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Musings of a poker "pro"

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NewbSaibot   United States. Feb 01 2023 00:36. Posts 4944
So I finally done did it. I rolled up a stake, quit my job and went back to playing professionally. I came here with about 40k annnnnnnnnnnnd it's gone. Ok not that bad, but I'm down about 10k in my first couple of weeks, losing at a nice steady $200/hr.

It's been a combination of things

- Playing while sick
- Not enough recovery
- Actually got a little rusty
- Scared money
- Bad play
- Entitlement tilt
- Actual runbad

It's a strange emotional complex when you deliberately do something you know you shouldnt do. There have been so many times where I tried to bluff a river or hero call where I 100% knew the board favored my opponents range, but it's like I just "had to see" to make sure I was right so I paid it off. I was often surprised by their holdings, but I was still certainly beat. It got so bad I actually wrote some notes down in my phone to prep before and during each session saying to specifically STOP DOING THAT.

What's really weird though is I almost feel that I'm a little too comfortable with my roll, despite the fact it's down to 25k. It's almost like I need a little bit of pressure/risk aversion to stop playing like this. I am being way too cavalier with my 3bets because I can just reload too easily. You'd think playing 2/5 with a 25k life roll and losing $5k/week which basically means I have 1-2 months to live would be enough to keep me in line but NOPE. I still have this illusion that my bankroll is unlimited and I can just rebuy and adjust. Good news is I only bring 500BB's to the cardroom so thats my stoploss, I never hit the ATM.

In fact the only thing really keeping me going is I'm cordial with a couple of crushers who often have 500BB+ on the table and sometimes hear them lament how they're still stuck for the day. One of them even commented being down 10k in his 1st week of the year having done nothing wrong, just always running into the top end of opponent holdings. Thats the only thing giving me hope, that these guys have bigger swings than me so maybe im not doing all that bad.

In other news I have taken a small liking to PLO. I dont know anything about this game other than it's a drawing game, so make sure all of your cards are connected in some way. I slipped a few times trying to play for '2 types of hands', i.e. getting aggressive with something like AJ77 suited to the ace, with the idea being "i can make a set OR nfd!". From what I gather it doesnt really work that way, it's all about making big combo draws on the flop, so this game requires a remarkable amount of patience to get those suited rundown type setups. I think when you finally do land a semi-wrap with backdoor flush draw you're really supposed to go for it and ride the variance train because often your opponents are just completely dominated with their garbage 2 pair bottom straight draws. I've been watching players get it allin post with nothing more than a single overpair like KK and zero backdoor draws.

If anything the game is almost relaxing because it feels like you're really just playing your hand instead of being exploited in NLHE by players playing ranges. At the holdem tables I've been owned a few times with relentless 3betting and 4betting where I just felt completely targeted and had no idea what to do and decided to leave the table.

Anyway I'll see how long it takes for me to start listening to my own advice and stop trying to 3 barrel when the flush or ace gets there, and stop hero calling with 2nd pair because "how am I beat?" because you just are, you're always beat when they bet.

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 01 2023 02:46. Posts 13064

Any plans if the poker thing doesn't work out for you again?

Rekrul is a newb 

NewbSaibot   United States. Feb 01 2023 08:34. Posts 4944

I was actually thinking about buying a Tesla Model Y and living out of it like a camper van since you can run the climate control for days while you sleep, maybe make some sort of traveling vlog just for the hell out of it (not for income) to document the lifestyle. I just refuse to go back to working at a desk/cubicle. I've considered car sales or some other low barrier to entry job with a high income cap based purely upon performance.

Not sure if this is a good way to think of poker but at 2/5 there is A LOT of straddling so maybe im down more like 10 BI's instead of 20? Anyway just had another thousand dollar squalor

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lostaccount   Canada. Feb 01 2023 11:31. Posts 5883

my karma is done, now time to enjoy life, peace is the way karma is a way Jesus is a way. peace of mind is the greatest giftLast edit: 02/02/2023 20:42

RiKD    United States. Feb 01 2023 21:58. Posts 8611

Yes, games with a lot of straddling will play bigger and have more variance. I have not done a calculation on this in a really long time but make sure you are good at playing with straddles as win rates will go up which will reduce variance. There is a chapter in Mathematics of Poker by Chen and Ankenman about bankroll management which is really good.

I always heard these stories of guys living in their cars and playing down at the Commerce. That became a fear of mine. You seem to embrace it. That is interesting to me.

Barry Greenstein says the most important attribute for a poker player is mental toughness. Probably the worst thing you could do is make it a self-fulfilling prophecy that you have to get down to 20 buy-ins in order to take things seriously. It's not that serious at 100 buy-ins but it is serious. Bad river play gets expensive fast. 50 buy-ins is still plenty and it is serious. It's not as serious as getting a fish to play you heads-up for half your roll or final tabling a big tournament but it still is serious. That doesn't mean you can't laugh at the table or away from the table. No one wants to play with a Terminator. I just got started writing. The communication will only accelerate. I'm rooting for you.

NewbSaibot   United States. Feb 02 2023 00:23. Posts 4944

I almost wonder if I should just treat every session as a 5/10 game so that the bet sizes and ranges make more sense. The max buy is $800 so it's almost there. TPTK is no longer a punt if youre playing a mere 100BB's deep. The strangest thing about these games is how wildly polarized peoples ranges are. I never see a nice linear strategy of suited connectors and small PP's in peoples raise/3bet/bluff strategy. It's always either QQ+ or 36o. I guess polarizing is a bit easier since they can just fold when facing aggression and get it in with the nuts?

As for willful homelessness, this will be my last shot at poker. I feel I have enough volume at this point that whatever happens I must take responsibility for. If I'm going to live out of Tesla (unlikely honestly) then I'm going to pursue some other opportunities entirely.

bye now 

NewbSaibot   United States. Feb 02 2023 00:41. Posts 4944

I stumbled upon an old poker interview with some 2/5 crusher at the Wynn who employed a rather unusual strategy, to me at least.

Essentially his postflop play consists of betting 1/3 pot on the flop nearly every time and then either betting pot or overbetting on the turn/river with his bluffs or continuing with 1/3 PSB for value. He briefly explains that by betting small on the flop he quickly "see's where he's at" by keeping opponent ranges wide, since most players will raise or checkraise their big hands against a small flop bet. Therefore if they just call they likely have middle pair or nothing at all, enabling him to bluff later streets. If they actually raise him on the turn/river then he has an easy decision to fold.

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Oddeye   Canada. Feb 02 2023 15:06. Posts 5102

It's not a bad strategy but it's not as good unto drawy flop as 1/3 pot bet allows profitable drawing. Perhaps don't play as high, I don't really know what the casino game level is. Playing higher cards for face up value is going to be more profitable due to stack size ratio and shortstacks. Makes it harder to profitably draw.

PoorUser    United States. Feb 02 2023 17:35. Posts 7471

I would focus more on your poker pro leaks than your actual strategy leaks, as those seem to be the bigger deal.

Gambler Emeritus 

lostaccount   Canada. Mar 01 2023 19:35. Posts 5883

my karma is done, now time to enjoy life, peace is the way karma is a way Jesus is a way. peace of mind is the greatest giftLast edit: 10/05/2023 08:06

RicardoGlenn   Germany. Apr 12 2023 15:45. Posts 6

Hey, I can understand the roller coaster of emotions that come with gambling professionally. It sounds like you've had a rough start with your bankroll taking a hit, but it's good that you recognize some of the mistakes you've been making and are taking steps to address them.

Have you considered taking a break and giving yourself time to recover both physically and mentally? Sometimes a little time away from the tables can do wonders for your game.

And hey, have you thought about trying out some judi bola online? It could be a fun way to mix things up and potentially even win some money. Just remember to gamble responsibly and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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