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My statement on Ana situation.

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wobbly_au   Australia. Sep 22 2017 08:38. Posts 6540

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The Last Laugh. 

nolan   Ireland. Sep 22 2017 10:54. Posts 6205

I can't believe that managers letter is even real. Retroactive withdrawal of consent in a signed contract?! How did she figure that works?

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Arirang   Canada. Sep 22 2017 14:46. Posts 1673

meanwhile, lpn sees more traffic than it had ever gotten in the recent times.

gl with everything wobbly. My heart goes out to ya. This world is pretty cutthroat, in many ways.

wobbly_au   Australia. Sep 22 2017 18:52. Posts 6540

  On September 22 2017 09:54 nolan wrote:
I can't believe that managers letter is even real. Retroactive withdrawal of consent in a signed contract?! How did she figure that works?

hahaha my head exploded with confusion when I first received that email.

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[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Sep 22 2017 21:57. Posts 1572

Did someone from this forum take it public?

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TianYuan    Korea (South). Sep 23 2017 10:48. Posts 6765

Nice to see 99.99% of the posts in that thread are siding with you. Obviously I don't know anything about this situation outside of what you've posted, but it certainly looks damning based on that.

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dnagardi   Hungary. Sep 23 2017 11:58. Posts 1574

did he reach out to you since then?

btw what you did sounds like that it might become a regular thing in the future. High risk high reward capital investment into unknown esport players who seem to be extremely talented (until we get to a point similar to regular sports)

wobbly_au   Australia. Sep 23 2017 14:43. Posts 6540

  On September 22 2017 20:57 [GiTM]-Ace wrote:
Did someone from this forum take it public?

Yea it was someone from LP who made it public after which some casters made a big podcast about it slandering me so I had to set the record straight.

Legal action in due time too.

Honor = Restored
Wallet = TBD

Thanks for the support guys.

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Arirang   Canada. Sep 23 2017 17:33. Posts 1673

i feel like this forum is hidden enough from the interwebs to be considered pseudo-private.

i didn't really like how someone exposed all of this, to which is none of their business but for some reddit points and drama.

spose that's just life.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Sep 23 2017 19:51. Posts 8506

It's kind of an asshole move to expose the situation on your behalf, you did say you ll deal with it when the time s right for you, the person that exposed the information forced it upon you...

That being said, he pushed you into it so you'll be having a closure so thats nice.


the whole situation is quite disgusting tbh, it feels like his family treated him as if he had a problem with gaming, while you pushed him to the pro scene... for them to act this way for 10% of his purse is simply pitiful.

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[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Sep 23 2017 21:03. Posts 1572

Yea I agree i think thats kind of a dick move. Happy everyone is siding with you though. Hopefully you end up getting paid. I know people get scammed all the time and its a risk but something rubbed me the wrong way about this. I can't remember which link it was but the line where you said you gave up your daughters room for him made me think of him even more negatively.

Happy you had so much proof. I wonder since he retired or is on break that maybe its not right timing and he will just stay silent on everything. Honestly seems like you did everything right in this situation.

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TheHuHu3   United States. Sep 23 2017 23:56. Posts 5544

Ironic how the manager of OG wanted their payments from Secret when Fly/N0tail were on that team and now they refuse to pay. That dumb bitch.

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Nitewin   United States. Sep 24 2017 02:31. Posts 1002

Gross how money changes people.

TheTrees   United States. Sep 24 2017 02:40. Posts 1592

How much money does Ana owe you?

Dinewbie   United States. Sep 24 2017 06:27. Posts 42

  [B]All those Ana Alche picks start to make sense.
What you've shared here paints a very dim picture of Ana's side of things. Ultimately a lot of our opinion forming will just be speculation and I don't want to further that.
What's important is that you groomed and polished raw talent, and that you were instrumental in helping Ana make something of himself in a very risky career, which his family obviously did not approve of at first. It's a clear fact. Yu should be very proud of it regardless of how you've been treated in the aftermath. Understandably you're hurt, but do not let that impact your character. Unfortunately in business, good character often gets taken advantage of. I've seen it happen many times.
Don't let this dishearten you in your eSports endeavors and doubt future investment into helping talent meet potential. The entire industry needs much more people like you.
Lastly, Evany's response: appalling.

+1, keep fighting the good fight, it's amazing for the future of esports.

Btw I am Fujikura 

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 24 2017 08:50. Posts 11278

Wobbly finally comes back to LP and one of you fucks spreads his blog information on Reddit...

Probably the same type of person who posts "first/1st" in a YouTube comment.

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traxamillion   United States. Sep 27 2017 04:43. Posts 10384

your mistake is getting involved in some garbage game like dota2

Shitty bastardization of wc3

You used to be decent at poker. probably should just stick to that


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