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NewbSaibot   United States. Feb 20 2023 09:26. Posts 4943

Played a big hand tonight:

1000BB deep

Hero CO open Qh 9h, sb calls and BB 3bets. Call, call

Flop 3s 3h 8h

BB cbets, I raise, sb folds, BB 3bets, I call

Turn 3s 3h 8h As

BB bets and I shove allin. BB shows Ah Kh and I realize after a couple of seconds I'm drawing dead.


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bye now 

gawdawaful   Canada. Feb 27 2023 01:53. Posts 9011

Im only good at poker when I run good 

RiKD    United States. Feb 27 2023 03:38. Posts 8394


Also, pretty crazy to see Markus Gonsalves aka LURPED in that game. I had no idea what happened to that dude. Last time I saw him we were partying with beautiful people and at least 1 B-list celebrity at the time if my memory serves me. Of course, I was blackout drunk though. NoTDRuNKENoUGH. Yet, I was definitely drunk enough. Threw up in a booth at the Hard Rock full of people and tried to make it to the bathroom and pretty sure I didn't. Although I do remember throwing up all over the bathroom. Then, all I remember was trying to walk out the door and I kept falling. I couldn't make it. Thankfully, the Ace came on the river and Frinkx found me and we got a cab and I don't think I threw up in the cab or their apartment. Missed the after party though which would have been sickkk. Oh, jesus, it's stories like these that I can really see the bloom of a young alcoholic. I had no idea at the time though. 24 years old man. 24 years old. The world handed me online poker and I just stacked chips and ran with it. Ran to Argentina, ran to Las Vegas, ran to San Diego, ran to Malta, ran to Amsterdam, ran to Dublin, ran to wherever the hell I wanted to go. Now, I am middle management in retail HA! I like the people though. Sometimes it feels like I am in a witness protection program these days but it's not so bad.

NewbSaibot   United States. Feb 27 2023 09:52. Posts 4943

Wow, you're like me in reverse. Start off in middle management and work my way down to lowstakes consistently losing, not traveling or doing anything remotely fun

bye now 

RiKD    United States. Feb 27 2023 17:58. Posts 8394

You can keep runnin' but you can't run from yourself. (That was directed towards me more than you but applies to everyone)

LOL though.

I still say you should get deep into the pf charts and solvers. Full ring NLHE without antes and high rake base level should be played nitty and then adjust accordingly.

I can't sit here and say my life is better today and say travelling is overrated. Traveling is overrated if money is an issue which it is. Not that it's a huge issue today but I certainly couldn't afford going to Tokyo and Kyoto and all the rest of it for 2 weeks. Fly off to Paris for a long weekend would do some heavy damage today. I am sober though and I have more of a grip on the Bipolar situation. I am more secure with myself. There really is no excuse for not doing more fun stuff but the first part of that is what is going to be fun? Hell, the best I can come up with is not being in hell. Reading and going for a walk on the beach. Playing my guitar. All of these activities I do by myself. Why don't I go chill on the patio with friends? Friends might have some good ideas what fun entails or just talking about what fun means is probably fun. It sounds like you have the same problems there. We are living in witness protection programs for no reason.

lostaccount   Canada. Mar 29 2023 20:16. Posts 5678

life is good

let it be, let it be, peace is my way, paradise is my destation - lostaccount This is the way PR tian xia tai ping xxxy tian tang luLast edit: 09/05/2023 21:08

Will   Canada. Aug 29 2023 03:28. Posts 37

Oh, this hand. Nobody has a 3 except for maybe persons. But then he jc's the rr on flop. Looks like fishdom -> is fishdom. Antonius made a tiny bet on turn but was committed with his monster hand. Jamming is pure suicide. Also, why not just calmly draw at your flush? Losing this much is supposed to be flush over flush, not this rofl suckage. persons not good at da pokars at all, he misplays every hand. Vs Ivey he chats then calls like 80k when Ivey is polarized and, well, phil ivey. Vs JRB it's just ridiculous, nobody with testicles folds for 200 more. This hand is just persons doing his thing (play v bad).


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