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Started rapping..

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Maz   Canada. May 20 2013 04:57. Posts 345
So I started rapping. What do you think?


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Sanity   United States. May 20 2013 06:59. Posts 1076

Gumster   Sweden. May 20 2013 08:19. Posts 2289

i listened to some songs and you're not really rapping, its more like rhyming speech. you need to learn the lyrics better and talk clearer (and above all with more enthusiasm...). your bars are so different in length which makes it hard for you to rap. start by doing each line the same in length/syllables. and your mic is awful which makes the sounds so..... meh.. gl lol

Do not push the river, it will flow by itself. - Polish proverb 

Arirang   Canada. May 20 2013 08:46. Posts 1673

oh my god

SpasticInk   Sweden. May 20 2013 10:19. Posts 6296

Good luck!

Listened a bit and you should work a bit on the vocals, they are a bit "low" compared to the rest.

julep   Australia. May 20 2013 10:41. Posts 1274

you have done 0 vocal editing.

plus it sounds like you are reading

Eluflop   Estonia. May 20 2013 13:10. Posts 3835

alby has got to be the whitest rap name. perhaps go more Gangsta ? it feels kind of lika a poetry reading.

SpasticInk   Sweden. May 20 2013 17:08. Posts 6296

poetry gangsta

Maz   Canada. May 20 2013 17:14. Posts 345

  On May 20 2013 09:41 julep wrote:
you have done 0 vocal editing.

plus it sounds like you are reading

Where can I learn vocal editing Do you know it?


SPEWTARD   Peru. May 20 2013 18:00. Posts 4303

sorry bro

Rise and Shine 

dogmeat   Czech Republic. May 21 2013 04:13. Posts 6374

i m a huge fan of vancouver hiphop myself

ban baal 

Maz   Canada. May 23 2013 06:01. Posts 345

thanks bro.. im going big watch out cuz ima blow all these other rappers out the water!


aernout   Netherlands. May 23 2013 13:05. Posts 161

next eminem itt

jeffv8x_-_16   Belgium. May 23 2013 15:06. Posts 2835

just stop right there

how can u shove the river, he cant possibly call with worse -TalentedTom 

aernout   Netherlands. May 24 2013 09:17. Posts 161

I especially like the song fire from within, it has very good bass.

julep   Australia. May 25 2013 14:33. Posts 1274

  On May 20 2013 16:14 Maz wrote:
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Where can I learn vocal editing Do you know it?

depending on what daw you are using you should be Able to find tutorials on youtube

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. May 25 2013 23:17. Posts 8646

at first i read title as "started fapping" -.-

Truck-Crash Life 


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