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Starcraft BroodWar AI thread

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 12 2017 01:51. Posts 11625

I've been playing these for 2 years now on and off for fun and surely they did suck e.g. falling for the "worker" exploit, bad micro and wasting units a lot - overall retarded really. Over time though and more recently I checked out the AIs being developed by a lot of people and it seems it can beat a really bad, iccup d player pretty easily. Still no "adaptive" strategies but I'm sure it'll get there somehow and it will be soon, you can actually play these AIs, but only single player (even I think that will change into lan soon). I'll post how later

There's also a "Man vs Machine" tourney now that pits Iccup D up to C+ against an AI

Here's a more recent update between the Top AI's TSCMOO(multi-race), KRASIO(T), KILLERBOT(Z), LETABOT (T)

Of course even a slow ass player like me can beat the bots over time, but I look for patterns in the replays so it's kind of unfair really. Killerbot was the easiest bot to install so I'd try using that. There's also some new Terran bots which are compatible with the new BWAPI so try those out as well, had trouble how to make Leta, Krasi0 and TSCMoo work, but I'm sure it's there in the older BWAPI and I'd appreciate it if someone here can tell me how

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FMLuser   Canada. Jan 12 2017 03:28. Posts 45

Have any of these developers written papers on exactly how the AI is functioning? what it prioritizes? Are they using some type of parallel processing?

Baalim   Mexico. Jan 12 2017 05:09. Posts 34252

so interesting, the Zerg when is losing the battle against the terran retreats, pretty complex shit going on there.

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TianYuan    Korea (South). Jan 12 2017 09:07. Posts 6817

Man that was really impressive. I had seen LetaBot before and wasn't suuuuuper impressed (its opponent wasn't very good so it was hard to tell), but this was very cool.

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 13 2017 03:43. Posts 11625

How to play vs some of the newer A.I.s - Some bots have an APM of 6k lolwtf

Get BWAPI to override the default one link: There's an installer finally

Get .DLLS and Custom A.I.s from this page, it has updated scores and little info about the A.I.s

Some solid but older A.I.s don't work with the new API releases so take note of that, the number of newer, better A.I.s coming out is worth more than the older ones though, and some other older ones are updated to be compatible with the new APIs anyway.

Tutorial on how to use the AI - it takes a bit of tinkering but is easy enough, if you follow everything correctly and it doesn't work it's probably just incompatible with the new BWAPI so dont' sweat it too much and just pick a newer A.I.

  On January 12 2017 02:28 FMLuser wrote:
Have any of these developers written papers on exactly how the AI is functioning? what it prioritizes? Are they using some type of parallel processing?

I'm pretty sure the A.I. community can answer that better, but if you ask me there's probably a ton out there already. They've got an FB page which I joined and it's all they discuss (I don't understand most of what they talk about)

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Floofy   Canada. Jan 13 2017 09:16. Posts 8708

Insane how this AI is clearly way superior to SC2's AI. Blizz needs to stop slacking off.

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ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Jan 13 2017 12:52. Posts 5070

First game was pretty cool

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 13 2017 21:45. Posts 11625

It's a bit of a pain in the ass to run older AIs, you need the older BWAPI which is cumbersone
The newer BWAPIs and AIs are much easier here's a tip: Probably best to use older windows like win7, win10 is doable but there's more to tinker with

Download the latest BWAPI and install the exe,
Run Chaos launcher in administrator mode
Use the multi-instance Chaos launcher, since you will be launching two instances of BW like a fake Lan in one pc, click the new "Local PC" option created, instead of the usual UDP then after launching the first BW, launch another and "join" your first created game if it appears in the lobby
Download IronBot,Killerbot (the easiest to run)
, edit the ini file in BWAPI e.g. put the name of the AIs .dll file

Took me ages before getting something to run lol, they mix the old and new bots together with no forum comments to help me out with the questions


Sc Broodwar 1.16.1

BWAPI latest exe (This has it's own Chaoslauncher included in the install so don't use your older ones, you'll need this for the multi-instance of running two games in one machine)
Then point to your sc folder so that it launches the right exe (i have two sc folders, one for netplay and one for AIs coz it causes conflicts)

Broodwar custom AIs and their .DLLs (get both since each AI has a different .DLL)

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 22 2017 01:28. Posts 11625

RO8 lol AI Tourney just yesterday

Lots of AI stalls since the objective is to win and not really to look good in builds for late games, 9mins the zerg rush and terran defense is really amazing.

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 22 2017 14:40. Posts 11625

Man vs Machine tournament - bot vs D to C+ depending on the teams

whamm!   Albania. Jan 26 2017 01:25. Posts 11625

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Jan 28 2017 06:36. Posts 5647

Great stuff - wish I had time to build a bot for this

whamm!   Albania. Jan 28 2017 09:26. Posts 11625

i wish they'd speed it up too. they say "adaptive" reactions are close to impossible to do which sucks

whamm!   Albania. Jan 29 2017 03:55. Posts 11625

FFA on BGH game was fun to watch. Back and forth AI action

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TimDawg    United States. Jan 31 2017 08:17. Posts 10197

So sick

Can't wait till they make a competent AI for SC2

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 23 2017 04:10. Posts 11625

Great back and forth game starts at 30minute mark

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asdf2000   United States. Feb 23 2017 13:26. Posts 7694

I am developing a bot, the problem is that it's incredibly time intensive and school doesn't leave me with much free time

so might be done with something competent in like a year

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 27 2017 11:56. Posts 11625

whamm!   Albania. Mar 06 2017 00:39. Posts 11625

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whamm!   Albania. Mar 20 2017 00:41. Posts 11625


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