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Has the winner of Sunday Million been banned for ghosting?
Posted by Defrag, October 13
It seems that the winner of Sunday Million that took place September 30th will not be collecting his winnings anytime soon. The money was distributed by PokerStars among others who played with him and they all have received emails explaining why.

As the final table was reached “lftgjc”, who has had little success so far, mostly playing $5, suddenly was showing excellent form. According to observers he played like no one at small stakes should.

This alone was quite surprising according to peers, who were not expecting this level from an unknown player.

As the three-way deal with IrEgption and Alin76poker was made, the soon-to-be winner negotiated his share as he has had some experience with such deals.

He seemed sure of his advantage and negotiated aggressively, which was surprising as someone so inexperienced should have been more delicate in these matters.

Some said that it looked like a staked player was not making decisions on his own, but with the help of someone else, characterised by much more skills.

Of course no one was able to prove it, but PokerStars apparently has found a proof of so called “ghosting” (supporting a weaker player from the shadows in order to deceive opponents). Patrik “IrEgption” Tardif tweeted a screenshot of the message he received fro...

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Poker Computer Recommendations
Written by: Daut, December 18
Right now I have a 5 year old macbook pro which isn't suited for poker, and want to buy a laptop more geared towards poker.

Need recommendations for laptops, and also for all the necessary software I need, such as PIO, monkersolver, etc. Thanks!

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Greg Raymer to write a book about poker strategy
by Defrag on October 10

This comes as a surprise to everyone, but 15 years after his success at World Series of Poker, Greg Raymer announced he will write a book about poker strategy.

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Ioannis Angelou-Konstas wins the Main Event of PartyPoker LIVE Millions UK and £940,000!
by Defrag on October 09

It was a huge, huge main prize - without a deal first place of the Main Event of PartyPoker LIVE Millions UK was guaranteed a £1,000,000 (~$1,3ml) nfor the win. W...

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Sam Trickett gives an interview: "I would like to see Will Kassouf banned from poker"
by Defrag on October 06

In a short interview for HighStakesDB Sam Trickett, great poker player and PartyPoker ambassador revealed who he likes playing with, what his most unforgetable hand is and ...

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PP LIVE Millions UK – Steve O’Dwyer wins the Super High Roller and £450,000!
by Defrag on October 04

Super High Roller at PartyPoker LIVE Millions UK has come to an end. Steve O'Dwyer took down the event winning £450,000!

On its starting day Super High Rolle...

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Tom 'durrrr' Dwan and Paul Phua collide: durrrr quits the table after losing a $2,350,000 pot!
by Defrag on October 01

Triton SHR Series cash game were happening latetly and there were some massive pots. Buy-in to the game was KRW 1,000,000,000 (around 900,000$), and the blinds 3,000,000/6,00...

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