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randomly met the Reem

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drone666   Brasil. Sep 26 2020 09:41. Posts 1787
this was around January I think, a few weeks after his fight vs Rozenstruik
was in a music festival in Pattaya Thailand, was at the start but I was already tripping balls on 2 different stuff

I stopped to buy an ice cream cone and wait for some friends to arrive at the entrance
so I look back and saw this familiar face, was trying to recognize who was it, the guy looked me back and said "Hey" like he knew me, I thought wtf it's Alistair Overeem

I was a bit confused since he said Hey first, and he looked like an old man walking with arthritis, like my mom is 63, has multiple herniated disks and doesn't look that old walking, but then I realized I was not tripping, and asked to take a pic
I threw my ice cream on the ground because I didn't want to look like a pussy next to him and he said "OK buddy"

anyway here's the pic, im a 5"10 manlet but almost dwarfed him imo

I was tripping hard and I made a joke, offered some E and asked if USADA tests for E, I dont think he understood and he didn't say anything lol ( but there's a possibility that I only imagined saying, maybe I just mumbled some random words ), was very awkward, he probably thought I was a casual that thinks he's some NBA player or something

random post but felt like sharing lol

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 26 2020 18:29. Posts 1549


dnagardi   Hungary. Sep 26 2020 19:19. Posts 1731


MiPwnYa    Brasil. Sep 26 2020 20:22. Posts 5229

would read again

Stat.Quo   Somalia. Sep 26 2020 20:53. Posts 1227

haha nice, i used to see him around Pattaya too ! I even met Bob Sapp in a club in Pattaya

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 26 2020 23:13. Posts 12367


Overeem is one of my favorites of all-time.

Rekrul is a newb 

hiems   United States. Sep 27 2020 00:15. Posts 1959

I was walking around the mgm when one of these "ufc conventions" were going on in las vegas once and rashad evans was walking my way. I said "Rashad evans!" and nodded towards him, and he nodded back. Then we went our separate ways.

Make liquidpoker great again. 

lebowski   Greece. Sep 27 2020 01:46. Posts 9201

  On September 26 2020 18:19 dnagardi wrote:

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

Oddeye   Canada. Sep 27 2020 16:30. Posts 4982

Rofl hilarious, I felt slightly anxious as I was the one tripping when you asked him about E. Haha and you threw your ice cream to the ground thats funny. How old is overeem? I mean he did lot of steroid and shit but he doesn't look too worn out at least on that picture.

Great story, peace.

Into Infinity   United States. Sep 28 2020 15:35. Posts 1880

very fantastic body

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Sep 28 2020 21:22. Posts 2379

kkk mto bom

captainhook   Canada. Sep 29 2020 08:35. Posts 400

Lolol. Nice!


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