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Software restriction changes to go through at PokerStars
Posted by Defrag, July 07
Two weeks ago PokerStars informed people that they were considering adjusting their policy regarding 3rd party programs that are allowed to be used while playing on PokerStars - it was a direct result of a huge controversy over Skier_5s program that basically made the players decision come down to just clicking the button with the provided action preflop.

PokerStars representative, Steve Day, posted an information that that changes are going through, and how PokerStars will deal with the existing software. This post appeared yesterday on 2+2 forum:
"After thorough consideration of the input here and a lengthy internal discussion, we’ve decided to move forward in principle with the changes proposed in the OP. We still have some decisions to make regarding final wording and also to make sure we are comfortable with our detection and enforcement capability. In the meantime we will be in touch with some software developers regarding their existing applications to clarify which features might violate the upcoming rules so that they will have time to make the appropriate changes.

There is one immediate change to announce. The catalyst for this conversation was a particular piece of software that e

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Are Spin&Go'es beatable or not?
Written by: Defrag, April 13
Introduction to Spin&Go tournaments(skip that if you know how they work)
When Spin&Go tournaments were introduced there was an enormous migration of recreational players from normal Sit&go tournaments to Spin&go format - it's a perfect format to attract that kind of players.
If you don't know how they work - each tournament is 3-max, winner-take-all, hyper turbo Sit&go with a random prize pool. Buy-ins range from $1 to $60, and each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool that will award between two and 3,000 times your buy-in. The highest multiplies are obviously super rare (1 of 100,000 for the 3,000xbuy-in, even the 240x multiplier have a chance of just 5 out of 100,000).

The games are insanely fast, give a thrill of emotion through the random prize pool and that's what recreational players were looking for. Jackpot was hit by PokerStars.

The migration of fish
With the introduction of Spin&Go most of the recreatio...

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Special, LiquidPoker only, discount for PokerTracker 4 - still available!
by Defrag on July 06

Last month we informed you about a special promotion prepared only for LiquidPoker members, as we are the only place on the internet with PT4 codes available direc...

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Jonathan Duhamel wins One Drop, runner-up Bill Klein donates $2,5mln he won to charity
by Defrag on July 05

Jonathan Duhamel, a Canadian poker professional from Quebec, best known as the winner of the Main Event at the 2010 World Series of Poker managed to defeat all his opponent...

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Watch the highlights from $250,000 Super High Roller Cash Game at Aria!
by Defrag on July 03

The Super High Roller Cash Game at ARIA Casino that was streamed on Twitch.TV is over. As a reminder: it was an invite-only No-limit hold'em cash game, played 8-handed with $400/$8...

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LiquidPoker gets into Daily Fantasty Sports
by Defrag on July 01

This is a move that has been coming for a long time now - due to the enormous popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports on LiquidPoker, we decided it is about time we partner up with on...

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Super High Roller cash game to be strteamed for next 3 days on Twitch.TV, starting today
by Defrag on June 29

The rise of the Twitch.TV for poker entertainment continues: starting today, for three days, a special invite-only No-limit hold'em cash game will be filmed at ARIA casino a...

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