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JonnyCosMo   United States. Dec 26 2006 21:03. Posts 7292

Do you have a hot sister Mr. Alabama? And if you do, was she good in bed? LOL

Everyone needs to see that you are king of the castle - PoorUser 

Yugless    United States. Dec 27 2006 00:41. Posts 7174

Cosmo says welcome to lp

Baal - look is talking hah.  

Spambuckle   Canada. Dec 27 2006 00:49. Posts 456

I'm Spambuckel

me make to enjoying beer, poker, macaroni, and orgasms

pebble vs freight train > ice cubes vs eskimo

AIM: Spambuckle 

shermtank13   . Jan 01 2007 07:13. Posts 1

My name is sherman I like to play sit n go's I don't have much money so I play the 3.40 turbos I'm doing alright I hope to someday to shed my fish status. Any advice would be welcomed I am new and technologically impaired so I hope you guys can help me out. Happy Hunting and Happy new year

Gawuss   Poland. Jan 01 2007 07:52. Posts 2335

  On January 01 2007 06:13 shermtank13 wrote:
My name is sherman

Hi Sherminator

When people ask: What nationality is this guy raking in all the pots? The answer invariably comes back Poland, Poland. Again and again - Karma 

snmkline   . Jan 02 2007 23:48. Posts 2

Hello all,

My name is Mike and I've been playing poker for about 2 yrs. now and I'm still horrible at it. I started playing poker in Deadwood, SD after watching it on ESPN. I love playing the game but have problems with getting bored while playing in tournaments. I get to the point to where I want to get involved in the action all of the time. As my favorite quote states "I am not the poker player of the familly my wife is!!!" She definetly has more patience than I do. The funny thing is that she didn't want anything to do with poker when I first started and now she plays all of the time.

We live in N.E South Dakota and have lots of friends play poker at our house a couple of times a week. I must say that the game of poker has brought our familly more friends than anything else ever has and we hope to make more. I hope to make it Las Vegas not for myself but for my wife to play in the Womans Tourny. and maybe show everyone how we do it in South Dakota.

Good luck to everyone this new year and may your Hole Cards always be wired.


I am not the poker player of the familly my wife is!!! 

Yugless    United States. Jan 03 2007 18:44. Posts 7174

i prefer my cards s00ted

Baal - look is talking hah.  

Maz   Canada. Jan 05 2007 04:12. Posts 345


.Last edit: 19/02/2007 17:22

Critterer   United Kingdom. Jan 05 2007 10:53. Posts 5337

Names mike, and im from london UK. played almost all of blizzards online games not very competitively in any of them really, some of my online gamer mates started playing poker, and so here i am attempting to improve also~!

Am a bit shit atm but researching as much as i can to improve, dont have any problems with being told im retarded at poker cos i know i am :>

Currently at a massive $90 BR after getting me free $$$ from partypoker~

May it rise rapidly!

LudaHid: dam.ned dam.ned dam.ned. LudaHid: dam.ned northwooden as..hole 

DarkMigore   Brasil. Jan 06 2007 07:08. Posts 479

Hi, my name is Ygor and i only on play money yet. Playing a lot, reading a lot. I hope that i learn to play this game someday. =D

Nowadays, peoples problem is that they prefer an empty praise instead of a constructive criticism. 

Gumster   Sweden. Jan 06 2007 07:50. Posts 2198

nice to see that the LP community is still growing :D

Do not push the river, it will flow by itself. - Polish proverb 

RTR   United States. Jan 06 2007 11:31. Posts 1

Hi, Im a new member here. I play online poker almost daily. I like to play at many different poker sites.

Farcas_Vlad   New Zealand. Jan 08 2007 08:59. Posts 326

im Vlad and i sux at poker and brood


BDOG   United States. Jan 10 2007 17:42. Posts 2

Sup all. Im Bdog4 from, a guest Pro on the site. Thought Id join and give a HUGE shout out to BB on his pwnage. Great job bro!

TimDawg    United States. Jan 10 2007 19:38. Posts 10194

what's up Bdog

good to see you joined the site

online bob is actually a pretty smart person, not at all like the creepy fucker that sits in the sofa telling me he does nasty shit to me when im asleep - pinball 

stiffpinkie   United States. Jan 12 2007 19:03. Posts 19

hi, i've been a sc/bw player for 4 years, constantly browsing
started poker for 6 months now and am hoping to take my game further now

Persie11   Netherlands. Jan 13 2007 07:10. Posts 1

Hello I am Persie11

kaboom   Canada. Jan 16 2007 12:32. Posts 261

weeeeee played bw since beta till like 03? Wasn't too well known since stopped playing before the whole pro gaming boom. Only notable achievment I can think of is pwning tao ladder with fennec and smuft for a very long time :D

been playin poker for 3 years now, usually play 1-200 FL or 10-20,25-50nl :O


zulu_nation8   United States. Jan 16 2007 13:59. Posts 1929

Hi my name is Bo, I started playing micro limits recently with my own money trying to learn the game. I play some starcraft but I got tired of losing to fira so i'm gonna try to beat him in poker. wish me luck, nice to meet you all

hasugopher   United States. Jan 18 2007 10:04. Posts 1

Hey everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Eric and I'm sure many of you know me as Lukieplaya from stars. I also used to play starcraft under hasugopher. Anyway, straate used to send me HH's all the time from this site, then about a week ago or so at the end of the PCA, my group of 3 was sharing a taxi with 2 others and about halfway through the drive, the one guy mentions he's from this site. Just out of curiousity I ask him who he is, and it's Cosmo! Me, him, Rekrul (and a bunch of others from this site I'd assume) used to play BW together all the time. Cosmo was one of my best friends from SC.

ok time for some pokkaaaaaaaaaaaah.


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