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PplusAD   Germany. Apr 08 2011 01:54. Posts 7180


U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz) 

HaiVan   Bulgaria. Apr 08 2011 11:51. Posts 2083

Nick Diaz is pure gold!

"I feel like I get paid way too much money but not enough"

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 08 2011 16:13. Posts 12812

  On April 08 2011 10:51 HaiVan wrote:

Nick Diaz is pure gold!

"I feel like I get paid way too much money but not enough"


Nick Diaz is such a faggot, I cant wait for Daley to knock his fucking block off.

The way he opened up that interview is dumb, and he thinks he's too cool for school.

My favorite post from that thread is:


This video should be used as an educational video across gyms in the USA. This is what your brain will look like after serious drug abuse. If this doesn't scare the kids off I don't know what else will. It wasn't the herbal that did this to him.

Let's dissect the ramblings of Mr. Space Cadet Diaz..

Too Many Fights: He has averaged 2 a year for SF.. although being the greedy person he is he jumped to make more money fighting in Japan by choice every year.

Nick if you needed a break you should've said no to the money.

Not Afraid to Fight: There was a huge Mayhem fight on the cards.. but Nick turned it down.. because he didn't want to fight at MW.. but for many other fighters he did go up to MW to fight them. It sounds like he has a chicken farm in his backyard.

Paid Like Elite Fighters: PacMan, Money, GSP, Couture, Wanderlei all have something in common.. they fight the best so get paid exceptionally. Boxing only pays the super elite.. the rest get buttons.. as Diaz has learned they are not interested in paying him big either.

He has an impressive winning streak.. losses to Parisyan, Sanchez, Riggs, Sherk before being cut by the UFC who are middle achievers at best in the UFC won't make for great paydays Nick. You are overpaid.

Scoring System: Nick stated he didn't realize it when he was an 18 year old how to play the rules.. Nick you are not 18 anymore.. the rules haven't changed much.. yet you complain about elbows causing cuts.. and then say you won fights because of damage... and then you lost fights because of damage that you thought you won...? What is it?

You complain about wrestlers playing for points yet you load up on pitter-patter punches that do no damage unless you have reach.. and can keep the opponent away. Which is what you are blessed with.

Sounds like Nick is looking for an advantage on every angle.. but not willing to concede anything.. he knew wrestling was paramount and that is why he spent all these years training his complaints against the system instead of learning to stuff the take-down, or how to out wrestle an opponent to an advantage.

Hey I too think wrestlers can be boring hey BJJ which Nick is a practioner of was the exact reason yellow cards were introduced in the first place.. in Japan.. but I only think people that complain about wrestlers are even more boring.. a great fighter is just that.. no excuses.

That brings us to the yellow cards and his rant.. against the UFC...

Dana White would love to see Yellow Cards Nick.. just imagine Bonuses & Yellow Cards.. Dana would be in heaven... but it is the commissions that say NO!!! You dumb ass.. everyone knows that.

In Japan there were no Commissions that regulated the sport so stomping an opponent on the canvas was cool... a soccer kick that was great.. but lets face reality fighters would die if either of those practices were continued with better fighters in the modern day.

That severe level of trauma to a fighter would cause harm to our sport.

Now I too was a huge Pride fan.. and still believe knees to the head of a downed opponent are legitimate as well as 12 to 6 elbows..

but let us make it clear the only reason for not having YELLOW CARDS ARE THE COMMISSIONS. It has nothing to do with the UFC.

The commissions don't believe that a fighter should be docked his purse for trying to defend themselves, especially in a fight that they are extremely mismatched in, which on occasion will happen.

Fighter safety is the importance.. in those situations.. and although I believe in the Yellow card system.. I agree with the commissions because of the safety. Instead maybe the ref stepping in and docking a point on the round for stalling would be more effectual without harming the safety of those in a weaker position.

Docking the purse.. was sometimes abused in Pride to pay a fighter less.. in some cases both fighters were docked for a close fight that none were stalling in.

Just imagine if your boss could dock your pay not because you weren't great but because you couldn't reach his targets.

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 08 2011 20:07. Posts 12812

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen's federal charge results in two years' probation, $10,000 fine.
Good thing he's white, and somewhat respectable in the MMA community. I assume we'll see him in UFC sometime this year.

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Funktion   Australia. Apr 08 2011 20:49. Posts 1638

  On April 08 2011 15:13 PuertoRican wrote:
The way he opened up that interview is dumb

Just the way he opened? It was the ramblings of a retard for the entire interview. So pretty much a typical Diaz interview really. Don't really care who wins this weekend, hopefully it's a double KO.

Jhyun88   United States. Apr 09 2011 00:34. Posts 1383

Quadruple KO imo! Nate Diaz and Mayhem Miller will jump in after the fight and also knock each other out.

PuertoRican   United States. Apr 09 2011 00:39. Posts 12812


Recent fighters released from UFC

Ricardo Almeida (retired) - Welterweight 6–5
Dave Branch - Middleweight 2–2
Todd Brown - Light Heavyweight 0–2
Chris Camozzi - Middleweight 2–1
Rob Kimmons - Middleweight 3–4
Sean McCorkle - Heavyweight 1–2
Chris Tuchscherer - Heavyweight 1–3

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 11 2011 18:03. Posts 12812

Nick Thompson calls it quits on MMA career.
I think Nick fought too much in his career, without stopping and really working on his weak points, like wrestling. I've only seen 2 of his fights, so I cant say anything good/bad about him, but I do know he was weak against a wrestler in his match vs. Askren. Nick is only 29 years old, and fought 53 times.

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 12 2011 18:13. Posts 12812

Brian Foster out of UFC 129 with brain hemorrhage.

The bad news comes on the heels of another serious injury from which Foster recently recovered. Fiore said the welterweight received a hard kick to the groin six weeks ago that caused one of his testicles to burst, and doctors were forced to remove it.

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drone666   Brasil. Apr 12 2011 18:54. Posts 1814

Fedor vs Hendo gogogogo

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 13 2011 07:40. Posts 12812

As a reminder, "UFC Primetime" returns tonight in anticipation of UFC 129's championship main event.

The three-part series focuses on UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre (21-2 MMA, 15-2 UFC) and former Strikeforce titleholder Jake Shields (26-4-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), who headlined this month's massive UFC 129 event.

The show debuts tonight (Wednesday, April 13th) at midnight ET/PT (00:01am on Thursday). Two subsequent episodes debut each week in the same timeslot.

Replays of the debut episode air Thursday at 1:30 a.m. ET/PT and 11 p.m. ET/PT. The same goes for the April 21 and April 28 editions.

UFC 129 takes place April 30 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and airs on pay-per-view. The event is sold out with more than 55,000 tickets purchased within the first hour of the on-sale period. It'll be the largest-attended event and biggest gate in North American MMA history.

Different from the UFC's traditional "Countdown" show (which also returns for UFC 129), "UFC Primetime" goes more in depth and focuses on some of the biggest fights of the year. The most recent "Primetime" special, for example, focused on this past October's UFC 121 heavyweight title clash between then-champ Brock Lesnar and challenger Cain Velasquez.

St-Pierre twice before has been featured in "UFC Primetime" specials. The champ's UFC 111 bout with Dan Hardy drew the extra treatment, as did a UFC 94 fight with B.J. Penn.

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PplusAD   Germany. Apr 13 2011 20:39. Posts 7180

great job with al the news updates

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz) 

PuertoRican   United States. Apr 13 2011 22:01. Posts 12812

Anthony Johnson vs. Nate Marquardt targeted for UFC on Versus 4

Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami agree to meet at August's "UFC: Rio"

Michael Chandler vs. Patricky "Pitbull" Freire added to Bellator 44

Jay Hieron vs. Rick Hawn tourney final set for Bellator 43

Martin Kampmann vs. John Howard on tap for UFC on Versus 4


"Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley" salaries: Diaz, Melendez, Mousasi top $770K payroll

Nick Diaz: $175,000 (no win bonus)
def. Paul Daley: $65,000

Gilbert Melendez: $150,000 (no win bonus)
def. Tatsuya Kawajiri: $97,612.50

Gegard Mousasi: $150,000
drew Keith Jardine: $25,000

Shinya Aoki: $73,637.50 (no win bonus)
def. Lyle Beerbohm: $10,000

Robert Peralta: $4,000 (includes $2,000 win bonus)
def. Hiroyuki Takaya: $2,740

Virgil Zwicker: $3,000 ($1,000 win bonus)
def. Brett Albee: $1,000

Joe Duarte: $2,000 ($1,000 win bonus)
def. Saad Awad: $1,500

Herman Terrado: $1,500 ($500 win bonus)
def. A.J. Matthews: $1,000

Rolando Perez: $3,000 ($1,000 win bonus)
def. Tom Peterson: $1,000

Casey Ryan: $2,000 ($1,000 win bonus)
def. Paul Song: $750

Now, the usual disclaimer: The figures do not include deductions for items such as insurance, licenses and taxes. Additionally, the figures do not include money paid by sponsors, which can oftentimes be a substantial portion of a fighter's income.

In other words, these are simply base salaries reported to the commission and do not represent the total amounts earned by each fighter.


Chael Sonnen, who we have not heard from since December, will make his first public appearance to address all the news going on his professional and personal life. Click the link below, and then click on Chael's thumbnail photo below the video box, it's the last in the list. That way you can skip to his interview.

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 14 2011 23:28. Posts 12812

Nick Diaz reworks contract, eyes boxing bout with Jeff Lacy. In the article, it says that Fernando Vargas has some medical test/issue preventing his fight against Nick Diaz after they had signed some contract for the fight, but Vargas will be fighting against Henry Buchanan in 2 days after a 3 year retirement. Vargas had talked about returning to the ring for several months, so this issue Cesar Gracie said Vargas had puzzles me, since Vargas is fighting this Friday.


Bout with Lesnar could be breakout moment for quick-study Dos Santos


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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 15 2011 17:41. Posts 12812

Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua II booked for UFC 134 in August:

FEG officially announces DREAM bantamweight grand prix to begin on May 29:

Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74:

Urijah Faber takes a trip to Point Arena, California, to show the building and location of new training center

The latest Dominick Cruz interview. (Urijah Faber Isn't Going to Be Able to Adjust to My Style)

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Bigbobm   United States. Apr 15 2011 20:07. Posts 5507

Jon “Bones” Jones may soon need to change his nickname to Superman or Batman.

The current UFC light heavyweight champion has somehow gotten into the hero business, and business is good.

Jones hit the spotlight on March 19, the same day he fought Maurcio “Shogun” Rua for the UFC light heavyweight title when he subdued a thief after he broke into someone’s car and stole their belongings.

Jones, along with his coaches Mike Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson, stopped the thief and held him there until police could arrive to make the official arrest.

Jones’ heroics don’t always involve stopping thieves.

While on a business trip to Florida this week, Jones observed a young woman along with her child involved in a somewhat loud conversation over a cell phone while he was checking into his hotel.

Jones overheard the young woman crying because she had apparently flown to Florida to be with her boyfriend, and after an argument ensued, he left her and her child to fend for themselves with no place to stay and an airline ticket for a flight that didn’t depart for two days.

Jones took it upon himself to offer to put the young lady and her child up in the hotel for the time she needed until her flight could take her back home.

It wasn’t until much later that the young woman was told that she wasn’t just helped out by a young man trying to do a good deed, he just happened to be one of the best fighters in the world.

“It’s just a good testament to his character,” Jones’ manager Malki Kawa of Authentic Sports Management, who was with Jones at the hotel, told

“I mean the guy walks into a hotel on South Beach, expecting maybe to go to bed or maybe go to dinner, and he sees a young lady that he’s got absolutely no responsibility to, and a young boy that’s absolutely not his responsibility, and just being a good citizen overheard a conversation and felt it was important that he handled their situation for that night. Just being the good guy that he is, helped a fellow citizen in need.”

Jones graciously paid for the room and went about his business, after making sure the woman and her child were safe and taken care of until they could make it back home.

The UFC light heavyweight champion might soon have to take on a second job as full-time life saver.

“His bat signal is a JBJ,” Kawa joked about Jon “Bones” Jones, the hero. “You put JBJ up in the clouds, he’ll probably come to the rescue.”

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 18 2011 23:29. Posts 12812

Following questionable loss, Marcos Galvao granted Bellator tourney spot. Basically, most people thought Marcos Galvao beat Joe Warren in this past weekends non-title fight in Bellator 41, but two judges scored it 29-28 for Warren and the third gave it 30-27 for Warren, everyone including the CEO of Bellator said the 30-27 was a bad scoring, but he has no control over the judges.

Brian Bowles and Takeya Mizugaki agree to meet at UFC 132 in Las Vegas.

After a 0-3 UFC record, Kris McCray was released from the organization.

After a 1-3 UFC record, Mario Miranda was released from the organization.

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LikeASet   United States. Apr 19 2011 17:01. Posts 2113

don't know if anyone mentioned already but Nate the Great is moving down to welterweight wtf, how is he going to fit his yolked physique into the 170lb division? Also Kongo vs Pat Barry fk yeah will be an awesome fight. (June 26)

PuertoRican   United States. Apr 19 2011 18:01. Posts 12812

Randy Couture on retirement: "I think that time has come". "I think it's time to focus on the other things I have going in my life after the fight," Couture said. The 47-year-old Couture's film career has ramped up in recent years, and his work on the silver screen shows no signs of abating. He is scheduled to film "Hijacked" following UFC 129 and begins work on "The Expendables 2" in August.

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 20 2011 19:33. Posts 12812

Jon Fitch out six months with shoulder surgery, hopeful for B.J. Penn rematch.

Reminder: "UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Shields" returns tonight on Spike TV at midnight (Wednesday, April 20th at 11:59pm PST).

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