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User name iandeezy
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Joined Monday, 30th of January 2006
Country United States
Quote You call is all ova baby
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On January 19 2009 21:32 Floofy wrote:
but guys dont forget thta when u know u train some cat it never get as good as an human tats cuz of genetics i think but im not sure cuz u know in fact cats dont try all that hard while human do so if a cat tryed super hard u know it actually outweights human sometimes like it run faster or something but anyways idk why cats are so bad cuz all they do is run so its not like tats good cuz human do much more cool things but u know i think its genetics tat does this but yea its true luck could matter but in this case its more genetics imo cuz all cats really sucks compared to human u know. a cat cant play poker. but human too may differ in genetic

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