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K40Cheddar   United States. Apr 30 2017 14:14. Posts 2088

Heard about some site called global poker open to US players. Seems weird to be openly advertising real money play on a US site. Probably something fishy here I'm missing. Anyone have any possible info on this place?

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[GiTM]-Ace   United States. May 02 2017 16:53. Posts 1531

i been seeing ads for this site on social media. immediately assumed it was a scam tho lol

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iandeezy   United States. Jun 02 2017 06:41. Posts 316

They heavily target FB and the site is super fishy as a result. The software sucks and is lacking many "features" your average poker site has been offering for over a decade. Downloadable hand histories? Who would want those... And for some reason if you're playing in a tourney hand histories aren't saved at all. Also there aren't any waitlists and most tables are full in the evenings.

I successfully cashed out a few weeks ago. It was a painfully slow process requiring photo ID and address verification. No updates after a week until I found a 2+2 thread with what seemed to be their only CS rep replying to all inquiries but then magically it was approved in hours. Even worse the withdrawal was sent as a PayPal goods and services transaction so I had to eat an additional % to cover that.

Overall I would stay away unless you're in a poker free US state without any legitimate options and don't mind risking some money to click some buttons at home. I would say it's suuuuuuuper risky if you're trying to grind up a roll on a fishy site. I can't imagine their buying gold coins loophole will last much longer and it seems like they know that since they haven't improved a single thing since I signed up a month ago.

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