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PokerStars' new game, 6+, launched yesterday
Posted by Defrag, January 16
A new format, 6+, the latest instalment in PokerStars’ series of new cash game variants, rolled out yesterday, January 16.

“6+ is an exciting poker variant that often produces big hands and a lot of action, so we’re excited to bring it to the tables”, said Chris Straghalis, Director of Poker Product at PokerStars. “While the format has proven popular with high stakes players, the range of stakes available on PokerStars and similarities to hold’em mean that it should appeal to those who may want to try a new game but don’t want something too different. We’re looking forward to seeing what people think.”

The short deck hold’em format sees all numbered cards lower than a six removed from the deck and a new blind structure introduced, the “Button Blind”. Instead of small and big blinds, all players post an ante and only the player on the button posts a blind.

Available in a six-handed format, the narrower card range combined with an action-oriented blind and ante structure brings a shift in strategy that players will need to adapt to in order to play successfully.

A flush now also beats a full house. Given that there are only nine ranks of cards, players will flop a set 17% of the time, making a full house much more achievable. Flushes, however, will be more difficult to come by as there a...

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Poker Computer Recommendations
Written by: Daut, December 18
Right now I have a 5 year old macbook pro which isn't suited for poker, and want to buy a laptop more geared towards poker.

Need recommendations for laptops, and also for all the necessary software I need, such as PIO, monkersolver, etc. Thanks!

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Sam Greenwood wins $100,000 PCA Super High Roller and $1,775,460
by Defrag on January 15

While Day 1B of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event was gathering momentum, the $100,000 Super High Roller final table reconvened to play down to a winner. After...

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Ramon Colillas turns free entry into $5.1 million PSPC Championship
by Defrag on January 12

PokerStars announced today that Ramon Colillas from Barcelona, Spain, won $5.1 million and was crowned the winner of the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Champ...

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Baumstein retains chip lead for PSPC final table fighting for 1st prize of $5,100,000
by Defrag on January 10

It has taken four days for the $25,000 PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship (PSPC) to reach a final table. Out of a record-breaking field of 1,039, just eight playe...

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Bubble bursts at the worst biggest $25,000 tournament ever - PSPC
by Defrag on January 09

The PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship (PSPC), the largest $25,000 tournament ever held, had already seen a field of 1,039 shrink to 207 when play began today. With 181 plac...

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Double your rakeback for a week with Partypoker cash game happy hours
by Defrag on January 07

Partypoker has prepared a promotion for cash players for the start of the new year: The festivities may be over but there’s still plenty of action happening at the tables! Chec...

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