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PartyPoker revamp 17t June

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Chewits   United Kingdom. Jun 10 2019 19:08. Posts 2539

Looks like PP is getting all its players to change their alias, along with the incoming HUD bans etc. Also apparently all 3rd party tools to be banned,and even hand histories will be unavailable. Step too far?

Whats your thoughts on this? You think this is a good thing for online poker?


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TianYuan    Korea (South). Jun 14 2019 15:56. Posts 6817

I think HH ban is awful.

Don't care that much about the rest really. I just want to be able to see my EV so I can cry about how far below it I am when running bad / ignore how far above it I am when running good.

Plus, statistical analysis has been pretty key in exposing several bot-rings in the past.

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

Chewits   United Kingdom. Jun 15 2019 16:43. Posts 2539

Yeah I 100% agree. HH ban is a really bad direction. I think hud ban is fine. I kind if feel like their agenda was to ban HUDs but then realised how difficult that would be with HHs. So took lazy approach and removed them. Throwing out this "make it like live games" bullshit. Its sad really as Stars was getting alot of negativity and PP had a golden opportunity to seize market share. Maybe I will be proven wrong.

I am a degen. Do not believe in any of my advice. 

balakubak   . Jun 16 2019 12:54. Posts 152


vurna   . Oct 27 2022 14:37. Posts 124

--- Nuked ---


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