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LAPT panama

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tutz   Brasil. Aug 28 2012 20:11. Posts 2128
hey guys, I'm going to LAPT Panama Sept. 26th, any1 here is going too? I'm gonna make it a trip with my gf and from there we will go to NYC for a month. Anybody wanna meet up in panama or nyc?


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idonklife   Sweden. Aug 29 2012 05:53. Posts 182

is "anybody wanna meet up" some sort of sexual innuendo?.

idonklife   Sweden. Aug 29 2012 05:54. Posts 182

double post means double penetration and though that's not really what i signed up for, i suppose we can discuss it

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idonklife   Sweden. Aug 29 2012 06:33. Posts 182

side note: didn't you say that you would drop your reptile thing if no major disaster happened during the london olympics? i know spice girls got together again but you can't really count that, can you? so i guess my question is: have you dropped it?


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