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K40Cheddar   United States. Apr 30 2017 14:14. Posts 2159

Heard about some site called global poker open to US players. Seems weird to be openly advertising real money play on a US site. Probably something fishy here I'm missing. Anyone have any possible info on this place?

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[GiTM]-Ace   United States. May 02 2017 16:53. Posts 1553

i been seeing ads for this site on social media. immediately assumed it was a scam tho lol

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iandeezy   United States. Jun 02 2017 06:41. Posts 317

Drunk post edit

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chipsnhand   United States. Jul 02 2017 00:17. Posts 53

whats going on with this site.. you get see so many quads in one tournament.

Minsk   Belarus. Jul 02 2017 07:19. Posts 1495

Could somebody tell WPN to get Zoom and market their site with facebook ads.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jul 03 2017 00:20. Posts 3681

can these gold coins be converted into real money or is it basically play money.

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traxamillion   United States. Jul 03 2017 23:00. Posts 10308

It is a scam site. Stay Away

traxamillion   United States. Jul 03 2017 23:01. Posts 10308

can mods delete this thread. It would be unethical to influence people to sign up at this site. It will be shut down once paypal realizes what is going on any day now

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jul 04 2017 07:00. Posts 3681

nope. cant play this site it lags constantly

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_auLast edit: 10/08/2017 08:39

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jul 13 2017 15:45. Posts 3681


I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_auLast edit: 13/07/2017 19:50


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