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Meditation, spirituality, resting phase

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 03 2018 22:52. Posts 14732
Being a poker pro gives you this amazing possibility and drive to explore new things, every single one of you probably thinks back about your career
And how great it was to have the flexibility to explore the world when you want, but as you work on your own you actually get to have the drive left to socialize and do exciting things with people YOU want instead of being drained by interactions from coworkers and clients.

And how stupid you were if you didn't grab the possibility and make the most of it as all of us fail to do at certain periods.

But enough of the passive aggressive jabs at you quitters who won't run sims with me a post hands and such

Well one of these nights I decided to go to a nuclear physics faculty (or whatever the hell it's called, I'm.sure you'll correct me)

First I tasted a pretty delish ice cream made by liquid nitrogen, seriously the guy was cooking it up, nitrogen spewing everywhere looked like a magic potion
But turned out to be just a way cooler looking fridge

I then proceeded to witness a genius burning magnesium, and with his cool science joke he proceeded to demonstrate how dry ice will put the fire out, it doesn't. Instead it starts to resemble and exploding star and bloody blinded me instead.

And then my hand was on GODDAMN WILD FIRE! As I was the only volunteer who allowed his hands to be set ablaze by a substance I didn't ask about, but that burned at low temperatures. Pretty sure this was the stuff used in movies before CGI

Ad then the finále, a lecture of complex states in physics applied to neuropsychology.

And hence lies the meat of the blog - I'm fucking cringing every time Tutz pulls shit like vibration or energy or higher states of consciousness in esoteric terms, when these people thing they are special, almost better than you dumb-asses trying to apply logic to unexplainable things, and simply using the mentions terms as these placeholders for shit they don't understand. #Go Science!

I've been meditating off and on for 10 years now, done Kwan-um-zen, read a bunch of books and ain't no esoteric shit there that can't be explained. And the most interesting piece of the lecture were MRI scans that were taken from subjects who were performing various activities, including induced Psychedelic states by substances found in shrooms under controlled conditions.

And the interesting thing that came up is that the part of the brain during both Psychedelic resting phase, where you don't think or do about anything at all actually lights up the most has most blood flow etc. And every time you actively try to think solve problems work etc. You're basically forcing the brain away from the ares that light up the most and are the most powerful. A theory might be that it's simple into have a problem to solve you're likely to also need your body etc. So the parts needed allocate less resources toothed high resource intensive brain.

While at resting time it let's the resting state brain go nuts. This resting state brain is also high in entropy
- Imagine it as a much wider bandwidth of information, with much higher levels of chaos also that's caused by the increased number of simple systems /neurons that get actively connected together and cause complexity and chaos.

It's induced by psychedelics, near death experiences and I presume also deep meditation.

And therefore lie lessons, if you want your brain to think harder, stop trying to actively think harder but induce a resting phase by whatever means you see fit.

And when you have the esoteric experiences, and start pulling shit like vibrations spirit animals that you think came to you from the netherworld know it's just the powerful part of the brain with high bandwidth and high chaos that's creating the things that are coming to you and allows you to create and pick them out of there, much like the mind if of child, someone with near death experience, or that dude you've seen high on shrooms on your last Couchella

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93% Sure! Last edit: 04/12/2018 07:55

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 03 2018 22:53. Posts 14732

Typed on my phone on the way from the night
So embrace the misspellings boys

93% Sure!  

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 03 2018 22:58. Posts 14732

Oh and this is all the "higher level of consciousness" is
Not higher, not lesser, just different with higher bandwidth that causes much higher levels of chaos (that some might call creativity) - it's more powerful, it really is accessed when you stop having active thoughs, it's not necessarily better and definitely not more practical that the other states that make different regions of the brain light up. That are less powerful but way less chaotic

93% Sure!  

player999   Brasil. Dec 05 2018 06:08. Posts 7977

  On December 03 2018 21:52 LemOn[5thF] wrote:
And therefore lie lessons, if you want your brain to think harder, stop trying to actively think harder but induce a resting phase by whatever means you see fit.

for sure, everytime I go for a massage I have dozens of brilliant business and life-improvement ideas!

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