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Interview with Longple

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Raidern   Brasil. May 18 2012 15:00. Posts 4243

<img src="" align="right" style="border:1px solid black; margin:5px;">Liquid Poker: Let’s begin with some of the basics – Name, age, location, hobbies other than poker?

longple: Filip Bryndahl, 23y, location atm Phuket, Thailand, but I live in Umeå, Sweden. Not too many hobbies, just hanging out with friends a lot I guess, traveling and for the last 8 months or so I've gotten more into training etc, want to start with some sort of martial arts but that is semiruined now cuz yesterday I hurt my foot badly and probably broke my toe

Liquid Poker: How did you get the name "longple”?

longple: It's pretty random, back in the day I was looking for a smurf account for Iccup or PGT or something and one of my classmates in highschool just signed into a community site, her name was longple there and I just randomly picked it lacking ideas as it seemed anonymous enough for a smurf nick, and then I used it as a smurfaccount in BW on many occasions and then eventually transferred over to poker rather than my real BW name "RataN". There wasn't any secret feelings or anything that made me pick that name, pretty funny because she contacted me after not seeing her in 7 years or so and asked me about it as my poker name kinda leaked out I guess ^^ (she was pretty cute though)

* Iccup/PGT were alternative servers for Starcraft in case anyone isn't familiar with it.

Liquid Poker: Hah! Was it any awkward?

longple: A little bit that was just 2 weeks or so but I don't care too much what people think, even though it's a little weird to use that name still

Liquid Poker: I see. So you used to play Starcraft. How good were you?

longple: I was pretty decent, played for the Swedish national team, both B/A squad for probably 6 years or so and played SC vanilla + bw since release until I started more with poker

L<A name="cutnews"></A>iquid Poker: Have you tried SC2? What do you think about it?

longple: I played it for maybe 6 months after its release and got into it a lot, placed myself in Blizzard's top 200 list EU a couple of times but realised after a while that I can't spend so much time playing this game so I stopped and decided to focus more on poker, and that was also when I really started to improve and move up stakes. Very nice follow up to SC:BW for sure!

Liquid Poker: I agree , so how did you get into poker?

longple: Hearing about other Starcraft Swedes moving over and being very successfull I wanted to learn as well, but I didn't follow any BR management and I started my "career" spending all of my salary from my 200hr/month job into busting my moneys on highstakes as a spewfish (born degenerate I guess ). I then didn't touch poker for maybe 1 year until I found LP in early 2009 or so and read some of the articles there and created my blog and the rest is history!

Liquid Poker: 200 sek/h?

longple: No 200hours/month

Liquid Poker: For some reason I read '200/h job'

longple: It was a tilty period, for about 6 months or so I worked my ass off only to tilt it all away on poker before quitting eventually (I had never heard of 2+2 or training videos or anything)

Liquid Poker: What did you work with back then?

longple: I've had a bunch of jobs, I moved from home when I was 16 and have made my own money since then, but back during that period I had a job driving truck at a big warehouse and did some extra as a waiter at a scandic hotel restaurant

<center><img src=""></center>

Liquid Poker: Ok so after an early disappointment, you restart playing poker in 2009 and shortly after that you're playing $2/$4 around 2010, right? What was that period like? Did you move up fast?

longple: I've always had problems sticking to lower limits, (starting my career off playing 2000$ pots right away) so I got more into playing a lot of tables to keep my dicipline and focus more on volume goals/rakeback. So I was stuck between nl25-nl100 for the first year or so always playing at least 14+ tables. But I worked hard and probably spent at least 200 hours/month on poker both playing/watching every video there was. Eventually I was burned out from playing so many hours/tables without moving forward (failed everytime I tried to move up on 1/2$ and stuff) I made the decision to play fewer tables during the summer of 2010 and moved my roll from stars to bossmedia to play 1/2€ and I've never looked back/played lower than that since then I think.

Liquid Poker: In March 2011 you wrote this blog post and got mad attention and respect from LP. After the struggle to move up from 1/2, when did you notice you had an edge over most opponents? What was different that made you achieve such a great winrate?

longple: I'm a pretty dedicated person and even though I was a rakeback microstakes grinder I've always been thinking a shit ton while playing, putting people on ranges analysing everything there is and really put in the time and effort those first 15 months or so of breaking even. So I think that paid off a lot learning the game so fast. A lot of this can also be found in just that blogpost you linked! And even when I played microstakes breaking even I was a very good hand reader and I analysed the spots very well, it was just that my attitude was kinda fucked up, instead of just exploiting people 100% I had balance paranoia, and leveled myself into bluffing way too often just because my range was strong, and I got mad and frustrated because those guys didn't realise that ^^ I just realised that 1/2$€ guys aren't as good as I thought they were, so I just started to exploit everything instead of trying to have balanced ranges and a good vpip. I just stopped caring about that stuff and just did my own thing.

Liquid Poker: Do you still have fun with poker? Ever tried other games such as Omaha?

longple: Just as in Starcraft, I've been very competitive and I still have a love for poker, pushing myself, playing better opponents and higher stakes all the time. I enjoy Omaha, I think it's fun as I like action and pig pots, but for now I try to stay away as much as possible unless really good games are running as I'm still so much better in NL than PLO, but I probably will get more into PLO as time goes. But first I want to achieve my NL goals to become even better and continue moving up to nosebleed stakes (hopefully).

Liquid Poker: What has poker changed in your life for the better? Also have you seen it change anything for the worse?

longple: Poker is a big part of my life and as I push myself very hard from time to time it can be pretty rough in periods. But obviously my life is pretty sweet as a poker player making a lot of money, to not worry about money in the daily life plus the freedom to do whatever I want with my time, traveling etc. Just as long as I got my laptop I can do whatever, wherever and that's a nice feeling. I'm not the guy that fancies cars or Rolexes so it hasn't changed my life into something fancy like that, I'm still a pretty normal guy.

Liquid Poker: You played a heads-up match against one of LP's heroes, Ket. Can you share your thoughts about the match?

longple: I didn't know much about Ket's game or what to expect when I feel that he could expect a lot about me since I post a ton of outstanding hands + thought processes on a daily basis on LP. So I was kinda lost in the beginning of the match, as well as not getting to too many showdowns. Ket was superaggro raising a lot of cbets of mine, and I just kinda got run over in the start before I got to adjust. Even though Ket doesn't play NL much anymore and mostly plays PLO, he still played good for being semi-inactive. But it was a fun match, we played a couple of more hours non-recorded on ongame on higher stakes a couple of weeks later which got more interesting as we started to develop more history. Ket, like myself, is a crazy person that isn't afraid to put the money in so the dynamic got pretty loose, which is always fun, and also kind of my speciality I would say as I feel very comfortable playing loose/light dynamic hu matches.

<center><img src=""></center>

Liquid Poker: Ok, let's talk more about you now. How long you've been in Thailand? Are you just visiting or spending some more time there?

longple: I just arrived in Thailand for my 2nd time after spending the last 3 months of 2011 here. I've had some rough times at home and I felt I needed to do something fun plus get away from the poker pressure for a while. A friend and I impulsively jumped on a flight here to train some martial arts as already mentioned. But now I'm not sure anymore after yesterday's toe incident. And I'm not 100% on how long I'm gonna stay this time, if my foot gets better and I can start the training and I like it I can see myself staying here over the summer even but we'll see what happens!

Liquid Poker: Have you always been interested in martial arts?

longple: No, not really, I've felt for the last couple of years that I miss doing sports/having some hobby other than poker to stay in shape, and I've followed UFC and TUF for a while now and gotten more and more interested in the last year or so

Liquid Poker: What's, let's say, a Saturday like for you in Thailand?

longple: Hm, mostly like any other day here (mostly..), go get a nice steady breakfast, then just chill around with travel partner/partners, maybe workout before getting some more nice food (love Thai food) maybe get a massage in the evening before a late dinner/maybe grind some if we aren't up to anything special/play some Fifa12 :D I'm not too much into alcohol/partying too much anymore, I was when I0 was younger starting off really young but in the last years or so I don't see the charm in it anymore so a Saturday is just like any other day for us

Liquid Poker: Some quick questions now. Favorite movie?

longple: Hmmm, Memento

Liquid Poker: Food?

longple: Nowadays, Thai! Like most food though!

Liquid Poker: UFC p4p figther?

longple: Have to go with Alex Gustafsson

Liquid Poker: Bands you like?

longple: Pink Floyd for oldschool, Tallest man on earth for newschoolish and Nas/2pac for hiphop!

Liquid Poker: That's it, longple. Thank you so much for your time. We hope you have a lot of fun in Thailand and have a lot of success at the poker tables :D

longple: Np, my pleasure! ty sir! ^^

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ynot   United States. May 18 2012 15:14. Posts 209

Love the Article. I really really enjoy when liquidpoker does these interviews. It is inspiring for me as an up n comer.

MiPwnYa    Brasil. May 18 2012 15:32. Posts 5230

good read
wtf is that tatoo tho lol

DooMeR   United States. May 18 2012 16:05. Posts 8551

i tihnk longple is the fusion of timdawg and nolan. He looks so much like them

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HotChip   Iceland. May 18 2012 16:16. Posts 146

Nice read, completely agree on reducing tables to improve, nowadays you can reduce tables and still get decent volume by playing Fast Fold Poker (Zoom etc) wich is nice. Although you get 4 times more hands dealt than on regular tables, you never have many simultaneous postflop decisions, wich I think is the hardest thing about multitabling. But ofc there's a certain tradeoff involved, gameflow goes out the window for example. But overall I think 4tabling Zoom is much much easier than 12-16 tabling regular tables.

GL from a fellow scandi

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the cleaner   Germany. May 18 2012 16:57. Posts 3014

nice interview

  On May 18 2012 15:05 DooMeR wrote:
i tihnk longple is the fusion of timdawg and nolan. He looks so much like them

yea, you mean like timdawg+nolan caucasian, not afro-version.

there are no facts only interpretationsLast edit: 18/05/2012 16:58

longple    Sweden. May 18 2012 18:21. Posts 4472

another fact i find funny in some way is that girl with the original longple nick is thai ^^ think she moved to sweden at age 10 or something and we were in the same class between 7-9th grade

very nice person for the record

(and hot imo)

ye i know, pics or didnt happen..

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 Last edit: 18/05/2012 18:58

majkiel   Poland. May 18 2012 18:34. Posts 46

#1 +1 thanks lp

pod ev... 

Silver_nz   New Zealand. May 18 2012 19:32. Posts 5647

haha holy shit, LAG disposal. Lmao. Great picture.

PuertoRican   United States. May 18 2012 20:25. Posts 13064

Nice interview. Crazy tattoo you have, it reminds me of those old MMA shirts with skulls, daggers, eagles,fire,etc.

Rekrul is a newb 

iop   Sweden. May 18 2012 20:55. Posts 4951

I agree with leaving Sweden from October-April.

Swedish summers är nöten!

Milkman lol i didnt spend half a thousand on a phone so i could play it cool and be all stealth 

rubbago   Mexico. May 18 2012 22:27. Posts 257

Great job Raidern!
Filip thanks for sharing

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dogmeat   Czech Republic. May 18 2012 23:38. Posts 6374


lol @ hiphop hat

ban baal 

longple    Sweden. May 19 2012 04:58. Posts 4472

  On May 18 2012 14:32 MiPwnYa wrote:
good read
wtf is that tatoo tho lol

if u havent seen go back in my blogg for more closeup/info on what it is and why

  On May 18 2012 18:32 Silver_nz wrote:
haha holy shit, LAG disposal. Lmao. Great picture.

lol ye couldnt resist when i saw it, was in malaysia on kuala lumpur airport ^^

  On May 18 2012 19:55 iop wrote:
I agree with leaving Sweden from October-April.

Swedish summers är nöten!

agreed will most likely go back in time for eurocup and stay 2-3 months in swe and then go back again rather then stay over the summer now, its just that i looked forward to the muay thai training but cant do it cuz of the fucking foot, but the toe is not broken comfirmed now so hopefully i will get atleast 1-2 weeks of muay thai lessons before heading back for eurocup and swedish summer

also ty u others for kind words + raidern obv for great initiative on starting up the series again

dogmeat not included obv

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aCa_   . May 19 2012 12:40. Posts 470

these interviews are great .

Highcard   Canada. May 19 2012 12:58. Posts 5428

nice interview man, the longple name story is kind of creepy but funny ha. Now get that foot better and learn to kick some butt. Gustafsson 2.0

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tuna333   Czech Republic. May 20 2012 03:11. Posts 128

nice interview. btw what laptop do you have??

longple    Sweden. May 20 2012 07:26. Posts 4472

copy paste
" HP Envy 17-2050 17,3" Full HD LED
Radeon HD6850,Core i7-2630QM,6GB RAM, 640GB HDD"

n0rthf4ce    United States. May 21 2012 16:48. Posts 8119

nice i-view 


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