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Infallible Mind, Part 1
  Mariuslol, Jul 01 2012

How to Foolproof your Mind, Part 1

Our mind really likes setting up traps for us. Features of our mind that are meant to help us may, eventually get us into trouble. Unless we're aware of them. These traps can hinder our ability to think rationally, leading to bad reasoning and making stupid decisions.

Now on to a list of the most harmful of these, and how to avoid each one of them.

1. Anchoring Trap: Over-Relying on First Thoughts

“Is the population of Turkey greater than 35 million? What's your estimate?”

What if we were to ask same question, but use a different number, 90 million?

Without fail, everyone estimates concomitantly higher than the first suggestion in the last one.

Lesson: Your starting point can heavily bias your thinking: Initial impressions, ideas, estimates or data “anchor” subsequent thoughts.

This tarp is particularly dangerous as it's deliberately used in many occasions, such as by experienced salesmen, who will show a higher priced item first “anchoring” that price in your mind.

What can you do about it?

Always view a problem from different perspectives
Think on your own before consulting others.
Seek information from a wide variety of sources.

2. The Status Quo Trap: Keeping on Keeping on

We tend to repeat established behaviors, unless we are given the right incentives to entice us to change them. The status quo automatically has an advantage over every other alternative.

What can you do about it?

Consider the status quo as just another alternative.
Know your objectives.
Avoid exaggerating switching costs. (They aren't as bad as we tend to assume).

3. The Sunk Cost Trap: Protecting Earlier Choices

Any sunk cost is already payed, and it shouldn't influence your decision.

What we can do about it?

Be Ok with making mistakes.
Listen to people who were not involved in the earlier decisions.
Focus on your goals.

4. The Confirmation Trap: Seeing What You Want to See

Looking for information that will most likely support your initial point of view – while conveniently avoiding information that challenges it.

This confirmation bias effects not only where you go to collect evidence, but also how you interpret data: We are much less critical of arguments that support our initial ideas and much more resistant to arguments against them.

No matter how neutral we think we are when first tackling a decision, our brains always decide – intuitively – on an alternative right away, making us subject to this trap virtually at all timez.

What can you do about it?

Expose yourself to conflicting information.
Get a devil's advocate.
Don't ask leading questions. (When asking for advice, make neutral questions to avoid people merely confirming your biases).

5. The Incomplete Information Trap: Review Your Assumptions

Renathe is an introverted gurl. We know that she is either a salesperson or a librarian. Which one do you think she most probably is?

Most people will be tempted to say librarian. Sucks that this reasoning is dead wrong =[ (uuuu)
We usually think of salespersons to be outgoing, if not pushy. So this makes sense to us.

We “forgot” or neglected the fact that Salesmen outnumber librarians about 100 to 1. Before we even consider, we should have assigned only a 1% chance that Renathe is a librarian. (That means that even if all librarians are introverted, all it takes is 1% of introverts among the salesmen to make the chances being higher for Renathe).

Overlooking a simple data element can make our intuitions go completely astray. (We keep mental images, simplifications of reality, then make the jump to conclusions before questioning assumptions or checking whether we have enough information or not.

What can we do about it?

Make your assumptions explicit. (Don't take a problem statement as it is. Keep in mind that for every problem you're using implicit information – your assumptions. It's usually not hard to check the validity of assumptions, but first you need to know what they are).

Always favor hard data over mental simplifications. (Be a little careful to not over-rely on our preconceptions, such as stereotypes. When given the choice, always prefer hard data).

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Sunk Cost
  Mariuslol, Jun 29 2012

Sunken Cost Bias

A thinking tarp
Slows down personal improvement
Can easily make people waste their whole lives on

What is it?

Something that you've already spent and that you won't get back, regardless of future outcomes.

Some examples

Bad overall life decisions:
Persisting on an unfulfilled job or career, just because you invested so much time in it? Persisting on a bad relationship, just to “make all those years worth it”? (Maybe some of the saddest cases of the sunk cost effect). Since people literally waste years – if not their whole lives because of it.

Bad financial decisions:
Refusing to sell something at a reasonable price, just because they spent so much money on it. Gamblers who won't quit, claiming they need to make back the money they've already lost.

Bad Everyday Decisions:
Ordered too much food, eat it anyway despite being full. Keeping useless clutter in your home, since you payed for it. Watching a bad movie to the end lol. The examples go on and on. The consequences for each of them may seem trivial at first, but if you think about it, we make these mistakes so often that they add up pretty quickly.

Why Do We Fall Into the Tarp and How to Avoid It

1. We Want to Make the Investment Worth Our While

“We have a genuine interest in making our efforts worth our while”. We don't want to feel that we spent anything in vain – time, money, anything. However, even if we know deep inside that our approach is wrong, we still have trouble abandoning it.


Cut your losses and move on! (LOL, ok, kinda anti climatic, but whatever works I guess).

2. We Fear Failing and Looking Foolish

We live in a success-oriented culture. Cutting losses means admitting you made a mistake, if not in public, at least to yourself. Our egos will always try stubbornly holding us to your commitments, so we don't need to admit our imperfections. If you made a public commitment, you're even less likely to break it, as there will probably be a lot of explaining to do. (That's one thing I got going for me, I don't go out much, so dun have to hassle with that haha).


Allow yourself to make mistakes. Quickly admitting your mistakes is really productive and more awesome than trying to “save face”.

Do like Socrates and think differently, become proud of admitting your errors (haha, poor longple, who doesn't make mistakes). Change your attitude from hiding your mistakes to actively exposing them. (This is actually sick advice, I always feel a warm wind when I do this in front of people, but it wasn't consciously, I just suddenly felt like it).

This might make you feel defenseless and uneasy at first, but once you get used to it, you'll feel invulnerable to harsh criticism.

Instead of focusing on the sunk costs, take pride in recognizing the cost associated with sticking to the old approach.

3. We Become Attached to Our Commitments

After we decide to do something, we feel attached to what we committed to. And the bigger the commitment, the harder it is to let go. Plus that it's a human trait to be overconfident in everything we set ourselves to do will pay off. We're biased when we evaluate the probability of success of already-made commitments. (This is known as overly optimistic probability bias).


Be aware of the natural bias, evaluate the status quo as it was just another option, rather than the frontrunner.

Try your best, detaching yourself emotionally from past decisions.
“Zero-based thinking”. Forget about the past, and consider this very moment as your “point-zero” in time. Act like all you have in the present. (Cool trick is to pretend you've just woken from amnesia, or a really, really bad hangover). This helps focusing on your current situation, instead of clinging to past decisions that would drag you down.

4. We Lose Sight of Our Underlying Goals

Get too preoccupied by how much time and effort we put into something, that we lose sight of it's relevance in the greater scheme of things. We become attached to the means and forget about the ends.


Always mindful of long-term objectives. Don't get caught up in justifying your current actions.

Let Go of the Past, Move On

Greatest example of sunk cost is that you pay with your own time, can't really reclaim that time. So no point clinging to the past, make the most of your life right now.

Notes gathered from Luciano Passuello's work

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Contribution time
  Mariuslol, Jun 20 2012

******ANOTHER UPDATELOL******* Added link to a post about the 10 Negative Emotions
******UPDATELOL****** Added a link to a thread at the bottom


I've got some thoughts, so I'll try my best and filter through them as coherently as I can.

Liquid poker!!

Great site, awesome and stuff. HOWEVER!!! Lately... It's been kinda shit, for the first time I got the same feeling as I get when I notice I'm about to type in "Facebook" up in the left corner there.

That's not good, not good at all. So when that happened I started squinting with my eyes, I became all thinky!! (Yes, that's a word, I looked it up).

When I open Liquid and I see a new long post by Longple, Ket, or people who write equally impressive posts I get quite excited and happy, I look forward to it, and I usually don't start reading right away. I get all comfy, get drinks and want to make sure I read it properly and take it all in.

I think this is because posts like that brings substance, depth, value, whatever words you want to use. That's what drew me to LP in the first place. I don't like communities that are too big, dislike not recognizing names, what they're like, what they typicly write like, traits, humour, shit like that.

Lately (please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure some of you will even if I'm not wrong lol) I've noticed more and more posts I consider as "noise", just crap, nothing of value, blogs so poorly written you're worried you got a little dumber just by looking at it, stupid trolls, ego boosting n whatnot. (I just took all the rage here in one go, from here on out it'll be a lot brighter and cheerful).

I even contemplated, toyed, played around with the idea of maybe not visiting LP in awhile after I saw that last D_Smart_(random letter here which I can't remember) post.

But that'd be the newbie thing to do. What have I done to lp to contribute lately? LOL, nothing, I just lol in some posts here and there, or try to be sarcastic, funny or throw in a little irony here and there. Blerk!!

So yeap, this is my own call to action post. Time to contribute a little more to Lp, or die in the attempt to do so =]

I'd love to maybe fill some General forum slots with whatever I feel like writing about. I've not been lazy or anything, I'm maybe a little egotistical, I usually just read/write stuff for the sake of doing it, and it's all mine, mine, mine, and I store it away somewhere.

It does however make me feel a little......... After awhile, and I do get some sort of rush, feeling of accomplishment when I do share, sharing is caring longple used to say.

And my logic is this; If I just try to do whatever I can to help, share ideas, take up concepts, throw out food for thoughts to the community, imagine how awesome if more people ship in with what they're good, or excell at, share their knowledge, stories n crap like that. (Like Puerto, he ships in his thought here and there, and he's doing his own thang with the MMA thingy). I think It'd be quite amazing, imagine 5-6 KET posts in a day? (Not that they all have to be written by Ket, but same quality).

Ok, getting too mushy. I'm a run in the hall, grab some notes and start making posts in the general forum RIGHT NOW xD

Oh!! And when I'm done, I'll add links to the first few posts I make in this Blog, right underneath my rants, until the blog get knocked down from one of the other featured posters, yeap.

Ok, made a Thread:

The 10 Negative Emotions:

Goal Concepts:

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Marius'z sticky notes
  Mariuslol, Mar 08 2012

My apartment is a mess again, so I spent 2 hours cleaning it up. Like the common stuff, vacuming, kitchen, bathroom, clothes n stuff. And now all that remains is cleaning up my sticky notes, but I can't force myself to throw them away, so doing that trick I do from time to time. I go through them, and I toss all the stupid ones, and I put the cool ones over here in my blog.

Enjoy xD

Cool / Clever thingys
+ Show Spoiler +

Books I should read
+ Show Spoiler +

How to best remember what you read
+ Show Spoiler +

Tactics people who try and control, rule over others use
+ Show Spoiler +

Quotes / Inspirational
+ Show Spoiler +

The 4 most important things to look for in a partner
+ Show Spoiler +

Detecting lies and deception
+ Show Spoiler +

The most common wishes from people on their deathbed
+ Show Spoiler +

A random Idea, not sure if I cba.
+ Show Spoiler +

10 things to smile about every day
+ Show Spoiler +

Some questions ment to help you find your passion
+ Show Spoiler +

Eight Celestial Divination gates
+ Show Spoiler +

Links to awesome sites
+ Show Spoiler +

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Food for thought
  Mariuslol, Feb 26 2012

Hey, I've been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan podcasts lately, and sometimes when it's about really cool topics, or they talk about people who's amazing I look up some of their work, to learn and find out more.

One fascinating character called Terence had a lot on his mind, I listened for a few hours to some of his speeches and I made a summary of some the stuff I felt was really well said, thought provoking, and awesome.

Some essence of Terence

+ Show Spoiler +

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Tri Slowhabit Nguyen's First Million
  Mariuslol, Dec 03 2011

In my poker collection there used to be over a hundred books, now I have nine, deleted the ones I felt weren't worth having. Three of these books are written by the same author. And now I have the privilege & honor of writing my very first book review of this man's next book, "How I Made My First Million From Poker".

+ Show Spoiler +

The book greets you with a short foreword by Barry Greenstein (for those of you who don't know who that is, that's the guy who kissed Shannon Elizabeth, as shown here in this clip). + Show Spoiler +

Anyway, after a picture where Nguyen displays his smashing set of hair, we move on to business. When I first got the book, I couldn't stop reading. I chose to read through it first, then re-read it afterwards, where I proceeded to write over 30 pages with extensive notes.

The book consist of 20 chapter, all of them seem to be about stuff you "need to know/should know" when it comes to poker. It's fairly easy to read and feels a little bit like a mixture of Ace on the River & The Poker Blueprint all mashed into one. A little story like, but with poker content that helps you delve deeper and think more clearly about the game.

My favorite chapters were the ones about making your own Poker Journal, tracking sessions using excel, how balancing ranges helps me hand read better and what he likes to call "My Secrets to Crushing".

I immediately started a Journal using Evernote at the end of each day, only to re-read what I wrote the very next morning. (Feels pretty awesome so far), and the excel doc handles itself, calculates how much you are up or down. (You just type in the numbers and it does he math).

We also get to hear his thoughts on topics such as Tilt, Bankroll Management, Downswings, Routines and his take on how to make passive income with poker. The book is at times very "personal", has emphasize very clearly on his personal views and take on things, how he approached poker, and how he overcame the challenges on the way. Rocking back and forth from "Poker theories" to "Poker stories".

Every chapter also ends with one or more exercises. So it's pretty fun to read one chapter at the time, and then spend some extra time on the exercises, take a break, get some water, and then go back at it again.(I feel material stick so much better if you do it this way).

Here's an example of an exercise, (there are roughly 20 - 30 of these throughout the book):+ Show Spoiler +

So there you have it folks <3, and after release date, with Tri's approval avcourse, I will post my notes on it + my own answers to all the questions.

Ps, + Show Spoiler +

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Okay guys, time for some brain food
  Mariuslol, Nov 14 2011


I often just assume the stuff I'm into most other people are too, but that's not always the case. So tonight I felt like sharing.

There are many hidden gems all over the internet, I will talk about one of those gems, for those who's already indulged, appreciated this particular gem, do not fret. I put up the best of the best, and this shit you can re-watch indefinitely.

To make it cooler and more relaxing, I put up a description to each clip, what it's about, details and some other stuff like that.


The Truth about what really motivates us, most people think (and rightly so). The more money, the more motivation. Nuu UHHH!! Not the case, only if the task involves mechanical skills (Platinum/Gold and lower maybe).

Once you get above rudimentary cognitive skill, everything turns upside down. And I know a lot of passionate Starcraft gamers can attest to that, AMEN. (Ps, I'm not religious, hate that noob shit).
+ Show Spoiler +

Changing The Paradigms Of Education

This one is a lot more awesome than what it might sound like by the tittle. It's one of the most wonderful speeches I've ever heard about learning, growth and people's potential and more awesome stuff along those lines.

The speaker is Ken Robinson, which probably a lot of you already heard or know about from TEDTalks, but in this speech you get the essence in much more detail, and it's not added stuff to make it more entertaining as "a show". (Sex for your left hemisphere so to speak). <--- I just made that one up on the fly, yay
+ Show Spoiler +

The Secret Power Of Time

Talks about the 6 main time zones that people live in, 2 focus on the past, 2 focus on the present and 2 focus on the future. It also seems like, if you live around the equator, people are mostly focused on Present.

In in these categories, we have people who mainly focus on the positive (the good old times, nostalgia, so forth). And the other kind seem to focus a lot on regrets, failures and shit like that. Past positives and past negatives. And the same for the other categories.
+ Show Spoiler +

Empathic Civilisation
It doesn't get much more awesome than this. It seems like all the primates, especially the humans, we got mirror neurons. We're soft wired, so if I am observing you, I can feel the same as you're doing, the neurons in my head is lighting up at the same place as your neurons.

We are actually not soft wired for aggression, violence, self-interest, utilitarianism and shit like that which some poop heads have been feeding us.
+ Show Spoiler +

The Divided Brain

This is my favorite, I feel that most of what's being said is awesome. But I don't get half of it, if there's going to be any discussion about these, please talk about this one. I'd love to broaden my understanding of this.

New, fresh, cool information of the brain, discrediting a lot of what we "used" to think and know about it. Things that now has been proved is entirely false.

It's not true that one part of the brain does reason, and the other does emotion. Both are profoundly involved in both. Not true that language resides only in the left hemisphere, it doesn't, a lot of important aspects are in the right. It's not true that visual imagery is only in the right hemisphere, lots is in the left.
+ Show Spoiler +

21st Century Enlightenment

We're very very bad at predicting what will make us happy. We're even worse at describing what made us happy in the past. And stuff like "It's only by understanding that conscious thought is only part of what drives our behavior..... That we become better able to exercise control & distinguish our needs from our appetites..... And our amazing human potential from the hubris of individualism.

It's no wonder I find this one awesome as well.
+ Show Spoiler +

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Brain & Study tips stuff
  Mariuslol, Oct 27 2011

A few things a student should know

1 - When it comes time to study, all distractions is removed, music is off. The only kind of music that you can actually have in the background is classical baroque music.

2 - Try and think of your study/classroom time as a job, investment in your future.

3 - You can tell yourself i'm only gonna study 5 minuts, has a tremendously powerful psychological effect, because once you start, it's easy to keep going.

4 - Always make a list, what you will learn, for instance "10 new words, this amount of pages" so forth.

5 - Research has shown that you're more alert, tend to remember more, more on the ball in the start and at the end of study. So really sick to take frequent breaks, like 20 minute intervalls. This way you'll have a lot more peaks. (If you're on a roll, you obviously can go on a little longer).

How to easier remember what you read

When we read through it, we only read through it once and when we read through like a newspaper, we go through one article after another, we never stop or rehearse anything.

Some general tips

1 - Pay more attention, be aware that we want to remember the information.

2 - Dimish our distractions, turn off music, put ourself in a place mentally so we are focused on that information.

3 - Lifestyle habits that support good memory, sleep, how we eat, alcohol so forth.

4 - Stop after each chapter, focus on what you read, next step is to think of the main step/points in that chapter was.

5 - Never mind the details that much. Get the gist of it, if you do that, you'll remember everything more clearly.

How to easier remember names

It's hard to remember names because we're rarely paying attention to it, numerous distractions, it's "mundane" and we're usually focused on something else. And we get the name very quickly and early on. Stress and anxiety also makes it really hard to remember.

We also don't rehearse it in our heard right after hearing it.

- Repeat the name several times after hearing it. (Smart to say her/his name out loud after they say it).

- If you're a visual person, picture the name, make a visual image in your mind's eye.

- Make up a story for the name, if you're very verbal, this is most fun. No point making it long, one line is enough.

Sleep tips

- Take things running around in your mind move it on to a piece of paper, things you need to do, worry about, want to do etc.

- Want to make your bed a sleep zone only, no reading, no pc, no tv.

- Do something non-stimulating before bed time, or make a routine before bed, to wind down.

- White noise.

- Insomnia can be a symption of some physical illness, so smart to check with your doctor for chronic insomnia.

- Exercise or work, but not too close to bed time, get some daylight.

- Try to go to bed around the same time, wake up around the same time, your body loves that shit.

More thoughts on memory

Problems people have with memory are things like names and faces, numbers, birthdays and anniverseries, shopping lists, cards they been playing so forth.
Not really a problem at all, just miss-using the memory they have.

Analyze, self analyze, sit down, make notes on what do you remember? What don't you usually remember? Where do you generally have your forgetting experience. Like an investigation, self check. Corporated within that check, is your memory.

You link something to an image, and it's locked. You drive a car to the mall, you come out, you forget where your car is, why? Because you were thinking about other stuff, what you were going to buy etc. But if you for a second look at the enviorment, a plant, a wall, a bush, a house, then go in to the mall, you don't even have to think about where you parked your car.

How To Release Your Inner Genius

1 Realize the power of your brain

Everybody has the potential for genius. The human brain is far more powerful than a super computer, it's potenatial is still not known. Everytime they put a boundary on it, it busts through it and keeps going further and further.

2 Make your brain your hobby

So once you're aware, what are you going to do lol? You know you've got it, so the second step is a very simple one, making it a hobby.

As soon as you do that, your brain is like a young child, what happens if you focus on a young child? It flourishes. The minute you go into a library, attend courses, read books on it, the brain will reward you in ways which even you now wouldn't believe would be so.

3 Use your left and your right brain

Left Dominance is words, numbers, lines, lists, logic, analysis.

And the Right Dominance tends to be Rhythm, colour, shapes, maps, imag-ination and daydreaming.

Creativity, is NOT, as nearly everyone thinks, right brain activity, words involves logic, analyzis, songs, so forth. Both sides of the brain needs to be used in harmony, then you'll get an explosion of creativity.

4 Daydream

The nice thing about daydreaming, it has been considered a sign of incompetence, a sign of bad academic potential. But we've now found out it can make you or break you.

The greatest minds, daydream big.
A big difference of "waste of time daydreaming" and the genius, brilliant daydreaming which everyone can do. Making that dream come through.

5 Recap

Have the attitude that you can, belive that your brain can, and then daydream whatever you want to come true, then work to make it come true, and that's brilliance. And everyone can do it.

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De-clutter project 1.0
  Mariuslol, Sep 26 2011

Hey guys

A friend of mine once showed me something really cool, I could go in the start menu, and there up in some options there was this thingy called "sticky notes".

I've hated him ever since!!

It got to a point I almost got a nervous breakdown when my pc starts and I get all of the cluster in my face, so I started removing everyone that had no value, but still a lot left. And I don't want to put it in wordpad because it's all a big mess now and I don't know where I keep anything. So thought i'd be a really good idea to put it here.

Hopefully there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Stuff that fascinates me

+ Show Spoiler +

Poker Related

+ Show Spoiler +

Awh man, what a relif, now my desktop is so clean and tidy, yay xD <3

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  Mariuslol, Aug 14 2011

Hey liquiders, I've not written blog in awhile, and for that I feel I need to be punished.... Severly.(I'm thinking maybe forced hours and hours without end, grueling sweath sessions with longple, or something equally gruesome).

And I also need to make a blogpost to make up for it <3

A few mates of mine requested I make their life easier by giving them all the posts that "were good", so they didn't have to sift through all the crappy ones. So I got the idea of starting with a compilation of all the posts i've made that's gotten very positive feedback and lots of pm's of encouragement over the last 2 years.

The Best Of Mariuslol <3

+ Show Spoiler +

I was thinking about adding more stuff here since I got tons of ideas for new posts, but this compilation took a lot longer than what I expected, and I'm a little scared I'll lose it all if I don't post right away.

Ty for reading, and I hope you like it.

Ps, in the future I'll post some boring crap about my holliday, add some pictures, some ideas and cool stuff from some interesting books I read, like the "Best of Litemind", some motivational stuff and some more compilations of notes laying about, literally got hundreds.


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