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stars or partypoker?

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lucky331   . Oct 19 2018 16:27. Posts 1124

i want to play again starting at 50nl with 30bi. stars or partypoker?

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Oct 19 2018 18:42. Posts 1631

partypoker better rakeback and should have more "new players" with the recent changes, without seeing both sites i'd assume party is better.

longple    Sweden. Oct 20 2018 10:09. Posts 4472


I like the idea of supporting them over stars (alot) aswell as it probably will be more protitable for you on those limits with the rakeback.

Unless you plan on playing mornings EU time, u might have to sacrifice that some days if you want 6+ tables, that is the only issue, zoom runs always and party games are limited early mornings across all limits more or less.

If that is not a problem to you, with timezones/playing hours id def say party

lucky331   . Oct 20 2018 11:30. Posts 1124

thank you both.

does party still allow huds/HEM/PT?

which one should i get? PT4 or HEM2?

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Oct 23 2018 18:40. Posts 2422

i tried party but found stars to still to be far superior even w/o proper rb but i play plo don't know how nl is there

locoo   Peru. Oct 24 2018 18:40. Posts 4561

I’ve been playing both and I say stars, much more traffic and fish, plus the ability to table select makes up for the lack of rb

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

Garfed   Malta. Oct 25 2018 11:40. Posts 4818

  On October 20 2018 10:30 lucky331 wrote:
thank you both.

does party still allow huds/HEM/PT?

which one should i get? PT4 or HEM2?

All the extra rb details if you want:

taco   Iceland. Nov 24 2018 13:05. Posts 1793

Just played a few hundred hands of PLO = I probably just got raked millions of dollars, so I went to check how many VPPs I'd earned and.. Jesus. H. Christ.

Really PokerStars? You really have to pull this slimy sh--? It's not enough to increase rake by 450% you also feel the need to remove the VPP system without notifying an old player logging in for the first time since then and give 0% rakeback because I haven't found and pressed a tiny "Get Awards" button? Cashing out immediately. So disgusting.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Nov 25 2018 09:46. Posts 9634

yeah PS changed their policy a few years back, they re prob the shittiest site to play on atm unless you're a poker god that can crush 500z ++


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