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LiquidPoker private rb offer from 1.06.2017

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EXTRA LIQUIDPOKER RAKEBACK DEAL AT PARTYPOKER - up to 60% with LiquidPokers extra deal!

Click on the banner above (clear cookies first!) to register. 
SWEDISH PLAYERS please register (clear cookies as well) through link:
CZECH PLAYERS please register (clear cookies before clicking) through link:
Rest of the world please click through link:



•Software rakeback - paid weekly, directly to PP user’s account, from 20-40% rakeback

  In the new loyalty system you get your rewards weekly. It’s very convenient and it helps you to plan your days off or holidays. It means you get your rakeback 4 times per month, not only once a month.


•Diamond Club – for players who rake $100,000 yearly, additional 10% of RB + live events packages (base for VIP club members is 50% RB)

•Rakeback from  - depending on your volume 5-15% net revenue RB* (point 13)

•First Deposit  -  10/30$ in tickets on first deposit of minimum 10$ or $30

•Reload Bonus 100% up to $500 for returning players giving you EXTRA 12.5% RB

•You can receive PlayStation 4 gaming system or its equivalent in cash (upon request). Required: 10,000 pts in rake over 6 months after first deposit is made.
To request playstation 4 email us through contact form (top right corner of the site) after you've reached the point limit.

•Monthly missions at PP giving you a few % RB more




Levels depend on the points gathered in a given month:

•100-1k = 5%*

•1k-2,5k = 10%*

•2,5-5k = 13%*

•5k+ = 15%*

•You get more rake? – see point 10.

Important: minimum rakeback paid out is $10 - this is a minimum allowed PartyPoker transfer amount for player to player transfers at poker room.


Rakeback is to be paid once a month – till 17th-20th of each month – upon receiving information from poker room.


RB is paid directly to PP user’s account.


RB  is calculated for every player who raked at least 100 pts. Transfers below $5 will not be made however.



Check for yourself how much rakeback you get playing on PartyPoker with . Let us consider 7 scenarios:


1) $50 rake monthly

2) $100 rake monthly / $25 weekly–20% software RB + extra rb from LiquidPoker

3) $600 rake monthly/ $150 weekly –25% software RB + extra rb from LiquidPoker

4) $1k rake monthly / $250 weekly -25% software RB + extra rb from LiquidPoker

5) $2.5k rake monthly/ $600 weekly-30% software RB + extra rb from LiquidPoker

6) $5k rake monthly / $1200 weekly -40% software RB + extra rb from LiquidPoker

7) $8k rake monthly – 50% software RB + extra rb from LiquidPoker


Every rakeback level additionally gets rakeback from (point 2) and other   promotions (point 1)


1. $50 monthly

 To qualify for software rakeback you have to generate at least $25 rake weekly. Don’t worry though if you don’t. You still get first deposit/reload bonus, thus rakeback of about 12.5%. By simply playing you will also receive PT4 or HM2 (6 months to gather the required number of points) for free. Add $50 for completing missions "Final Hands" and "Pocket Pairs". With such a support from and PP you will quickly climb to limits allowing you to rake  $25 weekly without a problem.


2. $100$ monthly – $25 weekly

 Here you can expect additional rewards. First of all every week you will be given 30% rakeback from the software and at the end of a month 5% more* from  Of course all the promotions from point 1 apply here, so you can easily grab about 30% rakaback.



3. $600 monthly - $150 weekly

 By getting to this level you really get your game going. Every week you have 25% rakeback guaranteed from PartyPoker and at the end of the month you receive extra 5%* from  Of course all the promotions from point 1 apply here too, so you can easily grab about 35% rakaback.



4. $1000 monthly - $250 weekly

 Even better awards await you if you manage to rake $1000. 25% rakeback from software and 10% more from *. Considering all the other things you can count for about 40% rakeback



5. $2500 monthly - $600 weekly

 If you are a regular player and monthly you rake $2,5, then congratulations. Welcome to the next level where PartyPoker offers you 30% RB, and adds 13% more*. 43% rake easily can be achieved and you can start looking for a place to put your new, shiny PlayStation 4. With all the other awards your rakeback can total to 50%, no sweat.



6. $5000 monthly - $1200 weekly

 For the most persistent grinders we have truly amazing rewards which can only get better. If you rake $5000 monthly then every week PP will pay you back 40% rakeback and LiquidPoker adds another 15%*. All that adds up to 55% base RB. Deposit / reload bonus can kick it up to 67%. Other rewards described in point 1 allow you to easily surpass 60% RB level.



7. $8000 monthly

 If you happen to belong to the elite of players check the VIP  Diamond Club:,_rewarding_hardcore_grinders


It’s worth playing on PartyPoker with LiquidPoker!

 *NET REVENUE – see point 13, below!



 On the first deposit you can get 100%bonus of up to $500 – 10 times more than the maximum given by PP (max without a deal is $50). Minimum deposit qualifying for the bonus is $25, maximum $500. The bonus is released in 10 instalments.



•Deposit $500. The whole sum is released after collecting 4000 points. Every payment is $50 and it is paid every time you get 400 points

•$1 rake = 1 point.


Return on every amount is always 12.5%

You got questions about deposit bonus? – check FAQ section.


4.RELOAD BONUS - 100% to $500:

 If you had created a PP account before via our site and decided now to come back to the game you are eligible for 100% bonus of up to $500. All will be taken care of within 24 hours. Reload bonus gives you additional 12.5% rakeback apart from what you get from the client (20-40%) and LiquidPoker (5-15%*)




 If you manage to collect 10.000 base points (equivalent of paying $10k rake) in the first six months, playing on an account created via LiquidPoker link, we will send you a PS4 system or its cash equivalent (upon request).


6. PartyPoker Missions – extra RB

 Practically every month there are new missions that give you a few % RB more. At the very beginning of your poker adventure you can easily complete two of them, each giving you %25. That’s $50 to grab for free!



 For every player you refer you can:

•one-time bonus of $50 when that person rakes $500

 IMPORTANT: Referred player has to contact us and say when he rakes 500 points / $500 rake and who he was referred by!

For more info email me at



 Every now and again we organize a rake race for cash and tournament dollars (T$). These give you 5-20% RB, depending on how much rake you pay. We shall see if and how they will be given after new RB system is introduced. All our players will be naturally informed about it in news and emails


9. RAKERACE for PPLive, WPT, WSOP, DtD packages:

 Every couple of months we organise a rake race with PartyPoker Live, WPT and other packages to grab, for instance Battle Of Malta, Dusk Till Down etc. We shall see if and how they will be given after new RB system is introduced. All our players will be naturally informed about it in news and emails



 The rakeback is counted on the basis of NET REVENUE, so every cost that PartyPoker had is subtracted. For example: You rake $3000 and weekly on the poker client you receive 30% back, that is $900. Apart from that you got $500 in bonuses and tickets that you use. After a month you will get 13% of NET  REVENUE, that is 3000 – 900 – 500 = 1600 x 13% = 208$

As you can see the minimum is 900+500+208 = 53% Total rakeback.

Here’s the full formula to know how exactly rakeback on PP is calculated:

[Rake-bonuses -processing  charges  (2,2%  of  deposits)] x  deal  %=  TOTAL  RB



 1) If you already have a partypoker account e-mail me at with username and e-mail and we will see if we can do anything.


Important: if you have an account that is inactive for 30+ days (no real money games played and no cash in the account) you can just create new account with LiquidPoker, as we have an agreement with PartyPoker for that. You can use real and same data, only requirement: you have to use another e-mail, as system won't accept two same e-mails. This is the best option to get all bonuses.


2) If you don't have a PP account:

Download the PartyPoker software from this link:

SWEDISH PLAYERS please register (clear cookies as well) through link:
CZECH PLAYERS please register (clear cookies before clicking) through link:
Rest of the world please click through link:

Or click this banner:

and create the account using BONUS code TLPOKER

DO NOT DEPOSIT BEFORE YOU CONFIRM YOUR TAGGING WITH US - email me your username to or through contact form at the top of the site.
If you deposit before confirming tagging and its wrong, there is nothing we can do. We can retag / make new playmoney accounts though! 

 3) Then e-mail me at with following info:


-email where you want to be contacted regarding our private offers/rakeback and stuff

-your full name exactly as in PartyPoker software (required for rakeback transfers)


If you have any questions, just ask :)


Email for contact regarding anything: or username Defrag at! 

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