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PartyPoker to shoot itself in the knee? Poker room on verge of banning HUDs.
Posted by Defrag, October 06
Over last year or so most of the poker rooms are implement new rules and regulations that have one aim: to reduce the edge regular players have over recreational ones. Just last week PokerStars informed players about incoming limitations to 3rd party software, and now PartyPoker is taking all that one step too far: the poker room is about to ban the use of any HUD.

This is a release PartyPoker has officially sent out:
"Over the coming weeks, partypoker will go another step further with its Poker for the People campaign, making improvements to the poker platform to level the playing field for all poker players.

The ongoing development of sophisticated third party online poker tracking software such as HUDs, seating scripts and the sharing of hand history databases can impact new players and the recreational community who do not have this access. partypoker are committed to providing fair and ethical poker products to all poker players and therefore during the coming weeks, the following improvements to the software will be introduced:

Players will be able to view the last 12 months of their own hand histories within the Missions icon in the partypoker software, but hand

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The Way of the Peaceful Grinder
Written by: makan18, September 25
Being a professional poker player is a career path, a life path even. The road towards being successful in poker, is not much different than a path to success in other areas of life. You need to gain theoretical knowledge, and most importantly put your knowledge into action every day, ceaselessly trying to do your best. Honestly, the knowledge without application is not worth much.

I`ve been in the poker industry for 8 years, however I started to treat it as a career path just 3 years ago. Reading Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt’s ‘Treat Your Poker Like a Business’ has been a major influence on me. After going through it, I realized that in terms of professional approach I’m light years away from the best in the field. I’ve been trying to improve the efficiency of my performance ever since.

What and who this blog is about.

Two things I’m obsessed with the most are healthy lifestyle and mind growth. My site will dedicate a ...

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