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Doug 'WCGRider' Polk announced he quits playing poker
Posted by Defrag, September 22
Doug Polk posted a video on YouTube in which he talks about a challenge that assumed he would turn $100 into $10,000. He also said that he will stop playing poker for good, due to the lack of satisfaction from the game anymore.

Doug Polk admits he has once done something like now, with the bankroll challenge. It was at the beginning of his career when he made a deposit worth $50 and he won the life he was always dreaming about. Now something has ended however.

" The worst part is that I will probably disappoint many of my fans, but the truth is playing poker has not been giving me satisfaction for some time now. It was a grind, hard work. I'll turn 30 this year and have been a poker player for over ten years. The game is not so pleasant for me as it was and I feel I do not develop."

Polk knows that the best moments in his life are connected with high stakes, other players and the pursuit to “solve” poker games. He sadly realized that most of his friends do not play poker anymore. They used the money they won to open companies.

"– Since the people I like spending time with do not play poker, the game does not give me any satisfaction and my personal growth is very slow, the question remains why I would be playing it? I have been asking this one for over a year. I hoped it ...

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Poker Computer Recommendations
Written by: Daut, December 18
Right now I have a 5 year old macbook pro which isn't suited for poker, and want to buy a laptop more geared towards poker.

Need recommendations for laptops, and also for all the necessary software I need, such as PIO, monkersolver, etc. Thanks!

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Already started: fastforward Rake Race at PartyPoker !
by Defrag on September 21

Starting from yesterday, that is September 20th we encourage you to join MILLIONS Online fastforward Rake Race. Thanks to it you can win tickets to MILLIONS Onlin...

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Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov joins Team partypoker
by Defrag on September 20

Partypoker is sure growing fast. Poker room is excited to welcome Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov to join Team partypoker. Known to be one of the best online poker players...

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Greece ready for new gambling regulations for online operators
by Defrag on September 17

Greece decided to change the way operators get their permissions. The cost of a license may turn out to be too much for many to take, however.

Last Friday Mini...

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A movie to remember: "Rounders" are 20 years old
by Defrag on September 15

It has not certainly had such an influence on poker boom as the victory by Chris Moneymaker, but the film “Rounders” has also added its contribution to the increa...

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PokerStars already quits offering the Unfold Poker
by Defrag on September 12

Another innovative format from PokerStars did not last long - is time, just after six weeks, the operator decided to abandon game known as Unfold Poker.


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