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AA vs fish 350bb deep FML

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Raidern   Brasil. Jul 14 2015 04:25. Posts 4242

i dunno why the hell i opened this thread nor why i opened storgnofnotns_nz hh with the fish in the op, but in one of the hh threads there was this hilarious wtf gif which i'd like to share (courtesy of byrnesam btw haha):

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TianYuan    Korea (South). Jul 14 2015 13:59. Posts 6810

Good bump.

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

hiems   United States. Jul 19 2015 05:27. Posts 2929

We need to do compound interest Calcs on this thread on an annual basis.

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TalentedTom    Canada. Jul 22 2015 00:43. Posts 20070

if you had called here and invested winnings in apple stock, you'd have like 20k

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Baalim   Mexico. Jul 28 2015 22:05. Posts 34060

I miss byrnesam

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the cleaner   Germany. Dec 29 2015 02:25. Posts 3014

  On July 28 2015 21:05 Baalim wrote:
I miss byrnesam

Me too !

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Sacr3D   Canada. Jan 09 2016 07:19. Posts 514

lol ridiculous

careface_   Canada. Jun 28 2016 07:50. Posts 788

Hey! Maybe he had you crushed!

dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 28 2016 12:37. Posts 1752


K40Cheddar   United States. Jul 31 2016 23:47. Posts 2202

Sick bump


YoMeR   United States. Aug 26 2016 03:51. Posts 12432

i'm 93% sure villain had A3 here.

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whamm!   Albania. Dec 16 2016 06:33. Posts 11625

Ok I'll bite

YahtzeeFish   United States. Mar 19 2017 09:16. Posts 2

well, before I saw those other hands he played... it seemed like an easy fold. Is he really min bet bluffing with air on the turn? I would assume that he'd bet bigger with a draw to get you to fold. If he doesn't even think about those things, then I guess call.

I haven't played with him enough to really see his tendencies, but given that he could have any airball I guess you have to call.

hiems   United States. Aug 29 2017 20:18. Posts 2929

Wow just imagine if he bought bitcoin back then with this money.

I beat Loco!!! [img][/img] 

wobbly_au   Australia. Sep 15 2017 05:38. Posts 6540

Hes repping too narrow and repping too obvious, I call here happily. You essentially vsing A3 or X3s or airball. Your hand is as good as QJ

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Sep 17 2017 04:44. Posts 5046

lol wobbly, good advice, it is always welcome even if everyone in the thread came to an understanding 5 years ago.

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wobbly_au   Australia. Sep 27 2017 11:17. Posts 6540

man im itching so hard to play after all my years away.

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the cleaner   Germany. Dec 12 2017 07:06. Posts 3014

Yeah, I miss playing too.

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the cleaner   Germany. Mar 27 2019 11:44. Posts 3014

I miss EvilSky, has he been around?

there are no facts only interpretations 

YahtzeeFish   United States. Oct 24 2019 07:17. Posts 2



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