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$2/5 very hard spot, 300bbs deep

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HungarianGOD   . Jan 26 2014 21:53. Posts 416

I am playing against a guy who is actually good, I believe he still plays $.25/.50 online, makes a lot of money playing $2/5 at the casino. his range is more intelligent than most, it's more balanced, he uses position well, is capable of making some huge bluffs in big pots. He knows I'm significantly better player than most, but we haven't had tons of hands together so neither of us know specifics.

I have $1500, he has $2500, he is directly in position against me. game is $2/5, so we are very deep. I raise to 25$ when there is one limper with QsTs, and he raises to 75$ (he's 2 away from the button). Everybody else folds, I call

Flop is Kc9s7s (pot $155)

I check, he checks. I was planning on check raising the flop or the turn as a semi bluff, and then if the spade came, just value betting all the money in. He knows I'm capable of bluffing in large pots too.


3s (pot $155)

I bet $150, he called

river Tc(pot $450)

I bet $450, he jams for an additional $800


*EDIT this was in a live $2/5

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HungarianGOD   . Jan 26 2014 21:57. Posts 416

I assumed it was OK to post this in high-stakes since we were 300 bbs deep, and opponent is skilled.

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MezmerizePLZ    United States. Jan 26 2014 22:02. Posts 2586

Look at him very deeply, then call

HungarianGOD   . Jan 26 2014 22:25. Posts 416

I've been a bit of a calling station in the past, so I've been trying to rework my bet sizing such that I can get away from these sick spots. When I was considering river bet size, I was like "If I bet $450 it's large enough that if he raises it's usually going to be with the nuts so I might be able to get away from this hand if I'm beat", and then he moved in on me and I felt conflicted. If I only bet $300 or something I think there are hands he could be raising for value (like a lower flush), but here I kind of think it's nuts or air. Maybe as long as he had the ace of spades he would feel comfortable jamming since he knows I can't have the nuts and I would probably be folding all sets or maybe even low flushes?

TimDawg    United States. Jan 27 2014 04:44. Posts 10167


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HungarianGOD   . Jan 27 2014 09:31. Posts 416

Is it really that easy of a call? I have a friend who is on a completely different plane from myself as far as level of play and understanding of the game, and he said he would fold here like 75% of the time. I just wanted some second opinions.

JohnnyBologna   United States. Jan 28 2014 02:09. Posts 1393

if your going to call with the nuts only.... then he can raise anything here and your folding 99 percent of the time? thats a lot of money to be folding 99 percent of the time

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NMcNasty    United States. Jan 28 2014 11:43. Posts 1912

I don't think its an auto-call. Its really hard for him to have worse spades or a set and be raising for value. So the question is, how often does he turn AsX into a bluff? Most players at live 2/5 are nits and won't. But with a "is capable of making some huge bluffs in big pots" read I think you have to.

PoorUser    United States. Jan 28 2014 13:07. Posts 7362

i guess you could "think" for a little bit like you actually have a decision to make before you call so that he'll bluff you more in the future -.- cant imagine thinking about folding with reads given...and even without. though going pot turn pot river sorta makes it closer. also dont pot turn pot river unless you have a v good reason =[

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4TM   United States. Jan 28 2014 19:31. Posts 698

I could see folding this v stnd 2/5 nitball. def not with reads though.

also if i am full potting turn and river its probably bc villain is really spewy which means i am never folding to river shove.

HungarianGOD   . Jan 29 2014 01:32. Posts 416

  On January 28 2014 01:09 JohnnyBologna wrote:
if your going to call with the nuts only.... then he can raise anything here and your folding 99 percent of the time? thats a lot of money to be folding 99 percent of the time

I did make the call this hand, at the time I didn't think it could possibly be correct to fold. Now I have second thoughts. As far as trying to play unexploitably, I clearly have to call here sometimes, much more than 1%... I'm not certain where the 99 percent from. I just don't know how often I should, maybe my default here should be to fold, and only call one out of 3 or one out of 5 times or something. I have very little experience (and have done little study of) playing in hands with an effective stack of 300+ big blinds.
It makes me feel a bit better that most of you think calling is at least OK, and possibly the definite correct choice.

I think my large bet sizing looks pretty strong (like some sort of flush or possibly a set); He knows I have some non-nut-flushes in my range here, I don't think it makes a lot of sense for him to bluff jam the the river even if he has the bare ace of spades unless he thinks I'm capable of folding a flush.

HungarianGOD   . Jan 29 2014 01:56. Posts 416

  On January 28 2014 12:07 PoorUser wrote:
also dont pot turn pot river unless you have a v good reason =[

My reason was simply to get in as much as I could with a hand that was close to the very top of my range. Somebody else also told me that making the pot sized bets like that is probably bad, but honestly I don't understand why as long as I balance by bluffing similarly sometimes. Not saying you are wrong, I'm sure you are right, it's just beyond my understanding. Perhaps in this particular case the pot sized bets could have let me get away from then hand after he raised on the river?

Rapoza   Brasil. Jan 29 2014 14:45. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

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napoleono   Romania. Jan 29 2014 15:13. Posts 767


HungarianGOD   . Jan 29 2014 17:50. Posts 416

I think he is very rarely checking back a king here, possibly even never.
I should clarify: I haven't seen that many of his showdowns, perhaps 25. I would be surprised if he was actually balanced. That said, he is way more balanced than the majority of the $2/5 players... He actually mixes in bluffs into his play profitably and has reasonable bet sizing (as opposed to most people who either bluff like one out of a hundred hands, or bluffing so maniacally that it's correct to always call them down all the way with top pair). For example, he sometimes 3-bets in position with suited connectors or suited aces and then continuation bets most missed flops (and capable of firing further barrels, I have no idea with what frequency he does it though).

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HungarianGOD   . Jan 29 2014 17:51. Posts 416

Results: I was surprised when he flipped over


Like I said, I didn't think he was checking back a king, even that one. If he flipped over a hand that had me beat I was expecting it to be AsJs most likely, or possibly him getting frisky on highjack with AsXs

mnj   United States. Jan 29 2014 18:59. Posts 3848

didnt see this thread, but guise come on its live.

no one is trying to bluff you off a flush after u pot/pot

Rapoza   Brasil. Jan 30 2014 01:03. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

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YoMeR   United States. Jan 30 2014 16:53. Posts 12369

fold pre. given it's deep and your OOP + the fact you iso to 5x bb means your range is probably a bit stronger and if he's any good at all he's not gonna start 3 betting napkins (unless you've been just letting him do what he wants with u)

that said as played we are getting stacked here 99% of the time.

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HungarianGOD   . Jan 31 2014 01:40. Posts 416

I'm not sure I agree with you on the folding preflop. I'm raising pretty wide, and as far as my suited connector type hands, it doesn't get much better than QTs. If I don't call with that kind of thing ever, he can greatly narrow my range with complete accuracy, which I think gets us in trouble because we are so deep.I mean, I don't think folding is horrible, I should probably fold most hands in this spot, but I think I definitely need to NOT fold in this spot preflop sometimes too. Just my initial thoughts.


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