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thinking problem (math)
  Balzamon, Apr 16 2013

Today our teacher gave us a thinking problem seeing if anyone comes up with an answer for tomorrow. Being stupid i cant solve it, so wanting to be baller for class i wonder if someone here can solve it: on a plain paper he places 4 coins total (1) in each corner. A random person blind/feel-folded is then selected. He doesnt know how the coins are faced in the start. Each round our teacher is free to spin the paper 90/180/270/360... And so on degrees. The blindfolded person is each round free to turn as many coins as he wants, his mission to win is for all coins to face the same direction. He doesnt know how many degrees the paper is spinned each round. Q: is there a stratey for the teacher to make him never be able to win? (Is there a straytegy for the student to win, is that the same q?). Hope i explained it well enough, gl

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Study abroad, help me LP Canadians
  Balzamon, Jan 25 2013

Today I got a letter stating that I have been accepted to study one semester at Western University, London, Canada. This was my 3rd choice pic, and Im still not 100% if I should accept or not. There are some other options available still if I feel like I want to study in another country.

First of all I have never heard of the city London (in Canada,,_Ontario) before i applied for this, could Canadian LPers tell me about the city and possible any experience of Western University ( as well? It the autumn semester of 2013, how is the climate? Well I live in Sweden so hopefully not worse than autumn here, but is it really bad like rainy all the time? Will I have to travel to Toronto/Detroit if I want to go out?

What I want from my semester abroad is to improve my english (maybe already noticable?) and also of course experience something new, I have lived in Stockholm all my life, come change is always good.

So any input? None canadians that have study abroad could also help by telling if its the 100% cool experience everyone seems to think it is? My other main option would probably be to pay all the fees myself for studying in New Zeeland, but its preeeetty expensive. For this my own University in Stockholm pays for pretty much everything.

Have to admit Im a little bit anxious about this as well, never lived out of my comfortzone before, and Im not un-social but Im not the guy that step into a new place and instant make new friends either, but thats part of the challenge i guess! Hopefully some LP-canadians can meet up if I go?

Finally onlinepoker being fully accepted is a + ! Sadly I didnt apply to any American Universities because of this.

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Quick Q, Hotels in London
  Balzamon, Jul 10 2012

I may be dropping by London next week for a day or two (probably monday-wednesday). Any tips for any medium prized hotels i can stay at? I really just need a bed actually, dont have to be luxurious at all, but i want it to be pretty central and not complete trash.

Next week should be before the price bomb at the Olympic Games right?

Also tips on what i could do in London? (going alone, main plain is going to amsterdam with some friends but i dont feel like going straight home after that so thats why i wanna drop by London or something) Mainly going to check out Brittish Museum and stuff like that, i also wanted to eat at a Ramsey place sometime =)


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Prometheus (spoilers!)
  Balzamon, Jun 04 2012

I will give another warning, do not keep reading if you dont wish to get spoilers from the movie!

Maybe I write this to soon after the premiere, but im thinking if you are somewhat of an Alien fan you will have watched this movie by now. I watched it yesterday and after coming home I have spended perhaps 4-5 hours googling and reading about other peoples thoughts about all the questions this movie does not right out answer. I will right away say that the movie itself is not great, its not bad at all, but not great. But the theme behind it is wonderfully mysterious, filled with thrilling questions if you are an Alien fan like me. If someone else here is as hooked as me maybe you could direct me to stuff i havent already read? Or share your thoughts here with me!

So Prometheus is about creation. Why did they create us, what part did they have in us making our society and how big part does religion have in the movie, why did they direct us to their solar system, and finally why do they want to destroy us?

What part did David have? What did he tell the engineer in the end before he went havoc? Does he despise humans and hoping for our extermination?

What will a follow up be about?

Many questions and more! Some links i found worthy so far is: (interview with writer Damon Lindelof) (a fan making imo pretty good speculations, also so good reads in the commentary field)

Guess I will make a short sum-up what i thought about the movie itself. I guess my main problem was hoping it would be as much alike as Alien possible, rather than a pure action movie. Its not. Theres no tention at all like in Alien and the dialogue is, as in so so so many other big budget films these days, so cheesy. Ridley Scott is supposed to be a huge Stanley Kubrick fan? When have you ever watched a Stanley Kubrick movie and hating on the dialogue? Never i hope. Why the need for small jokes everywhere, for sarcastic witty comments all the time? Its fine for a popcorn action movie but its NOT fine if you want to create a masterpiece (like Ridley Scott has proven that hes capable of; Alien & Blade Runner).

Why the need for extra action scenes like the storm in the beginning? Or the ship crashing right over their heads so they have to run for their lives in the end. Isnt the GREAT material of the threat from engineers and xenos and whatnot other creatures enough to create great horror in itself? More is not always (if ever) better, when will they learn?

I liked most scenes from inside the engineers ship, it felt authentic and a bit of the good old Alien vibe got to me. It has a great background story, and mostly decent actors. I give it a solid 7/10 but i would have liked to be able to give it more

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  Balzamon, Dec 30 2011

thats how many dollars i may win today if im really lucky!

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TheTerrorist flash from good old prima days
  Balzamon, Aug 23 2011

Being a bit nostalgic today I remembered an old flash-intro made by theterrorist from the prima poker time before FTP/PS took over as the high stakes mecca. The days when poker was still very magical and new (at least for me) and you just couldnt believe the sums the players had on the tables. I bet a lof you already have seen it, remembering all those old screennames makes me smile, for example I_Knockout_U (Patrik Antonius), and bad_ip (Lodden?).

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equation help please
  Balzamon, Apr 18 2011

(solved, thx LP!)

I feel ashamed having to post this here not knowing how to solve this myself(pokerplayers are suposed to not be retarded when it comes to math right) , but it was 6 years ago that i touched math so pretty much forgot it all

Is this eqution solvable with the numbers i have (if it is how?)

i know this:
a) x-662,8 = y

b) y/x = 30%

recently started studdying economics, i would appreciate any help

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Which training site should i pic? + going vegas
  Balzamon, Jun 15 2010

I'm pretty lost in the jungle of trainingsites out there and it was far to long ago i studied the game thru videos so i feel like starting again. If you can you give me some tips on which site i should become a member of and specific instructors on that site i should view it would be a great help!

I'm currently playing nl200-400 so i guess midstakes videos is what Im looking for, up to nl1k and such. I want to learn more PLO as well but its NLH thats really important.

Adding a poll but please write in the comment as well for instructors.

Poll: Which trainingsite?
(Vote): CardRunners
(Vote): DC
(Vote): LeggoPoker
(Vote): BlueFire

On another note i will take a two week trip to Las Vegas and stay at Bally's june 24th - july 8, anyone else gonna stay there or be nereby and maybe wanna eat/play some livepoker (gonna play mostly 1/3 i assume) ? Just PM me =)

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My FTP $ for your PS
  Balzamon, Feb 08 2010


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Anyone wanna order PS shark for me? (please)
  Balzamon, Jan 01 2010

So i havent played anything on Poker Stars for years but i recently noticed they got the coolest stuffed animal ever in their store for 1300 fpp and i really want it! In fact i want two if possible (2600 fpp). I dont know how hard it is on PS, at ftp you can type in a new adress when you order stuff from their shop but at PS it seems like you have to use your registered adress?

If anyone would be nice enough to go thru the hassle to change it and order 2 stuffed animal sharks for me and then change it back i would be very gratefull, i guess if you live in Sweden you could order home and then send me without it costing to much... Oh well it would be a great xmas gift for me if anyone is up for it, im not sure but i googled some and it seemed like 1 fpp is worth 1.5 cent? So it would be $39 for 2600 fpp, i will give the one going thru the hassle $50, not sure if i can send it on PS after their new transaction limits since i pretty much never play there (but i have the money there) otherwise i can for sure send it on FTP.


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