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David Baazov, former Amaya CEO, pleads not guilty to insider trading charges
Posted by Defrag, May 05
Former Amaya Gaming CEO David Baazov made his first move in a recent insider trading case: he pleaded not guilty to all the charges filed against him by Quebec’s securities regulator.

Of course all other parties accused of same thing that had connection to Baazaov(two associates and three companies: Diocles Capital Inc., Sababa Consulting Inc. and 2374879 Ontario Inc.) have also claimed they are not guilty.

As a reminder: Baazov was one of the accused of using insider information to gain unfair advantage on stock market between December 2013 and June 2014 during the transaction to acquire PokerStars, the world’s largest poker website, for $4.9 billion.

At the moment David Baazov is on a voluntary leave of absence from Amaya. Baazov is facing five charges total, with each carrying a maximum fine of $5 million and 5 years in prison.

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ZoomWatcher ex-player -> web developer
Written by: Zetsnotdead, March 24

I was never active in the forums but I've been in contact with a bunch of Lpers over the years. It's also been my starting page for a long time and it's the only poker community I feel close to.

I'm 25. I started playing poker in high school. I spent 2 weeks in uni but I couldn't stand it. I'll be honest with you, LP. I was never the type to hit the books hard.
Oly coached me during my nl years and I'll never forget the HOURS of coaching and talks. Thank you!!!
Then I made a switch to PLO and got in contact with Mipwnya. He taught me a TON and became a great friend. I really appreciate everything you did for me Quentin.
I also got to play a bunch of Unibet Open events where I met some of Lpers.

Then inspired by Panorama's and AndrewSong's blog posts, I decided to do a cold turkey switch to programming full time. Kevin, thank you for sharing your story and the emails we've exchanged. They were very helpful! You pu...

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WSOP announces new option to register for events online
by Defrag on May 04

The World Series of Poker is starting soon - the officials responsible for the tournaments announced last week that they officially opened a revamped online registratio...

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Justin Bonomo refused interviews during EPT Monaco
by Defrag on May 03


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Daniel "jungleman1" Cates talks about high stakes cash games, both live and online
by Defrag on May 01


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Ole Schemion takes down EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller
by Defrag on April 30

German wunderkind Ole Schemion just ended his 21-month drought and won a live tournament for the first time since July 2014. And he did it in spectacular fashion,...

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Chino Rheem wins his third WorldPokerTour title
by Defrag on April 28

There were three players that managed to win 3 WPT titles in their career: Anthony Zinno, Carlos Mortensen and Gus Hansen. Now Chino Rheem joined the club after winning hi...

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