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  tutz, Jun 15 2020

Hey guys. This is not really a post about spirituality, but more like a motivational one.
I made a video showing my Yoga transformation so far.
The entry is in Portuguese, but it reads:

"I started practicing Yoga in November of 2018
In September of 2019 I decided to start recording my practice
This video shows a little bit of my evolution in the past 10 months"

Take a look, I think some of you might like it:


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Autobiography of a Yogi
  tutz, May 21 2020

Hi guys. I just finished reading the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" and so I had to come here to share what an amazing read that was. If you have any interest in yogic philosophy and spirituality, this is a must read for you.

Also, my instagram following in growing exponentially since I last posted anything here. I even gained a couple LP followers there I remember I had about 1,500 followers back then and now I'm almost at 5.700. A couple of my videos even went viral haha . When I reach 10k I will start a youtube channel and when this pandemic is over I'm gonna start teaching yoga. I'm also planning a one year trip to India so I can go further on the yogic path, but only after the pandemic is over of course.

My instagram:

How are you guys dealing with this whole situation? Don't forget to meditate, this is the best time to find out who you really are.

All the best to all of you guys. Namastê

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New Age is here
  tutz, Mar 22 2020

Hello dear ones

I'm here to bring a message of love and hope. The crisis that we are all facing has been expected for a long time.

The way we humans have been living, the way we treat the planet, the animals and each other, the lack of compassion, of love to one another, the greed, the social inequality, all of that can be summarized in one thing: lack of consciousness. But that is about to change.

The following years will bring spiritual awakening to a large part of the planet, which will in turn shift the entire system to a more harmonious and peaceful state, where certain behaviors of the past will no longer be acceptable.

Before we reach such a state, we will have to endure a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. Each death will spark awakening in others, a search for deeper meaning. Slowly, we will all change, and the world will change.

You don’t need to wait until the pain reaches your door in order to look for the truth. Pain is a great teacher, but a nasty one. You can start now. Now is the time. A billion people in the planet are already locked inside. They have been forced to deal with nothing but their own selves, something they have been avoiding their entire lives by covering their true nature with drugs, social media, brainless entertainment, sex, etc. Stop. Meditate. Look for teachers online, look for books, seek. Now is the time, don’t waste this opportunity.

Lightworkers have been preparing for this moment for years now. The message I bring is something that is meant to touch those who somehow connect with it. I understand and expect that some of you will feel the urge to hate on me. That’s fine, totally ok. Just know this, I will not engage with your hate. I will not engage in any debate. I will only answer those who come in honesty and good heart. I have a lot of work to do, we all do. Stay safe, stay in.


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