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UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 22 2017 01:34. Posts 11111

Date: Saturday, March 4th
Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass): 01:00 / 4pm PST / 7pm EST
Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1): 2:00 / 5pm PST / 8pm EST
Main Card (PPV): 4:00 / 7pm PST / 10pm EST
Live Streams:

Main Card (PPV)

Tyron Woodley (16-3-1) vs. Stephen Thompson (13-1-1) (Welterweight Championship)
Lando Vannata (9-1) vs. David Teymur (5-1) (Lightweight)
Rashad Evans (19-5-1) vs. Dan Kelly (12-1) (Middleweight)
Amanda Cooper (2-2) vs. Cynthia Calvillo (3-0) (Women's Strawweight)
Alistair Overeem (41-15) vs. Mark Hunt (12-10-1) (Heavyweight)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Marcin Tybura (14-2) vs. Luis Henrique (10-2) (Heavyweight)
Darren Elkins (21-5) vs. Mirsad Bektic (11-0) (Featherweight)
Luke Sanders (11-0) vs. Iuri Alcantara (33-7) (Bantamweight)
Mark Godbeer (11-3) vs. Daniel Spitz (5-0) (Heavyweight)

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Tyson Pedro (5-0) vs. Paul Craig (9-0) (Light Heavyweight)
Albert Morales (6-1-1) vs. Andre Soukhamthath (11-3) (Bantamweight)


- Igor Pokrajac was expected to face Ed Herman at the event. However, Pokrajac pulled out of the fight in early February citing an injury, and was replaced by Gadzhimurad Antigulov. Then, on February 20, Herman revealed that he was injured and also unable to compete at the event, leaving the promotion searching for a replacement for Antigulov.
- Todd Duffee was expected to face Mark Godbeer at the event. However, Duffee pulled out of the fight in mid-February for undisclosed reasons. He was replaced by promotional newcomer Daniel Spitz.
- A heavyweight bout between Marcin Tybura and Luis Henrique, initially scheduled for UFC 208 is expected to take place at the event. The pairing was initially delayed as Henrique was unable to gain medical clearance by the NYSAC after a recent corrective eye surgery.
- Khabib Nurmagomedov had medical issues related to his weight cut and the doctors opted to pull him from the event on weigh-in day.

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 22 2017 01:39. Posts 11111

First impression of the match-ups:

• Woodley > Thompson
• Ferguson > Nurmagomedov
• Kelly > Evans
• Teymur > Vannata
• Overeem > Hunt
• Godbeer vs. Spitz (dunno)
• Henrique > Tybura
• Bektic > Elkins
• Sanders > Alcantara
• Pedro > Craig

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Stim_Abuser   United States. Feb 22 2017 03:29. Posts 7499

Pretty dope card. Ferg vs Khabib is one of the best fights in a super long time, can't wait to see how it goes. If Khabib goes out there and dominates Ferg that'd be amazing, and if Tony beats him man thats an impressive streak.

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iakim322   United States. Feb 22 2017 11:34. Posts 1271

Pretty good card for sure. I like that they're trying to showcase Vannata by putting him on the main card and Teymur himself is obv more than legit. Only fight on the main card that is kinda whatever is Evans/Kelly

Kinda surprised Thompson is like a -145 favorite. I myself would love nothing more than to see Thompson highlight reel kick Woodley's face in as it's my opinion that Woodley is a terrible champion/fake individual/bad for the sport. But I'm wary of the fact that Woodley was still able to explode on Thompson and nearly finish him in one of the later rounds after Thompson had managed to gain some measure of control after Woodley's good first round. Not sure there is a more explosive athlete in terms of closing the distance, at least once in awhile, than Woodley. Going to hope the line moves more to a pick em and then get on Wonderboy, otherwise pass and just enjoy

Ferg vs Khabib is a great fight. I like Khabib in it but 2 to 1 is a bit steep for what I think is a pretty unpredictable fight. Agreed with Stim above. Whoever wins is going to come out looking really, really impressive

Only two I'm pretty sure I'm going to be on is Kelly and Bektic. Probably Vannata as well

lucky331   . Feb 22 2017 11:36. Posts 1014

  On February 22 2017 00:39 PuertoRican wrote:

• Ferguson > Nurmagomedov

interesting.. why? ferguson's td defense good?

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 22 2017 19:08. Posts 11111

  On February 22 2017 10:36 lucky331 wrote:
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interesting.. why? ferguson's td defense good?

Yes, Ferg has good TDD. Nurmy is the best wrestler in the division and probably in the entire UFC, so we'll have to wait and see how it goes.

Ferg will also have the proven cardio advantage and more ways to win the fight. Nurmy has 1 way to win, even though that 1 way is very deadly.

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 22 2017 21:18. Posts 11111

From HuskySamoan @ Sherdog:

Life is often about checks and balances and this fight is no different. One thing I fail to hear many people mention when discussing this fight is that Khabib Nurmagomedov is the far better athlete of the two, he has the faster reflexes, the faster hand speed and is physically much stronger. However Tony has the longest reach of anyone Khabib has ever fought, Ferguson with a whopping 76.5 inch wingspan boasts the longest reach in the UFC's entire Lightweight division, along with his torrential offensive output and seemingly endless reservoir of energy to draw from, he's not without his own physical advantages going into this fight.

Closing the Distance

One of the key's for Khabib Nurmagomedov will be finding ways to effectively close the distance. His game is centered around getting a hold of his opponents and this will be crucial considering the reach and output of Ferguson. Khabib has shown us mainly a handful of ways he closes distance throughout his career of which are lead hooks, uppercuts and jump knees.

Tony Ferguson will want to look to counter the knees and uppercuts when Khabib leaps in to close distance by sliding off the center line and countering, that way he can effectively counter strike while also keeping separation in space between him and Khabib. When Khabib leaps in with hooks, Ferguson's cross and straight kicks down the middle will be there to counter and effectively halt Khabib's attempt at closing the distance. Also cashing in on an elbow when Khabib's leaving himself open on the inside while leaping in with a hook would not be a bad idea, opening a fighter up early often proves to be a huge advantage as the fight goes on.

Things to Avoid

One last way Khabib likes to close distance is by shooting in, while Nurmagomedov is excellent at getting takedowns from distance, his bread and butter is the body lock and chain wrestling from the cage. Khabib's first takedown attempt often fails when he shoots in at distance on a single or a double, but it causes his opponents to focus solely on defending the takedown so he effectively can close distance while mitigating the threat of repercussions. I believe this is something Khabib will want to avoid doing vs Tony Ferguson however. Ferguson is not a fighter who's all that worried about being taken down, he will look to exploit Khabib's openings with his own offense if the Russian tries shooting in. Tony being at his most lethal when he finds himself in the front headlock position, often times from his opponents shooting in on him.

And for Tony, considering in Combat Sambo chokes are not allowed so there's more of an emphasis on leg locks than in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or No Gi grappling, Khabib being a multiple time Combat Sambo world champion, I imagine he's been in countless leg lock attempts and is comfortable defending them in addition to his amazing positional control and thunderous ground and pound from top position, that will be even more of a threat if Ferguson has both of his hands attacking Khabib's leg he won't be able to effectively defend his face. El Cucuy will be in serious danger of getting his face smashed in if he thinks Imanari rolls and rolling for legs to get out of back body locks are good ideas vs Khabib.

Finding the Right Takedowns

While Tony is no stranger to being taken down, in his last 5 fights he was only taken down twice and that was by Rafael Dos Anjos who did not maintain top position for more than a few seconds each time. Both takedown attempts where thwarted by Tony's offensive rubber guard and butterfly guard. Also, Tony often allows himself to be put in jeopardy of being taken down to further his offensive attacks, he embraces the scrambles and works hard off of his back when he does wind up there. He attacks with leg locks, triangles, kimuras, sweeps, rubber guard and is very effective from his back at throwing elbows similar to Carlos Condit and he does it all relentlessly without tiring. Ferguson has also shown us taking him down is no easy task when he's focused on defending the takedown, and I suspect he will look for takedowns of his own at certain points in the fight vs Khabib.

As previously mentioned, Khabib may want to avoid shooting in on Ferguson but chain wrestling Ferguson against the cage may serve him well, it won't allow Ferguson the space to sprawl, it will inhibit his ability to attack with chokes and stifle his attempts at creating scrambles.

Khabib has shown us brilliant Judo throws from time to time throughout his career, because of the Gi in Sambo Judo techniques are more emphasized in Sambo than in MMA but Khabib is also a black belt in Judo. So this is none too shocking, however Khabib mostly uses his throws as a form of counter-wrestling so when Tony looks for a takedown of his own in a chain-wrestling sequence there will be openings for Khabib to hit his throws being the stronger man with the much lower center of gravity, I suspect with ease.

Khabib also has great position awareness, he commonly sets takedowns up to where he lands in his opponents half guard and side control. He's also quite savvy at attacking with trips while going for takedowns to give his opponents more to think about while jeopardizing their balance.

Controlling the Distance

Tony Ferguson is as gangly as they come, and using his length to control distance is going to be a key for him in this fight. Some of Ferguson's most effective strikes are his jabs and straight kicks. Which, in a 3 round fight we less often see the accumulative effects from but I feel they will pay off in the later rounds if he can effectively utilize his stiff jab, Khabib will begin to wear the damage. And darting his front kicks into the Dagestani's bread basket will also pay dividends at depleting his energy. These are also strikes that Ferguson has become very good at building off of to land combinations. Straight kicks and jabs are fundamental at controlling distance, and Tony will want to keep Khabib off of him as much as possible, especially in the early rounds.

(I'm sorry There's just not a lot gifs to find of Ferguson throwing straight kicks and jabs unfortunately)

In Closing

There's undoubtedly some question marks going into this fight that we lack sufficient information to draw upon. While Ferguson fights like a long lost Diaz brother in the sense that he never tires and the moment you begin to wane even the slightest, he begins to increase the intensity tenfold. We still have not seen Khabib fight past 3 rounds and there's reason to believe that an endless onslaught of takedown attempts isn't manageable for the full 25 minutes of a Championship fight.

While we have never seen anyone offer Khabib any real resistance from their back, nor threaten him in anyway. It has also been years since we've seen Ferguson controlled from his back and he seems to be effective at creating scrambles, attacking and frustrating his opponents whenever the fight has gone there in the past. We've also never seen Khabib face a guard practitioner like Ferguson before in MMA.

Tony Ferguson is kind of like Forrest Griffin in the sense that he needs to get punched in the face a few times before he gets in the zone, he comes out from the start aggressive but he usually loses the first round as you can see from his last 3 fights and both times he was rocked during this 9 fight win streak to the title were also in the first round vs Trujillo and Groovy Lando Vannata. Will Khabib be able to exploit this however?

Another big question mark is, while Tony seems to be a one man dynamo of energy, Khabib from top position seems to be a black hole that devours his opponents energy. His ability to trap your arms from half guard and land smashing ground and pound while you only have 1 arm to defend yourself, the way he looks for the crucifix when he passes into side-control when he pounds on you while you're defenseless, the constant takedowns and drag downs from riding position and how heavy from top he is. Maybe we finally see Ferguson's spirit break?

This is a clashing of two very different kinds of pressure fighters. Nurmagomedov's imposition of his will has been unstoppable while Ferguson's tenacity and perseverance in this current 9 fight run has seemed able to weather anything in his way.

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 22 2017 21:20. Posts 11111

From HeDucking @ Sherdog:

Ferg has some fantastic funk rolls he displayed against Thompson.

Rolls worked well against Khabib when Trujillo used em.

You see when Trujillo rolled in the first gif, Khabib was stifled when they stood up. Ferg will look to work the jab in these positions. Ferg may even have Khabib on bottom like Truijjilo nearly did which we havent seen Khabib before in.

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Stim_Abuser   United States. Feb 22 2017 21:57. Posts 7499

Have we ever seen Khabib get tired? IIRC he looked pretty fresh at the end of the 3rd round in all his fights. But I do feel like his style costs a lot of energy.

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iakim322   United States. Feb 23 2017 00:20. Posts 1271

Khabib fought a top ranked Michael Johnson in his last fight and during round 3 of that fight, they caught Khabib on the mic talking to Dana White as well as MJ while he was smothering MJ. Something along the lines of 'Hey, you must give up. I must fight for the title yes?' Then he went ahead and submitted MJ. He sounded to be a tiny bit winded but I mean, who could blame him...with his focus in multiple spots. I don't think cardio will be an issue. But I guess you never know. I never would've guessed Conor Mcgregor would actually catch his second wind while Nate Diaz actually gassed a bit in round 4 of their second fight

Baalim   Mexico. Feb 23 2017 03:03. Posts 32140

Those gifs fo the funkrolls are very relevant, I think Khabib has to use the cage to pin him down or he wont be able to do much, Tony is very strong at scrambles and from his back, so If Khabib is unable to cut the cage and trap Tony in I think he will accumulate damage very fast, Tony is very aggro and lately more than ever and Khabib had a slow start and ate some good punches from Johnson.

I think Tony wins this one but its obv hard to say.

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northsails   Bulgaria. Feb 23 2017 10:59. Posts 410

I also think there is value to be had on Ferg, but at the same time I can't shake the image of him getting controlled on the ground against Danny Castillo. I mean if he had tough time getting up from under Castillo what is going to happen, when Khabib gets on top of him? Obv he has improved a lot since then, but still I think his wild and unpredictable style will get him taken down multiple times and if he is not able to get up quickly he is going to be in trouble. This rolls gifs look like cherry picking tbf , I mean Khabib absolutely dominated Trujilo and took him down like 20 times or something. And Tony wound up on the bottom with one of this rolls against Castillo and was not able to get back up till the end of the round.

Also I think clear way for him to win is to tire out Khabib and break him in later rounds. I expect him to lose the first few rounds most of the time, so this fight will be good for live betting. As for Khabib cardio, I don't think it is going to be an issue if he is able to impose his gameplan. He looked like a cardio machine against MJ and for him to get tired it should be that Tony is able to defend the takedowns and force him to fight stand up, where he will have a huge edge. Great match up that is - two monsters in their prime.

Like the line on Overeem. I think he should be able to handle Hunt pretty easy. Of course you never know with his chin and also tendency to get careless in fights, but he has been a lot more calculated as of late and Hunt is on a slide - He looked like shit against Brock and has been bitching and moaning about this fight ever since.

soberstone   United States. Feb 23 2017 21:36. Posts 2648

Hard to be convinced on Khabib's cardio 1 way or the other since he'll likely face more adversity as the fight goes on than he ever has in rds 2+. Easy to look fresh when you are just on top pissing on another man's soul but I do think he most likely comes in shape with excellent cardio given his world-class athleticism, top-notch training, and Dagastani heart.

All in all, I have a strangely strong feeling that Tony is gonna win the fight and finish Khabib in the 3rd/4thish.

[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Feb 24 2017 08:45. Posts 1562

been waiting for this fight foreverrrrrr. Lets go tonyyyyyy

[GiTM]- GoSu in the Making 

whamm!   Albania. Feb 24 2017 09:47. Posts 11625

Tony got this. LETS GO MOFO

jvilla777   Australia. Feb 24 2017 10:18. Posts 1340

Just a friendly reminder..

Lando Vanatta vs Tony Ferguson fight


so this fight vs Khabib I have no idea what is going to happen, I have no predictions..

Lets go KHABIB!!!

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PuertoRican   United States. Feb 24 2017 11:18. Posts 11111

  On February 24 2017 09:18 jvilla777 wrote:
Just a friendly reminder..

Lando Vanatta vs Tony Ferguson fight

What about it?

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jvilla777   Australia. Feb 24 2017 11:35. Posts 1340

  On February 24 2017 10:18 PuertoRican wrote:
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What about it?

Tony's chin questionnable... if Khabib catches him, can he survive the mauling if he was rocked like in the Lando fight?

Im still on the fence with this one... I have no idea what the f is going to happen... I'm not confident in who I think is going to win.

longple: ur missing the point! this is an attempt to get away from the bumhuntmentality! 

lucky331   . Feb 24 2017 14:18. Posts 1014

ferguson chin questionable? dont think so. hes as reckless as they come. he tends to go forward and takes the blows when he feels like it.

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 24 2017 19:45. Posts 11111

  On February 24 2017 10:35 jvilla777 wrote:
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Tony's chin questionnable... if Khabib catches him, can he survive the mauling if he was rocked like in the Lando fight?

Im still on the fence with this one... I have no idea what the f is going to happen... I'm not confident in who I think is going to win.

Aside from you, nobody is questioning Tony's chin in this fight.

Aside from that, Khabib isn't a power puncher, and his striking is below average and telegraphed.

Tony will get hit, but I'm not worried about him getting hurt in a striking battle.

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