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rage87   United States. Mar 15 2006 18:54. Posts 98

'cho baby? Can I getcha digits?

brazie420   United States. Mar 19 2006 10:33. Posts 3

hello mr brazie 420 introducing myself... hello poker is poker dont let the bad beats get to you, you river people as much as you get rivered.... poker happens baby

poker happens 

Donald   United States. Mar 19 2006 12:22. Posts 1289

Hey, guess what my name is... Donald... obviously. I never played Starcraft too seriously but I'm playing poker very seriously. In 3 months I'll graduate from college and I plan to go professional playing poker (... if I haven't already) For the past 2 months, I've been living and breathing poker making about 1K a week, the past few weeks I've made about 2K each but I had a bad run for a little. I hope you guyz welcome me to your site even though I wasn't a die hard Starcraft fan. I play a brand of increadibly aggressive poker so don't take some of my hand postings out of context (I try always to explain the context)... also I try not to post hands that we've all seen before but unique hands and strategies that I've developed and not found in books. My favorite books are the 2 Harrington ones and Super System but I'm reading a decent book now called Beyond Tells which is about profiling opponents to know what to expect from them and how their attutides and actions will change depending on their recent luck or lack there of....

if you always go in with the worst hand youll never have a bad beat story 

Ed_Elric6   Mexico. Mar 22 2006 12:43. Posts 1

hi all my name's eduardo but you can call me ed
i started playing poker some weeks ago (one of my friends is on this forums i think) and decided i might just give it a better shot.
im a kinda slow player, but i've been able to catch up several (would-be) strats from my friend. we also played bw for some time, so... it would seem to be quite related to our present situation.
bw leads to poker, that's all.
my interest for poker came from my friends and i think of supporting him and helping him train more than getting into it myself, cause i just know i aint got the nerves n brains for going on pro. XD gl all and hf!

Meatball   United States. Mar 22 2006 15:28. Posts 893

Mexico.... is your friend DarkXprt? uhh ohhh

One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish 

Gumster   Sweden. Mar 23 2006 08:12. Posts 2198

Hi my real name is Jonni (finnish spelling of "Johnny". I used to play bw pretty seriously (Swe A) but I didn't play enough games to become really good (I think I could've gotten pretty good actually :D).

Nowadays I play a lot of WoW (60 druid on shattered hand, top 2 guild in alliance) and I like going to the gym as well. I'm studying (grade 11) social science program in stockholm and I don't really like school but whenever I actually try and study a lot I do pretty well in school.

I like partying a lot I guess. Don't have any kind of income so I don't really get to go out that often. I like watching series like "The Office", "Curb your enthusiasm" and other series made by comedy geniuses.

I'm not that good at poker yet but I think I'm getting there. I'm currently reading my first poker book, Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em, a pretty basic book (read first 200 pages) but it's getting better and better. If anyone has heard about this Ken Warren or his book then feel free to say a couple of words about him/it :D. I started out by playing a lot of freerolls on and then when I turned 18 I inserted 50$ to and played 5NL for like 3 weeks, went to like 75$ and then down to 56$. I also got the 50$ offer @ which is where I'm playing since 2 weeks back. I play mostly 6$ buy-in SNGs. I mostly go +/- 0, but I feel like I'm actually learning a lot from this. I know 6$ buy-in is more than my BR can handle but whatever :D.

And oh, I play poker for the money.

Do not push the river, it will flow by itself. - Polish proverb 

decafchicken   . Mar 23 2006 15:26. Posts 536

Hi i'm decafchicken.
I just started on the party poker promotion thing.
I've been playing for like 2-3 days at the NL 25$ .10/.25 tables. I just won a 44 dollar pot and i'm pretty happy. I went down to 36$ from 50$ but now i'm up to 68$

I play for the money and the thrill/fun.

artpoker_yo   . Mar 25 2006 06:46. Posts 1241

hi guys im a 18 year old student, saw this site from the picture of the player "baalim" (hi ) at pokerstars and apparently a real life friend comes here as well so its a small world , so anyway i thought id check it out, also im panicking about my current losing streak so ive come to get better

im just starting actually playing properly trying to build a roll at 25nl on pokerstars and up after learning how to play from friends and making a 100 loan into 650 following some bonuses so im not in debt anymore, all is my own money and im trying to move up but im kind of getting owned at the moment, oh well

Oxy   Canada. Mar 25 2006 17:46. Posts 2293


stay out of my way and you won't get burnd

this shit is OBSURD 

honda4life   United States. Mar 27 2006 09:36. Posts 1

hey all i am honda4life i have won many MTT tournys on sites that include FTP Bodog Doylesroom, and i won the 180 person 20$ sit and go at the stars i am lookin for a fun forum experiance and i was wondering whats the privates about and could i join it


Bejamin1   Canada. Mar 27 2006 10:09. Posts 7042

Hey I'm Bejamin and I've been playing poker for almost a year now mostly in tournaments. I'm slowly getting better at it and recently I've come over to ring games to work on that part of my game. I've just joined up on this site because I know TL players are good at bw and probably will be succesful at poker as well.

I played BW for a number of years, was pretty good at it but never put the time into it to be fantastical.

My biggest win is 1st in a $20/180 SNG for $1300 (once transferred into Canadian funds :D)

Sorry dude he Jason Bourned me. -Johnny Drama 

azureXsmurF   United States. Mar 29 2006 16:03. Posts 21

Hi everybody... I found this site through SisterSadie... we started talking bout SC and stuff and I asked him about the site. I already see a lot of names I recognize, although it's been a few years so I'm sure no one would remember me, but I was a regular in NoHunters and X17 before I quit~_~ So HI!

P.S. I play on PokerStars with the nick azureXsmurF

Logiabs~   Colombia. Mar 30 2006 12:52. Posts 9133

huh anyway
My name Juan Lopez ,and I play BW, i have been in HeRoS) for almost a year now, some of my nicks are HeRoS)Logiabs, w.mdz~Mischo and my high in PGT is A and in WGT B3..
My race is Pro :o, about poker well..... i play in PS not doing great but not losing a lot of money, just trying to learn how to play and im addicted

I go to gym 5 times a week for 2 years now (im not not that muscle), and im 188cm or 6,2 (think so).
my favourite music is Techno and emo-core , but i like all kinds of music.
djs like: lisa lashes, paul van dyk, satoshi tomiee, Armin Van Buuren, deep dish, etc
emo-core bands like: 5days ahead, static lullaby, panda, with broken wings, finch, from autumn to ashes, etc

I live in Bogota, Colombia and im going to WCG next year in Italy
Im really sick of school , its so damn hard.

My favourite pro of poker is Phil Ivey althought Phil Gordon is really good tho.
They are great.

well the hobbies are actually obv: poker, bw, sex, drink, workout , etc

and i have been sober for 3 days

LP <3

 Last edit: 30/03/2006 13:20

JohnnyBologna   United States. Apr 06 2006 14:49. Posts 1401

HI, I am JohnnyBologna and Im B6 WGT. I also play 1/2 on Pokerstars. I enjoy playing foosball, pool, and bowling. I also want to give a shout out to my favorite t.v. shows Alias and Desperate Housewives.

Just do whats right bro 

TalentedTom    Canada. Apr 10 2006 11:47. Posts 20070

  On April 06 2006 13:49 JohnnyBologna wrote:
I also want to give a shout out to my favorite t.v. show Desperate Housewives.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us and as we let our own lights shine we unconsciously give other people permision to do the same 

Logiabs~   Colombia. Apr 10 2006 13:32. Posts 9133

rofl super natural ftw!

Tarifa   Brasil. Apr 11 2006 20:46. Posts 2

My name is João, 31 years old. and i born to win.
I'm from Santos(Brasil). Santos's located at the Coast of Brasil. It's got a great weather and stuff, I recommend you to have a great summer here.

Logiabs~   Colombia. Apr 12 2006 12:08. Posts 9133

if u say so lol
hot chicks ?

TimDawg    United States. Apr 18 2006 21:06. Posts 10194

Hey, im also new to the site. My s/n is TimDawg888 and i play mostly on ##########.

online bob is actually a pretty smart person, not at all like the creepy fucker that sits in the sofa telling me he does nasty shit to me when im asleep - pinball 

CabLeDieu   Canada. Apr 18 2006 21:09. Posts 67

im rS.Loco
AKA Orace Titan Cyclope
Im in love with Pascal aka Bloodcanadian

Des fois jme touche sous la douche 


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