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WSOP recap

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thewh00sel    United States. Jul 16 2014 13:45. Posts 2733
Spent $64k on MTT buy-ins and buying pieces of people this summer
Sold $28k worth of action in MTTs

Cashed twice for a total of $22,867
Returned $13,428 of total cashes to backers

NET: -$26,561

Pretty shitty results for this WSOP, but one close call in my second to last event (got 21st in the little one drop for 20k) saved me from a really bad summer. I have to say I had a lot of fun playing the series this year despite a lack of results. I think I played 23 events which is probably the most I've ever played. This was completely opposite of my goal of playing LESS events and focusing on cash for the summer. Oh well, I guess I have the MTT itch again, didn't think that would ever come back. I plan on playing more tourneys this year than in years past; some highlights on the schedule are: Borgata WPT $3,500 in September, maybe the $5k 10mill gtd in florida, and hopefully PCA or Aussie millions (I've never been to either).

Haven't blogged in a while, but WSOP kind of kills all other endeavors. Looking forward to normalizing my schedule again now that poker season has ended. I put in 180 hours in June and already 90 hours in July. That will likely return to my average of about 140 hours per month in short order.

Expenses have been quite high as of late, and I expect it to remain that way if I do decide to travel for some poker tournaments and continue to pay down debt. I'm still teetering on the edge of a 10/20NL bankroll thanks to an awful May (-35k) and a breakeven summer (-5k or so net) so I have to be careful in paying off loans. Having a roll for 10/20 is much more important than paying something down that I can't get the cash back for if I downswing (student loans). One big upswing and I can pay everything off in 6 months versus rebuilding at 5/10 and still having minimum payments to worry about. I plan on charting out everything, but I estimate that if everything continues steadily (does it ever?) I'll be rid of student loan debt (~50k) and vehicle debt (~10k) in about 2.5 years and have only a mortgage (~240k) to deal with. Seems insurmountable looking the numbers in the face, but it wasn't long ago that vehicle debt was 20k and student loans were 60k. Progress!

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ggplz   Sweden. Jul 16 2014 15:17. Posts 16725

Hey whoosel, I always enjoy reading your blog posts. Lovely looking family too. Keep on trucking

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AndrewSong    United States. Jul 16 2014 16:03. Posts 2354

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 16 2014 16:42. Posts 12684

Keep fighting the good fight.

Rekrul is a newb 

Twisted    Netherlands. Jul 16 2014 16:49. Posts 10422

Wow your oldest daughter is an exact copy of her mother. Great family picture as well. Good luck in everything

SIG1   United States. Jul 16 2014 18:58. Posts 651

See you at Borgata

chris   United States. Jul 16 2014 20:37. Posts 5503

my fault whoosel, i shouldn't have made the rail thread to support you :/

great looking family, man. i think you are the shiny side of the people in poker. you help give some poker players a good name.

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mnj   United States. Jul 16 2014 22:37. Posts 3848

  On July 16 2014 19:37 chris wrote:
great looking family, man. i think you are the shiny side of the people in poker. you help give some poker players a good name.

it's too e.z to root for u man. keep up the hard work

Rinny   United States. Jul 16 2014 23:23. Posts 600

300k in debt hollllly shit. im glad i failed out of private college and have intimacy issues so ill probably never get married and buy a house.

whamm!   Albania. Jul 17 2014 00:18. Posts 11625

lol rinny

Daut    United States. Jul 17 2014 02:00. Posts 8950

lesson to learn from whoosels blogs: dont go to college. fuck student loans

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RaiZ   France. Jul 19 2014 20:36. Posts 1503

Or maybe try to study to somewhere else when it's free but yeah easier said than done. :/
I'm still speechless about the us education being so damn expensive holy shit. Anyway keep up the good work !

Shin-il : Yeah it was very very very good for me too. Rekrul : YOU MOTHER FUCKING FUCKING SON OF A BITCH 


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