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77 ui into a bluff

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Will   Canada. Aug 29 2023 03:34. Posts 37


utg minrs (skill level lacking)
I go to $2 from hijack/+1 w. 77
folds back to him, he calls (no 4b game)

Comes Q94 2 clubs I have 7c, I chk back
turn is another 4, he bets like half, I call

riv is offsuit ten, he bets like 75%, I 3/4 pot raise him instantly to 25 bones.


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lostaccount   Canada. Sep 11 2023 23:15. Posts 5697

Nvm solver is best imo

let it be, let it be, peace is my way, paradise is my destation - lostaccount This is the way PR tian xia tai ping xxxy tian tang luLast edit: 18/09/2023 02:49


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