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Yoga and spirituality
  tutz, Mar 14 2020

Hey guys,

Since my spiritual journey began (read my last blog entry to understand), I started practicing Yoga. It is something I really love to do, and so I want to start teaching it in a year or so. I'm very dedicated to it as it is an essencial part of my spiritual development. I also reactivated my instagram account and so I'm starting to make yoga related posts there. You can find me there @arthuraml.

I'm gonna try to grow this instagram account in the next year or so. Also, if any of you would like to reach out to me to ask me anything about my journey or related to spirituality or life in general, I'm here for it.

All the best to all of you.

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Spiritual Awakening
  tutz, Nov 29 2018

Hello dear ones,
In this blog I will write my story of spiritual awakening. The intention of this is mainly to inspire others to follow the spiritual path of self-discovery.
I understand everything I write here will be dissected and analyzed by fellow LPers. A lot of what I say will be dismissed by most, but that’s ok. I have no intention to convince the rational mind, as what I’m going to describe can’t be fully understood in the level of mind. There is a deeper dimension in all of us, the one that is there when thoughts aren’t. That’s the part of you that I might be able to reach, if you have enough presence.
If what I’m about to say makes no sense to you, it means you are not ready for these words. It does not mean you are less than me, it just means you are still in a different path. But if my words resonate with a deeper dimension of your being, that could be a hint that you should look further. I would like to dedicate this to our friend RikD, and I hope my words reach him the way I meant them to.
I will divide my story in ‘Events’, as I feel I can point specific moments in my life that shifted my level of consciousness, little by little.

------Event #1: Emotional reaction to Eckhart Tolle teachings

Back in 2015 (I was 25 years old), I was in my final year of a BSc in Economics and Finance with the University of London. This was a distance learning programme, which allowed me to live anywhere while studying. I say this just so the more rational friends here at least know I have some sort of academic background, although I don’t believe having one is of any importance to the spiritual path.
In that year, I landed a 4-month long internship at the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland). One day in Geneva a close friend of mine recommended me Eckhart Tolle’s books. He was not a friend in any sort of ‘spiritual path’, but rather agnostic, just as me, but he thought Eckhart had interesting insights. At the time I liked to go to a park near my place in Geneva to read something while smoking a joint, usually on Sundays. I decided to buy Tolle’s book called ‘A New Earth’ and give it a shot.
I remember right off the bat I thought the book was crap, since in the first pages it cites a few Christian passages and ‘esoteric mumbo jambo’, as I thought, but I had a lot of respect for the friend that recommended me the book, so I decided to keep at it. As I continued reading the book, it became more and more interesting. At one point in the book, Eckhart talked about the shift in collective consciousness that Earth is going through, and I had a gut reaction like never before. I felt choked out, wanted to cry, but I could not understand that feeling. Where was it coming from? Am I crazy? I thought… I could not yet realize, as I do today, that my higher self was waving a huge red flag trying to tell me I was reading a profound truth, something that I already knew, but was just then ‘remembering’.
This was something that repeated many times over. I would have deep emotional reactions to his books, to a point I could not ignore that there was something there and I could not point exactly what it was. It was enough for me to decide to put some of his teachings to the test. As I started little practices of awareness, ego identification, presence, I could see a shift in the quality of my life. I was at ease much more often than before. This was not something that happened from one day to the other, but a process, where I would sometimes catch my ego, my thoughts, my reaction, and put it to bed. My life got better, people around me started saying I was different, and indeed I felt different. At this point I had to recognize that something had happened, and that there was truth in Eckhart teachings. I decided to re-read all of Eckhart books, along with a couple from Osho (because Osho had similar teaching to Eckhart’s), as to get a deeper grasp on those teachings. This time the ‘esoteric mumbo jambo’ made more sense than before, so I started to think: ‘maybe there is something here…’.

-----Event #2: Heat sensations during meditation

Now we are in 2016. Until this point, I had never meditated in my life. It was something I regarded as pointless. In fact I could not stand just being still, I could not ‘stop thinking’, my rational brain would kick in and call me stupid for even trying such a thing.
This changed because, seeing the shift in my life that Eckhart and Osho’s teachings brought about, I realized I could not just ignore the part of the teachings that I felt unconformable with. I thought: “well, should I also meditate and see what happens?”. I downloaded an app called “Insight Timer” and committed myself to meditate every morning for just 15 minutes. This would be a test, so I could at least say I tried. My first trials were uncomfortable, I could not find the right position to sit, and my brain would go crazy during the whole 15 minutes. This lasted for about a month. But one thing that caught my attention was that, every time I felt like I was in a meditative state, my body would heat up a little bit. It was a little weird at first and I usually took it as a sign I was doing something wrong, that my body was in a wrong position. Eventually I realized this heat sensation was always there, so whenever it came up, I decided to hold it and see what would happen, to see if it would eventually just go away.
To my surprise, it didn’t. It became more intense the more I held the meditative state. My body started heating so much I could not just sit there. It forced me to stand up and stop meditating, because I felt very uncomfortable. As soon as I would stop meditating, my body would immediately cool down. This was so crazy to my rational mind that I decided to google about it in order to find out if other people had the same experiences. I found many answers, none scientific enough to be able to satisfy my rational mind. All explanations I could find were ‘esoteric’. More importantly, the esoteric explanations mostly pointed out that this was a form a ‘mediumship’, that is, a form of connection to the spiritual realm, which to me sounded sooo crazy.

-----Event #3: Finding a teacher: Professor Laercio Fonseca

During this search for an answer I came across the teachings of Professor Laercio Fonseca. He is a Brazilian spiritual teacher, one of the most famous and respected. He has a youtube channel with hundreds of hours of teachings. I started to watch his videos with a lot of skepticism, but this quickly changed, and I will explain why. Now we are in 2017, almost 2018.
Professor Laercio specialized in helping people get in direct contact with the spiritual world. He teaches several techniques that can help almost anyone get there. His techniques entail a lot of self-discipline. Also, the seeker must have some sort of predisposition to mediumship, which is mostly genetic, but can also be developed.

From his videos, I learned that the sensations during meditation, specially the heat sensation, is a sign of mediumship, and that this can be further developed. I learned that one of the essential things one should do in order to develop mediumship is to become a vegan. This is because plants have a much higher vibration frequency than animal-based food, and so it becomes much easier to access higher states of consciousness if you eat vegetables only. This was the hardest part for me, as I was (maybe still am) a meat lover. But at this point I was committed to finding out what exactly everything I was experiencing was, so I enrolled in a Vegan Culinary Course (lol) and forced myself to become a vegan. To this day I’m still learning to be a vegan, and sometimes I miss meat, but I can’t deny how this has changed my life, so there is no turning back. I’m vegan for life now…
After becoming a vegan, my mediumship exploded. It was so quick, just as if my spiritual guides were waiting all that time for me to stop eating meat so they could reach me.

-----Event 4#: Manifestation of my Spiritual Guide (and others)

One day, about a month after becoming a vegan, the heat sensation through my body was so strong that drops of sweat started dripping from my face. This was during a 15 minutes meditation… After the meditation I remember recording a video and sending to my family and friends showing how I was sweating at 5am from meditation while outside was 10° degrees. The next day I thought I should do a longer session, just to see how I would feel. I put the timer to 30 minutes and sat there, 4am in the morning, ready to be all sweaty again.
Then, after about 20 minutes in, my spiritual guide manifested right in front of me. I wasn’t scared at all. He was smiling and I could feel all the love emanating from him… I was the most amazing sensation I ever felt. There was no doubt in my mind, I was not questioning, I could see and feel, as if me and him knew each other from a long time ago. I didn’t say anything, I just looked, smiled, said ‘thank you’ in my mind many times over. I was so grateful for that moment… It changed my life.
From this day on, my body continued to heat during meditation, but it was not as strong as before. My guide started to appear many times during my meditation, and he started to teach me. I could write much much more about everything I have learned from him, but then this would be a much more ‘esoteric’ blog, and that is not my intention here. I know people here will call me crazy just for the things I have already said. If I start talking about Samsara or Reincarnation, chances are less people will pay attention to what I’m trying to say.
What I want out of this blog is to draw attention from those who are seeking and are ready to listen. It is my mission, as it is yours too, to awaken as many fellow humans as possible in order to help ease the shift in consciousness earth is going through. If only one person here resonates with what I’m saying, my mission here is accomplished.

Dear ones, if you have questions, I’m sure I can answer them, but please have in mind that my answer will most likely not be what your rational mind is expecting. Earth is a school for spiritual evolution. We are all here to learn. Let’s humble ourselves in recognition of our own worldly ignorance.

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Time Travel
  tutz, Nov 13 2012

uiCk solved the mistery. Thanks you for your time!

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weed while playing??
  tutz, Sep 05 2012


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LAPT panama
  tutz, Aug 28 2012

hey guys, I'm going to LAPT Panama Sept. 26th, any1 here is going too? I'm gonna make it a trip with my gf and from there we will go to NYC for a month. Anybody wanna meet up in panama or nyc?


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won 38k
  tutz, Aug 21 2012

just won the Brasilia Poker Fest, a local poker tournment in brasilia (capital of brazil) for R$38k (~19k usd).

246 entrants, buy-in R$1k (~500 usd).

ps: yes, I'm back to brazil

link with pics:

ship it.

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alien prob bet
  tutz, Jul 09 2012


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Fat people
  tutz, Jun 25 2012


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Life, Cover Music Video
  tutz, Jun 20 2012

Hey LP,
I decided to make a better blog from now on. I will post positive things, thoughtful experiences, good info, etc. I don't have anything prepared for today, but I will try to improvise.

Very often we see people on the internet (LP included) that seems to seek only to put others down, critic negatively and make fun of others. We see it everywhere: youtube, 2p2, facebook and even 9gag. I have to admit, I was like that once and sometimes I still have to control myself to not be like that again. I have to actualy take a deep breath, think again: how can I turn this into a positive experience? How can I help improve this persons life? why do they have this point of view? Usually a mix of those go through my mind whenever I'm having a mindful interaction with anyone.

This change in perspective wasnt something out of nowhere. It came in a moment where I was a bit lost in several aspects of my life. I had just ended a complicated relationship, my parents wanted me to move back to my hometown(I didnt), I wasn't doing very well in poker (and poker is a big thing for me) and my daily job wasnt something I could see myself doing for life. I needed a change, but I wanted to change everything, I had just started modeling but it wasnt something I had on focus at the moment.

I started reading Logosophy and got into it for quite some time. Logosophy basically teaches the ultimate goal should be the mindful evolution of man. I had to drop Logosophy at one point cause there is a point that Logosophy starts to treat more spiritual stuff, and as and Atheist I couldnt accept any of that without further evidence that what I was reading was real. But the main thing got stuck with me: I wanted to be an amazing human being. I want to be a great son, brother, friend. I want to be wise, to understand everything around me. Yeah I know some of you are probably laughing at me thinking: "lol and you believe in the reptilians". Well I do, I have my reasons but lets not touch in that subject anymore. I said what I had to say about it.

This single decision: to become an amazing human being changed everything. I feel like I have total control of my destiny, like I'm the owner of everything around me. It is an amazing feeling. Before this I would look life in a way that I always had a certain goal that I wanted to achieve, and after that single goal I would be a very happy person. Now I feel like I'm achieving amazing things everyday, I learned to enjoy the journey.

This is a cover Music Video that me and my friends made. It is pretty cool, take a look.

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(pics) semi-nude shoot, music video, reptilians
  tutz, Jun 19 2012


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