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Joe Rogan or any good Podcast thread

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RiKD    United States. Jul 31 2019 22:57. Posts 5852

It is a message that has to get out. Especially to Rogan and JRE fans.

RiKD    United States. Aug 03 2019 02:11. Posts 5852

I am really hoping now for Noam Chomsky to be on tJRE. Bring on the leftists!

Baalim   Mexico. Aug 03 2019 03:22. Posts 33188

  On July 31 2019 04:56 RiKD wrote:
Another coincidence. I painted Jesus laughing the other day because why not? It's a good question. Why does Jesus never laugh?

Because a big part of religion is about meaning and hope, and nobody needs more of those than the suffering, so catholicism fetichizes it as tool for control, the poor won't revolt if their suffering brings them closer to god so they turn the other cheek and worship Jesus, the ultimate Martyr.

More modern christian sects like evangelics, born again and even progressive catholics like the current pope depict a more loving and happy image of god since that molds better to modern societies where the old angry god of blood and tears isn't that relatable anymore.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Aug 03 2019 05:03. Posts 4551

taking rikd stream of consciousness statements seriously heh. It would be very strange if jesus never laughed, we should assume he did until proven otherwise, as 99% of people have a sense of humor, even dissidents analyzing the injustices of the roman empire. Or are we just talking about how he is depicted

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Baalim   Mexico. Aug 03 2019 05:43. Posts 33188

  On August 03 2019 04:03 Stroggoz wrote:
taking rikd stream of consciousness statements seriously heh. It would be very strange if jesus never laughed, we should assume he did until proven otherwise, as 99% of people have a sense of humor, even dissidents analyzing the injustices of the roman empire. Or are we just talking about how he is depicted

It felt amazing to just comment on something that isn't politics.

I think he meant how he is depicted, and its not isolated to Jesus, any abrahamic figures are very rarely depicted smiling, contrasting to eastern religions that value like hinduism or the very famous image of Buddah's faint peaceful smile.

The catholics ascenticism was always tangled with the perverse idea of cleansing the soul through pain, this is perfectly reflected in figures like Mother Teresa.

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RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2019 03:51. Posts 5852

RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2019 04:01. Posts 5852

He always fucking beats around the bush regarding late stage capitalism. Sometimes he's on point other times he gives these bullshit political answers.

Baalim   Mexico. Aug 07 2019 06:27. Posts 33188

Bernie taking risks, and Joe Rogan is having more left wing people on his podcast, nice.

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Raidern   Brasil. Aug 07 2019 17:24. Posts 4231

  On August 07 2019 03:01 RiKD wrote:
He always fucking beats around the bush regarding late stage capitalism. Sometimes he's on point other times he gives these bullshit political answers.

Can you timestamp please? How big of a leftist is Bernie? Don't know much about him besides that he's a senator, tried to run for president last elections and will try again next elections. Doesn't he portray himself more to the center in order to become a viable voting option for conservative people? I watched this episode while doing other stuff so may have missed some points but he repated a bit too often that his ideas were not radical and made sense.

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Loco   Canada. Aug 08 2019 00:35. Posts 20082

wheres the watch party option

  On August 07 2019 03:01 RiKD wrote:
He always fucking beats around the bush regarding late stage capitalism. Sometimes he's on point other times he gives these bullshit political answers.

I mean lol, he's in the middle of a presidental campaign. It's going to be real interesting to hear him once he's done with it all. And I mean with all politics. At some point we'll get to hear his real thoughts on shit that had to be played safe.

I just finished watching and it was pretty much boilerplate Bernie. When he said that the rich make the rules and that's how they get away with what they do, it felt like it wasn't boilerplate though. He sounded like he got out of character.

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RiKD    United States. Aug 08 2019 04:36. Posts 5852

I would get on facebook again if it meant we could watch party some of these things. Is there an LP group on facebook?

We have to get it sorted before Chomsky's on the JRE.

RiKD    United States. Aug 08 2019 04:46. Posts 5852

Also, lol. Boiler-plate Bernie.

It's not a bad thing that this guy has a legitimate shot to be president. I don't see a scenario that one day the world is a capitalist democracy and the next day it's an anarchist-communism or something of the sort. Bernie would be a step in the right direction.

Baalim   Mexico. Aug 08 2019 04:54. Posts 33188

very underwhelming I think it lacked any kind of probing or pushback from Joe, which has been happening more and more often in his podcast, he only bites when his guests are against drugs lol.

Joe should have pushed against the stupid point of Bernie about Insulin price being bloated because of companies colluding in price-fixing which is obviously not true, its the FDA making any kind of competition impossible by raising the barrier of entry into the hundreds of millions to any farmaceutical company and the mandated insurance consolidating the demand into one "careless" buyer.

So yeah, the state regulates the market into a monopoly, then the same state as a single buyer, buys from this monopoly literally the most inelastic commodity in the planet so they end up paying a ridiculous price for insulin and Bernie is like "these evil capitalists" -_-

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Liquid`Drone   Norway. Aug 08 2019 11:59. Posts 2883

the leftist position is it shouldn't be a market, health care should not be run for profit, period.

And Raidern, bernie is basically a typical scandinavian leftist social democrat. At least the policies he advocates are mostly stuff that was introduced into norwegian/scandinavian society by social democrats (but which has since become so popular with the public that it now has support from the conservative bloc too). I have the impression that he himself is further to the left of the policies he advocates are (looking back at cold war interviews, him supporting sandinistas in nicaragua etc, is more like a 'socialist left' (10% leftmost people in norway) position. In a way, if you hear him speak, he will sound like a pretty radical guy in Norway, but the actual policies he wants to implement are very moderate.

But this relates to an element of politics where rhetoric and policy are both influenced in an opposite manner by the existing policies that are in place. That is, for a leftist, existing right wing policy will intensify rhetoric while tempering policy suggestions; suggestions can't be too far detached from the current political reality, however, rhetorically, existing right wing policy makes the need for the leftist solutions far more important and urgent. This is my understanding of why Sanders sounds like a pretty far left leftist while wanting to implement political solutions that to me seem totally moderate.

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Baalim   Mexico. Aug 09 2019 02:46. Posts 33188

You can advocate for state-handled healthcare without having to lie about the reason of the prices of insulin.

I agree that in general his policies aren't that far left as you mention he has been supportive of real leftist in latinamerica like Nicaragua or Venezuela before it went to shit, but I think his stances are superficial, cancelling a trillion dollar debt (basically the biggest payday in banker's history) and then say that you are going to tax markte especulators and leave it at that is insane, exactly how are these taxes gong to work and how on earth are they going to ammount for over 1 trillion without killing the profitability of playing the market that is already a game with more losers than winners, its not easy to increase the rake in a game without simply killing it.

Macron reverted the tax brackets and has the yellowjacket's shitshow on his doorstep because the flee of capital reached the pivotal point where total income of the state declined despise a higher tax bracket.

If Sanders talked about the absolute retreat of the troops, shrink dramaticaly the size of the military industrial complex, end the state-corporate helathcare mess that was created (even if it was socialized medicine), stop guaranteeing student loans to end this bubble madness, to rewrite the tax code to stop super rich people from dodging taxes and that this was going to pay for al lthese things then I would think he is a good candidate, but he is just another "hookers and cocaine for everyone, we will just tax the rich" run of the mill candidate.

Anyway Trump is going to steamroll on 2020, its quite clear that Sanders wont make it out of the primaries and its either Biden or Harris and both of these are polling even with Trump and given the distribution of the electoral college its almost a lock

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Aug 09 2019 04:47. Posts 4551

His policies are fine imo. If it kills off most of wall street trading then this is a good thing, since we all know that this is mostly a parasitic part of the economy. His tax has been supported by various economists (keynes, tobin-the tobin tax was the original idea), because it increases financial stability and makes the parasitic financial part of the economy far less profitable. Keynes himself had a pretty moderate view on finance, it's fine in so far as it doesn't become the core of the economy, making most of its profits off gambling. And yes it would be a great idea to increase rake if professional poker players made up 40% of the economies profits. While the estimates on how much money is made from this tax from some economists of this tax differ drastically, it is at least a step in the right direction.

cancelling the student debt is a gift to students, not bankers who actually make a ton of money off student debt and want to keep putting students in debt because of how much money they make off it. You have a very backwards view of this in general imo. I'm sure if Bernie was just handing out trillion$ gift's to wall street, they would be sure to support his campaign, but they arn't, they hate him with a passion.

yes, bernie could go a lot further with various policies, he's pretty upfront about the fact that he isn't a radical. I think he could become president, we are in unpredictable times.

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Baalim   Mexico. Aug 09 2019 06:59. Posts 33188

Perhaps its true that public trading is overall a bad thing , frankly I dont feel qualified enough in finance to be able to make a judgement of this magnitude at all, I remember Bill Perkins tweeting about some important benefits of them I would be delighted to hear a debate about it by people who know what they are talking about, not from somebody with superficial knowledge with an agenda against traders (not implying thats you btw).

That's why I said that I'd like them to go more in depth about it, he is talking about raising 1 trillion from taxing trading, if trading with the new tax isnt profitable he is going to kill trading but he isn't going to get the trillion he expect, I dont feel this policie are really thought through in this way, and its just that "fuck wallstreet" is a good banner for your campaign.

cancelling debt is a gift to both students and banks since you are paying upfront all the debts to the bank with no collection fees no defaults nothing, also announcing that you are gonig to do that creates a massive moral hazard, obviously every fucking bank is going to lend all the money anybody wants for college and colleges are going to create new retarded "radical queer critique of the XIX studies" bullshit and raising tuitions to the roof and when the dust is settled you just created a lot of new banking billionares, if you truly want to take such a stupid measure you shut the fuck about it in campaing and just do it while in power but of course just like "fuck wallstreet" , "Im canceling your debt" is a cool slogan.

Also this is giong to require the biggest "quantitive easing" of history, devaluating the dollar forcing every american to pay for the poor financial decisions of people, irresponsible and immoral, they simply need to stop the exceptions to this specific type of debt that is what created this mess in the first place.

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whammbot   Belarus. Oct 18 2019 22:38. Posts 397

Amazing Podcast Episode of Ari Shaffir and Milo Yiannopoulous
Milo brilliantly explains what he's all about and great that Ari had him on. Episode on trolls and trolling, Milo jumps in at around an hour

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windy11   Indonesia. Dec 20 2019 20:52. Posts 1

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Santafairy   Korea (South). Dec 22 2019 08:55. Posts 1638

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