts to max. 30-40% of that time. What’s more, my C to Z-game reared its ugly head way too often. 2 most important lessons I learned this year, or more precisely two things I finally fully accepted are:
1. The quality is more important than quantity
2. You...

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