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LemOn interviews PR
Posted by PuertoRican, January 07

In December 2023, I met up with LemOn[5thF] in Las Vegas - he was in town for a poker event, and I was in town to bet on UFC 296 - and we decided to do a quick interview for our millions of fans and supporters at LiquidPoker.

During the interview, we talked about Team Liquid, people switching from StarCraft to poker, my time in the Korean eSports scene, Artosis and Tasteless, my brief stint in poker, MMA/UFC betting, and my quick thoughts about past and current LiquidPoker community members.

Note: I forgot to mention Grrrr... and FroZ in the video. Grrrr... for his past StarCraft and poker accomplishments, and FroZ for his StarCraft and WCG accomplishments. That being said, I haven't thought about eSports in 14 years, and the two aforementioned guys retired from eSports two decades ago, so yeah...


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Finding Kets post
Written by: longple, October 28
Today might have been the only time Ive visited LP this year. Im glad I did tho to stumble over Kets post. Reading and smileing I got inspired to post something myself since its been sooo long. Struggleing with different old passwords for a bit Im now in!

Flattered to have been mentioned. Reading some of the comments I realise i did have a place here and I was a character that people knew. In the LPworld. A pokerversion of the kid that played starcraft all day.

LP and that time of my life is quite fuzzy to be honest but it brought up some memories of my blog here. The handposting and all of you LP characters. I wont make a list like Ket but I do want to say thank you guys!

LP community, the Handssection and the Poker Articles here was foundational to me comeing into poker and being able to make poker a living.

I will keep this post short but ill squeeze in a little update of who I am today. Im a father of two kids, a 3 year ...

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Happy New Year 2024 from LiquidPoker!
by PuertoRican on December 31

Wishing you peace, love, health, and happiness in 2024! Good luck at the poker tables!

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Game of Gold (Season 1)
by PuertoRican on November 27 m/watch?v=2f6iIrAztT4


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RIP Doyle Brunson
by PuertoRican on May 16 m/watch?v=FyW9s3H1NhA

I could've typed som...

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Garrett Adelstein tells all
by PuertoRican on March 28

Doug Polk sits down with Garrett Adelstein, one of the most popular high stakes poker players of 2022, and talks to him about the infamous "Robbi hand" and why he decided to do ...

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1-on-1 with Brad Owen
by PuertoRican on January 21

Joey Ingram sits down with Brad Owen, one of the most popular poker video bloggers on YouTube, and talks to him about his past, present, and future endeavors in the poker world....

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