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Portland forcing poker rooms to remove professional dealers and use players from the games
Posted by Defrag, August 28
This might seem like an April fools day joke, but believe us - it's not. City of Portland wants its local poker rooms to permanently stop using professional dealers and instead make the poker players in the games deal the hands themselves, passing the cards around like it happens in most home games.

Can you imagine how messy the games will get and how many questionable situations this will lead to?

According to a report published in the Portland Tribune, Portland City sent a letter to all 15 poker rooms located in the area ordering them that “designated dealers are not allowed” under current state law. In simple words, the dealers can’t be employees or volunteers without pay anymore and have to participate in the games actively.

Due to law in Oregon, which prohibits all non-tribal casinos, poker rooms make profit through entrance fees,food and drink sales, rather than real rake.

This is also a direct results of some poker rooms trying to cut their financial obligations to dealers, as they used volunteer dealers, who earned only tips instead of proper wages. There were at least 2 cases of dealers filing complaints over not making at least minimum wage at the very profitable rooms in the city.
The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries investigated the complaints, and so cit...

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Bitcoin Giveaway to LP #2
Written by: Daut, August 17
Wrote another blog, this time on my 2nd WPT TV final table and how it was the most devastated I've been in poker despite cashing for nearly $200,000.

This time I'll give away .25 bitcoins to 1 lucky person to avoid paying out all over the place and ill be able to send bitcoins wherever the one person wants. Same deal as last time, head over, upvote the post, ask a question (I won't see the like), and post your username here. Will run the giveaway until the post pays out, which it is scheduled to do in 21 hours, then ill randomize a winner.

For people who didn't participate last time:

So here's what you need to do:

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Doug "WCGRider" Polk triples his bankroll in his "from $100 to $10,000 poker challenge"
by Defrag on August 27

Doug “WCGRider” Polk is currently doing his "$100 to $10,000 bankroll challenge" that is supposed to prove that even during the times where poker is considered to be in a ba...

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Gus Hansen is back playing high stakes online! Seen at PokerStars this week.
by Defrag on August 25

A man that once became a legend for losing the highest amount of cash at online times in the history of online poker (over $21,000,000 lost in his ...

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European Poker Tour (EPT) is no more! PokerStars introduces Global Live Poker Championship and Festival
by Defrag on August 24

PokerStars today announced two new PokerStars sponsored ...

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PokerStars introduces new tournament format, Bubble Rush
by Defrag on August 23

PokerStars, the world's biggest online poker room, just rolled out a new tournament format named Bubble Rush. The first portion of the event is played in a turbo...

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Fedor Holz takes down yet another one: EPT13 Barcelona €50k Super High Roller for €1,300,300
by Defrag on August 22

Fedor Holz has been winning high buy-in events all summer but tonight he earned his first EPT Super High Roller title after demolishing the 102-entry field at EPT13 Barcelo...

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