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Parker “TonkaaaaP” Talbot: "YouTube is the future of poker"
Posted by Defrag, November 18
Parker Talbot always says what he thinks. It's like there is no filter in his head and whatever comes from his mouth is pure thought. Today we want to present to you “TonkaaaaP” in a new interview where he says why in his opinion YouTube is the future of poker.

– Parker Talbot: When I started streaming I was like “fuck everything, I’m just going to be the natural me and uncensored”. There wasn’t really a plan to go with it, I just didn’t want to go censoring myself. Within reason of course, I’m not trying to insult anybody or be overly aggressive. I feel like I have dialed it down a little bit.

– How much of your online play isn't streamed online?

– Parker Talbot: Very small, maybe 1%. If I’m going to play poker off stream it will be next to nothing. I’ll play 30 tournaments on a stream but if I do off stream I’ll play four tables, then be one tabling pretty quickly and watch a movie on the side.

– Do you feel that streaming gives your opponents info on your play?

– Parker Talbot: For me more than people getting reads on me, it’s just a lot of work, it’s a crazy amount of work, how much behind the scenes goes into it, so it gives you less time to study. The general decline of your game, not caring less, but focussing less on your game and more on the show, it’s a har...

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Viva Las Vegas
Written by: makan18, October 29
For years, especially at the beginning of my venture into the world of poker, the trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and the participation in the World Series of Poker were the dreams which pushed me to becoming better and better. Even though I haven't been exactly following poker tournaments since forever, I used to count down days remaining to new episodes from WSOP.
On July 2 after packing my bag (for the first time in history of my intercontinental travels it did not contain the desktop, which made up 70% of the bag's weight), I flew to America, hoping that maybe this year I would fulfill my adolescent dream of getting a golden bracelet. I arrived at Las Vegas McCarran Airport at noon local time. After an hour-wait in a line, I was officially allowed into the land of Mickey Mouse. Less than half-an-hour taxi ride later, I reached my place of stay in the USA - an apartment in Palms Place.


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PartyPoker removes fees for inactivity implemented years ago
by Defrag on November 16

Partypoker today announced that players will no longer be charged fees for inactivity on their online accounts. The small admin fee, introduced by previous management in Octob...

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Pokerstars adds new high buy-in Online Tournament Series "High Rollers" to its schedule
by Defrag on November 15

PokerStars made another small introduction to online poker world: the poker room has added a new high buy-in online tournament series, which will run November 26-December 4...

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Dan Bilzerian: “I don’t give a damn what people say about my game”
by Defrag on November 12

High-stakes poker player and social media celebrity Dan Bilzerian defended the origins of his wealth in an In Depth with Graham Bensinger interview published onli...

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40% max rakeback (plus private offer!) at PartyPoker extended until of November
by Defrag on November 10

Our promotion is still running - every account registered until end of November takes part in the promotion for full month.

With this promotion you can ...

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Patrik Antonious: "Poker has become too serious and not fun"
by Defrag on November 08

The tournaments of 2017 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) managed to attract almost all famous players to King's Casino in Rozvadov. There were also poker lege...

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