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dannymcgowan   United States. Apr 18 2006 23:20. Posts 3

If you can't tell from my username, I'm Dan McGowan and I'm from CT. I'm a college student aspiring to be a writer. I currently run the website (shameless self promotion)

I found this website while playing horribly in a 1-2 game on Pokerstars.

I guess thats it. 

Tycho   Netherlands. Apr 19 2006 04:33. Posts 1553

Hi, my name is Tycho and I'm from the Netherlands. I've been playing starcraft since it came out and still playing a bit. Playing poker at penny tables, just starting but it's fun. I'm an forum lurker, so I read a-l-o-t here and on


Poker is fun. 

Lucypher   United States. Apr 20 2006 12:11. Posts 1

I play primarily on Stars and Party but I have accounts on Bodog and Titan, as well.
I am Lucypher on Stars, Bodog, and Titan.
I am The_Evil_1 on Party.
Good Luck (except against me)!

We have unmistakable proof that throughout all past time, there has been a ceaseless devouring of the weak by the strong. 

JohnnyQuad   United States. Apr 25 2006 13:59. Posts 1

Hi everyone, my name is John. I heard about this site from my friend Lisa. She introduced me to RaAzi when he was in Las Vegas. I am 39 and been playing poker in card rooms for about 13 years now. I first started playing online when Paradise opened back around 97 mostly limit games back then. My main game up until the poker explosion was pot limit holdem. Started playing No limit holdem about 4 years ago when it first hit the Bellagio. Started playing for a living in Dec of 04. Mostly in cardrooms. I have recently been trying to make the transition to playing online. Starting out with $.50/1 NLHE on Party. Finding these games to be way different than live. See alot more crazy beats online than in live games. I have chat with a couple of the guys that put there MSN info in there into. If anyone else would like to ad me to there MSN Messenger my name is Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks

Just kill me now 

graidar   Argentina. May 01 2006 21:59. Posts 1

My name is Dario and username is graidar. I love Poker....

Maxiimus   United States. May 07 2006 10:17. Posts 1

Hi I am Maximus or Maxiimus or xMaxiimusx on most sites I play on !

carpe diem 

bernisevic   France. May 10 2006 04:52. Posts 2

hi i am stephane mu username is bernisevic and i discover PP and i love it


A.Kmicic   Poland. May 10 2006 05:07. Posts 66

I played StarCraft for 5 years and that's how i got here. I played cash games for about 5 months now i'm on NL200 - playing 5 tables.

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SakiSaki    Sweden. May 10 2006 06:43. Posts 9685

I am SakiSaki Aurelius, Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And i will have my vengance, in this life or the next.

what wackass site is this nigga?  

ChoboPokeR_r   Germany. May 10 2006 07:22. Posts 4598

--- Nuked ---

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had? 

Arya   United States. May 10 2006 07:50. Posts 1631

  On May 10 2006 06:22 ChoboPokeR_r wrote:
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are you being serious?

people should know when they are conquered

Joe   Czech Republic. May 10 2006 09:08. Posts 5987

  On May 10 2006 06:50 Arya wrote:
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people should know when they are conquered


there is a light at the end of the tunnel... (but sometimes the tunnel is long and deep as hell) 

chris   United States. May 19 2006 01:03. Posts 5498

My name is Chris and I look forward to a few Liquid Poker tourneys on Pokerstars

5 minute showers are my 8 minute abs. - Neilly 

DarkXprT   Qatar. May 19 2006 01:36. Posts 1832

Welcome... chris .

Learn from quotes. 

vvvQ   . May 19 2006 01:38. Posts 2134

Been playing poker since August 2005
Playing 2/4, 3/6 6 max NL, and $114 turbo SNGs on PS.
Pacifist, Fira, iamalex got me into this poker stuff,
made almost 25k and planning on more =)
i have no job, so this is my job i guess.

ur a towel 

CMAhockey22   United States. May 19 2006 10:20. Posts 5

Hi, I'm philip.

I am a MOD at PokerFlea and can't wait to become a great member here at LiquidPoker. I have enjoyed some of the interviews this site has made with some of the best online players in the game, and can't wait to be interviewed myself.

Haha, I am hoping this forum is as good as what I've heard!

Ibsu Bai Hui   United Kingdom. May 22 2006 03:31. Posts 3390

if colour scheme is anything to go by we are at least a match for pokerflea

Floofy says: my sis always goes around in bra but its annopyying to me 

costica   . May 22 2006 10:39. Posts 4

hehe realy funny )

costica man 

action boy 1   Canada. May 22 2006 13:14. Posts 224

My name is Jeff, and I am from Southern Ontario.

I only play on PS and concentrate on smaller Sit'N'Gos, $35.00 short table. I dabble a little in 1-2 NL, but usually only after having a good week on the tables.

I have lurked around the site for a while now after seeing the avatar on PS. Have enjoyed reading the analysis of the different hands and like to think it has helped my game.

Will dare to join one of the LP tournies one of these weeks!

POKERSTARS...Where a 9-1 underdog wins 43.75% of the time 

Logiabs~   Colombia. May 22 2006 15:06. Posts 9133

im rS.Loco
AKA Orace Titan Cyclope
Im in love with Pascal aka Bloodcanadian


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