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Ket    United Kingdom. Feb 02 2006 05:13. Posts 8635

wiseadvice, what's your name on stars?

pinbaLL    Sweden. Feb 02 2006 05:45. Posts 7243

  On February 02 2006 04:07 Joe wrote:
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u making 2k$/week?? very nice
when did u start playing poker?


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pinbaLL    Sweden. Feb 02 2006 05:45. Posts 7243

  On February 01 2006 18:58 GoodKarma wrote:
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Its depressing .

This is mainly because pinball played the same stake as me when this site started (my bank was probably around $300 at that point) and I actively told myself "ok to get motivation just try to move up as fast as the other guys who do $25nl now", obviously pinball is crushing me (and everyone else), raking in the dough at $200nl while I grind it out in $50nl at a snails pace .

rofl! :D

Ibsu Bai Hui   United Kingdom. Feb 02 2006 12:47. Posts 3390

it's not funny dude!!

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suresh0t   United States. Feb 02 2006 12:59. Posts 18

My name is Micah. Been playing poker for a living since I was 19yrs old. I'm 21 years old now. Also played BW like most of you, nothing big just for fun mostly. My one big accomplishment was beating ilnp in WCG 2003 I believe . Ummm I currently live in Missouri, but I'm moving back to Vancouver come April. My greatest poker accomplishment just took place on Tueday night / Wednesday morning, where I managed to place 2nd out of 800 in a 10$ tourney and then 3rd out of 800in a 20$ tourney thirty minutes later. Now this wasn't my biggest poker win or anything but I felt quite accomplished Final tabling 2 tournies at the same time. Yea anyways my ID on stars is Suresh0t, and that's also my BW ID which I still use here and there.

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Arya   United States. Feb 02 2006 13:52. Posts 1631

how much do you make per year the last two years? pro @ 19! tell more about your story please

suresh0t   United States. Feb 02 2006 14:19. Posts 18

I'm no big money player. I've been grinding out my living basically. Moved to Vancouver a few months before my 20th birthday. Lived with TheBusDriver and Mockturtle(ilnp), and played anything from .50/1 - 3/6 pending the current status of my bankroll. I've only recently started playing tournies on a regular basis due to the fact that I'm finally 21, and can now participate in the bigger events. So far I've got 2 1sts and about 4 more Final Tables. So I think I'm on the right track in my tournament game. How much I make a year? That's an unknown number, I like to average 3 - 4k a month if I'm playing steady, but other than that it can vary. I've never been good about keeping track of my money or saving it for that matter, I better start working on that tho >_<.

Arya   United States. Feb 02 2006 14:30. Posts 1631

how is dudey doing anyway, i remember reading his blog a shit long time ago on tl

suresh0t   United States. Feb 02 2006 15:00. Posts 18

He's doing well. He's in Costa Rica with a buddy living it up, while I'm stuck in Missouri O_o!!!!

Lengel   Finland. Feb 03 2006 08:03. Posts 48

Ok here goes!

I'm Lauri and I started poker with 10$ I got from Muhweli. Grinded with it at pokerstars from 2c/4c limit to 25c/50c limit until I got to 90$. Then proceeded to go down to 3$ at the same tables, even though I did move down as my br got smaller, with the help of major tilting (losing -> playing tighter -> really few hands played and all were premium hands -> didn't get rid of anything if the flop even remotely hit me) and some bad luck.

When I realised the reason for me losing almost my whole br I held a small break and started grinding again :D Got to 9$ when heard about the promotion liquidpoker is offering. Took it and now sit with 120$ bankroll on partypoker. There's only one way from here, up!

Also on BW note. It, also, was Muhweli's fault that I ever played that game (same boarding school). Was on an ok level compared to general population, but nothing more.

Lengel   Finland. Feb 03 2006 08:05. Posts 48

And even though that post made it look like I'm Muhweli's bitch, I assure you, it's the other way around! Cheers!

JonnyCosMo   United States. Feb 03 2006 12:22. Posts 7292

Oh one more thing about myself that I forgot to mention... I got eliminated from the Comp USA Gamefixx tournament by that Korean playing under Dudey's ID. Cheating bastard.

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BlackRain   Canada. Feb 04 2006 04:22. Posts 510

I'm fucking hammered. Maybe I'll introduce myself tomorrow. Good day!

cariadon   Estonia. Feb 05 2006 17:28. Posts 4013


My name is Tõnis and i am 20 years old.

I like plague. I live for the swarm. Plague is so underrated !
Never been good at bw, love fun strats like both being T and flying to the islands and winning from there in a public LT game.

Eerik got me playing for playmoney and sent me some 3.40$ on ps to get me hooked. LP-s promotion was the trigger and i've been shot. Playing pp-s beginner tables and slowly improving my game =)

Love you all ! ;p

FlopedtheJoint   Canada. Feb 05 2006 18:50. Posts 518

  On February 02 2006 03:32 WiseAdvice wrote:
hi i started with 5$ free (trade play money) started fullring cash table .01/.02 on pokerstars. In 10 months i've build my roll to 15000$$++. Currently multi table 1/2$ on ps full ring cash. Pulling in something like 1.5-2k$$ week now playing 5-10k hands week.

Quit school for poker full time. age 21.

Who did you trade play money to and where do you find people who want to trade?

I am el gringo 

titanicpoker   United States. Feb 06 2006 02:09. Posts 123

Go to He pays $1.25 for 100,000. His nick on stars is

yaoxinru   China. Feb 07 2006 04:14. Posts 5

hello, i am old enough.already 49 years old woman.

I am just trying to play poker . glad t o meet you guys here

okyougosu   Russian Federation. Feb 07 2006 07:39. Posts 962

My name is Lammerman, 21 yrs old.
I've been Starcraft player for 5 years, smurfing every new ladder seasons so u most likely don't know me.
Once I owned Nazgul in TLT-2 finals with my original aka.
I do play poker 13 months in total, and 8 months ago I quit my regular job for playing. Now I'm addicted to poker so much I so I almost don't do anything else. You can find me on pokerstars as okyougosu playing Limit games 0.50/1 up to 5/10, or NL 10 up to NL 200 because I enjoy game on stars no matter what the limits are. I'm zzzzz11333 on partypoker and I play only 5/10 Fixed there. I play only shorthanded games 6-8 tabling.
I cashed out of poker 9k in total and I'm up about 4,5k in 2006 already.


BlaCha   Poland. Feb 07 2006 08:30. Posts 197


I'am Blazej I'm 24 years old and have been playing poker for few years now.
Mostly live and only for pleasure of the game.
I've started playing more on-line this year, though I don't have much time due to my work.. which sucks btw.
I usually play .25/.50 on PS.


Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. 

Oddeye   Canada. Feb 07 2006 15:42. Posts 4871

I'm an old starcraft player throught I must say I didn't have the success of a lot of you, now that I understood that we have to learn in order to success I'm getting better at starcraft and I've been playing a lot of poker lately with friend. Anybody that is willing to help feel free to add me on MSN :


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