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fira   United States. Feb 07 2006 20:14. Posts 6345


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casinocasino   Canada. Feb 08 2006 01:21. Posts 3339

My name is Konstantin, I play on pokerstars under ID Casinocasino.
I play $3/6 NL and $2/4 6 handed but planning to move to NL5/10 in the near future.
I am also trying to win the TLB for februrary but I dont think its happaning..

I started playing online with $5 i recived from Corydoubleu and that grew into what it is today..

BTW my broodwar nickname was iamimat.

Anways I just came back from the EPT copenhagen event, and i lost and felt like such a bum..
But i met a bunch of cool people and im planning to come back to another live event twice as strong and better.

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slickster998   United States. Feb 16 2006 04:57. Posts 57

--------- Slickster998

AKAs on SC were

I do mostly 100NL 8 or more tables
or all sngs from 6.5 to 50's

YoMeR   United States. Feb 17 2006 00:15. Posts 12409

Ahh slickster, glad you joined us

<---- Onegoodplaya from pokerstars

eZ Life. 

TalentedTom    Canada. Feb 17 2006 04:28. Posts 20070

eh ill prob introduce myself eventually, no rush

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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Feb 17 2006 09:35. Posts 2364

play PP with same nick

akas in bw were eNr.Badbones , RJAG, Angel_fh, raging.bull, elcuerno .. well a bunch

played bw with most everyone here hehe


Euphoria18   United States. Feb 18 2006 01:07. Posts 117

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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Feb 18 2006 06:43. Posts 2364

nice story euphoria ... keep up the good work and hope all goes well for you!

MarKoNiO   Peru. Feb 21 2006 08:39. Posts 547

Hi everyone.

My name is Marco, and I live in Arequipa, Perú.
I am studying Mechanics engineering at UCSM in Perú.

I started playing poker some months ago with the free $50 LIQUIDCRAZY promo

Started playing NL5 al Party until i couldn`t play there anymore becasuse they said I want a beginer anymore LOL.

So i stoped playing for a while, until i read Catyoul post about bonus whoring, and iI started doing that, I already cleared, now i am looking for another site to do the same, while I find a good one i am playing 0.01/0.02 at PokerStars for fun

My BR is $300+ wich I think it`s good, because i started with $50 FREE money.

But, way to go

LP <3

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teej1985    United Kingdom. Feb 21 2006 20:10. Posts 716

Hi, im Tom, I 'study'hs at imperial college,london (don't hold this against me) outside of poker i enjoy loafing, lazying around and being a bum. For me, poker started in a flat resembling the house from the fight club...only with no heating in winter FULL heating in winter and an infestation of mice...sorta like the live version of party poker. Ket was one of my flat mates and will back me up on this. So just over a year ago Ket and myself persuaded our housemates to buy a chip set so we could play some cards, ket still has't paid up despite being having a 5 figure br. So lots of live poker was played and of course we found internet poker (3 of us). Armed with 10$ courtesey of absolute poker, and a Howard video poker (we almost fell of our chairs when he casually said, 'meh a6o thats an easy fold') we set about winning the WSOP.

So we played with our 10$, heaping that huge sum on oen table.. and with dear howards help we could do no wrong, and b4 we knew it we were at the heady heights of 50$. We decided we were more than ready to try our luck at 50$ no limit ring after all, we had play several HUNDRED hands...i dont need to tell u guys what happened next.....BUSTO

Many mtt freerolls were entered on AP they ran every hour and had fields restricted to 1500, and we patiently one tabled it up hoping to reap a juicy $10 reward, this combined with much live play helped us to improve our play. Me being the competitive guy i am, I of course bought a book, it wasnt great, some lousy limit book, and later, Super System which was of great help, and Rounders was inspirational. We used our new agression to good effect in a university freeroll, it was shocking that reading a book could help so much and now nothing could stop us. the rest of the accademic year was based around live play at home, 1£ sngs, heady stuff.

Oct 2005 was the start of my 3rd year at uni, and ket and I discovered we could use the library computers if we played on PokerStars, so we took advantage of a new ploy to avoid working. Ket who had made a few hundred $ lent me 50$ to play around with, i played a little 6max 10$nl and later $5 and $10 stts. So had a decent amount by the end of term (about 800$ or so) and had read Harrington on hold em. I decided i could make some decent money over xmas, where gamboolers would be generously calling my value bets. I changed my sleeping pattern and for 2 weeks living like a pro, I played mtts en inspired by twistedechos success (friend of ket), i also played 10$ and 20$ stts alongside mtts, playing on average 6 tables. I did well finishing december in the top 100 in the TLB over december, altho i had some nasty beats on FTs including AA<a10, it happens. I got over confident and entered some massive mtts, i had no right entering and realised stricter br management was needed, despite my success with mtts, i realised the variance was extremely high and so I opted for stts.

since about mid january i switched from the long format sngs on stars to the turbos. i started with 16s and have now graduated to the 60s, 10 tabling pretty comfortable, I've tried more but i think 10 is close to optimal, its nice to be able to chat a little with friends on the side and take a few notes on player in the early game...

As for future poker, I plan to go pro next year. Ket and will be living together in London checking at dawn, r(a)ising at dust, a distant dream seems within grasp

fuck mee... fuck U! 

Ket    United Kingdom. Feb 22 2006 09:44. Posts 8635

hahaha fun post tomek

Rocks2BeGood   Netherlands. Feb 23 2006 03:26. Posts 3581

iD.VaLi on Pokerstars !! 

wolfheart   Estonia. Feb 23 2006 03:55. Posts 7584

10 tabling sick

Never give up. 

kfellmy   United States. Feb 25 2006 13:08. Posts 2

geetings from sunny, warm Florida!!!!

Yep this is my fat butt holding a 39 inch sand shark that weighed 22 pounds (10 kilos for the metric folks and one meter long).

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BBM   Canada. Feb 25 2006 14:34. Posts 508

good introduction

I carry all my important documents with me at all times in my wallet, because I do not intend to lose my wallet 

SeanBam   . Feb 25 2006 17:58. Posts 953

Hey my name is Sean, I played Starcraft for about 2-3 years of my life religiously.. My mother actually sent me to a psychologist because I was antisocial for a year and completely obsessed with the game... I had extremely little success at SC because I played in Ladder Challenges the whole time, and did not want to learn brood war, because I had absolutely no talent. I actually smurfed on SC as a girl, which was ridiculous.

I started playing poker 2 years ago, thought I was so good.. in the beginning and ended up losing about $200. Since then I've cashed out about ~5K off of partypoker, just playing $25 NL. I recently got staked $500 from my housemate in college to try and get to the $50NL tables, because I have full confidence I can build a nice roll, if I didn't have to pay all of these expenses my girlfriend being THE most expensive..

I tried playing poker as a summer job last year which lasted about a month got up about $750 playing 25 NL with my mother constantly bitching at me. Finally I decided to bonus hunt, went to and played the matching 200 for 200 on video poker. Quickly turned to blackjack made ~1200 in a day, and lost it all in 30 minutes because of horrible tilt, went on to quit all gambling for awhile and worked as a host and busboy at outback steakhouse. Now, I'm up in SUNY Cortland my junior year, 3rd year on the swim team, and playing poker whenever I have time.

decafchicken   . Feb 25 2006 18:04. Posts 536

I'm decafchicken
I play starcraft for the past many years
I play with play money on pokerstars. I'm up to over 37000 now. I'm really proud of my accomplishments.
Oh yea, teamliquid rules

fira   United States. Feb 27 2006 13:44. Posts 6345

i fira
playing sc till the day i die
i play a little poker here and there, bankroll around 12k. you'll probably see me at the 2/4 and 3/6 tables once in a while.

NutHouse   Denmark. Mar 07 2006 16:09. Posts 16


My name is Magnus

I met Ibsu at an online pokerroom where we played cat and mouse.

I was playing a laggy maniac style and he was trying to catch me (in which he never quite succeded btw ).

Anyway... we had a lot of fun in doing so and he invited me to join this forum. So here i am guys :D be nice to me.

i've been playing poker for 2½ years now mostly as a hobby but i just got the bankroll to move up to .50 - 1.00 NL cash and who knows what the future might bring :D

Ibsu drop me a line if you see this and we can continue our talk off the tables...

after all poker tactics are best to keep off tables :D

Kind regards

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mimmy721   United States. Mar 14 2006 01:16. Posts 1

hello im mimmy721, been playing for 2 years.


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