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Lulzsec/Anonymous large arrest

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palak   United States. Mar 06 2012 12:07. Posts 4601

Former Lulzsec leader, now FBI informat, brings down hacking group

  Computerworld - In a major break for law enforcement, several members of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacking groups were arrested this morning based on information provided by "Sabu," the shadowy LulzSec leader who was secretly arrested last year.
Sabu, LulzSec's main spokesman who was identified today by as Hector Xavier Monsegur, has been working as an informant for the FBI since his arrest.
Those arrested today included a member of the AntiSec hacking group who is believed responsible for the massive intrusion at security think tank Stratfor last December.
News of the arrests, was first reported by this morning.
A law enforcement official in New York today confirmed the arrests and said that six hackers belonging to the Anonymous, LulzSec and Antisec groups were nabbed in U.S. and overseas locations.
The official described those arrested as "principal members" of Anonymous and LulzSec.
The U.S. Department of Justice has scheduled a press conference this morning to release further details on the arrest, the official said.
According to FoxNews, the FBI arrested two men from Great Britain, two from Ireland, and one from Chicago.
An indictment listing the charges is expected to be unsealed today in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, FoxNews said. described Monsegur as an unemployed 28-year-old father of two who apparently coordinated with thousands of hackers around the world from a room in a public housing project in New York's Lower East Side.
Monsegur, who was arrested by the FBI last year, pleaded guilty to several charges related to his hacking activities and has been a cooperating witness since then, according to Fox.
LulzSec, an offshoot of the Anonymous hacking collective, is believed to be responsible for numerous attacks against government, military and commercial entities. The group is said to be responsible for cyberattacks last summer against News International, Booz-Allen Hamilton and other high-profile organizations.
After the FBI arrested several members of Anonymous last July, LulzSec and Anonymous released a joint statement vowing not to let the arrests dampen their hacking attacks and daring law enforcement to catch them.
"We are not scared any more," the joint statement had read. "Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea."
Sabu appears to have been arrested by the FBI shortly after that boast.
News of Sabu's arrest prompted several tweets from Anonymous this morning, including one that threatened retaliation. "The way Sabu & gang took control of Anonops.. anonops gonna retaliate," the tweet said.

Tldr cliffs:
Sabu has been fbi/cia informat for 9 months
5 important members of Lulzsec/anon arrested today.

Fairly long but now proved dead on soul read by a hacker named "Virus" in a coknvo between him and Sabu from August 2011...

EDIT: x-post from ows

  On October 28 2011 23:32 Baalim wrote:
AnonymousSabu showing up with some anarchic ideals in his twitter, finally this bullshit is going somewhere, i hope Sabu wakes up and leads his heard to the right path against the right enemy.

funny that by October sabu was in fact working for the gov't

Facebook Twitter
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HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Mar 06 2012 12:17. Posts 10877


YoMeR   United States. Mar 06 2012 18:17. Posts 12369

lol this virus fellow is a sick hero

eZ Life. 

YoMeR   United States. Mar 06 2012 18:18. Posts 12369

And how am I not surprised there's still a buncha script kiddie noobs on "famous" hacker groups like anonymous as well?

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palak   United States. Mar 06 2012 18:31. Posts 4601

Judgin by how anon members got fucked by thousands when a hacker put the zues trojan into their ddos program on pastebin...ya they r a ton of wannabe noob hackers

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YoMeR   United States. Mar 06 2012 18:37. Posts 12369

I wonder if any legit hacking groups will go public like anonymous did and go rape some face

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Liquid`Drone   Norway. Mar 06 2012 19:11. Posts 2734

lol virus is purdy smart

lol POKER 

Target-x17   Canada. Mar 06 2012 19:29. Posts 1027

interesting read

f u bw rock 

k4ir0s   Canada. Mar 06 2012 19:45. Posts 3345

wow, def worth the read. thanks for posting

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Zep   United States. Mar 06 2012 20:25. Posts 2292

so is the real sabu on twitter a snitch? looks like it, but i'm so confused...

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HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Mar 06 2012 20:29. Posts 10877

rofl the convo is awesome

palak   United States. Mar 06 2012 20:33. Posts 4601

  On March 06 2012 19:25 Zep wrote:
so is the real sabu on twitter a snitch? looks like it, but i'm so confused...

Yes, it is actually Sabu tweeting, but since Julyish the FBI has monitored all of his tweets and he has needed their permission for any tweets he writes.

Cliffs for what happened long version made into list of events:
1.Lulzsec hacks hbgary, FBI gets annoyed.
2. Lulzsec hacks US gov't causing groups "web ninjas" and pro US hacker "the jester" to try and figure out who lulzsec is. Also pick a beef with Teampoison.
3.Sabu and Tropiary become vocal leaders of lulzsec.
4. Web Ninjas and Jester claim to have figured out Sabu's identity and point to a portugese guy, turns out to be incorrect (but was a person who Sabu had worked with before, so irl Sabu had to have been slightly freaked by it).
5. Sabu in particular with lulzsec continue to publicize themselves.
6. Web Ninjas figures out real identity of Sabu as guy from NYC (pastebin info put up by main hacker of exposing "KillerCube" , turned out as correct ID
7. Jester confirms Web Ninjas ID.
8. FBI given info of ID. But not actual evidence since an ID via things like his twitter and fb accounts lining up doesn't mean anything in a legal system.
9. Sabu gets cocky and logs into an anon IRC channel from his home computer w/o using Tor or any other IP hiding software.
10. FBI was monitoring the IPs and seeing Sabu as insecure, track to his house.
11. FBI secretly raids Sabu in June.
12. Sabu flips due to FBI pressuring him leaving his kids if he goes to jail.
13. July 27th 2011, Tropiary gets arrested, people not quite sure how, Virus says Sabu flipped and is outting lulzsec.
14. FBI monitors Sabu for months gathering evidence and IDs of other hackers.
*alleged* 15 FBI plans hack on Stratfor.
*alleged* 16 Sabu pays Stratfor insiders for passwords to servers using what they were told were stolen credit card accounts. If 15 is true then the money was actually from FBI accounts
*alleged* 17 FBI monitors and follows all information via Sabu over the hack, takes files they want or don't mind giving to wikileaks. In total FBI allows for 5 million emails to be stolen from stratfor.
18. Hacker hacks into scottish police email and broadcasts FBI/scottish police conference call in late january (only important part of call as it turns out was the FBI asking the UK police for 8 weeks time so that they can pull off a large scale event, we are now 7 weeks from that call to the day)
19. Turns out FBI was tracking the hacker all along and knew the call would be recorded, the hacker actually asked Sabu for help with it.
20. FBI gets indictment setup by court with evidence it's collected since July thanks to Sabu
21. FBI moves in today and arrests many high profile members of lulzsec.

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Daut    United States. Mar 06 2012 20:35. Posts 8830

could that sabu guy talk any more like a 9 year old internet warrior?

virus owned him so hard lol

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royalsu   Canada. Mar 06 2012 20:45. Posts 3233

LMAO hackers talking about paying each other in Bitcoins.

Siro   Australia. Mar 06 2012 21:17. Posts 1540

glad i read that convo, definition of owned wow

HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Mar 06 2012 21:18. Posts 10877

all that feels like a movie ;O)

palak : so sabu got caugh because of others hackers ?? edit : and his own stupidity?

 Last edit: 06/03/2012 21:20

palak   United States. Mar 06 2012 21:37. Posts 4601

^yes exposed by other hackers, namely Web Ninjas and KillerCube along w/ Jester. But wasn't caught until he fucked up and gave the FBI enough reason to attain a warrant.
Story from Jun about the hacking battle.
KillerCube exposer story, (also updated part 6 of above story)

KillerCube Twitter:!/killercube

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Svenman87   United States. Mar 06 2012 21:47. Posts 4636

Damnnnnn Virus with the soul read

HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Mar 06 2012 21:56. Posts 10877

yeah palak been reading some stuff about it for a while, already have read the war web u just posted^^ im on jester site atm reading stuff,

im not sur about the relation between lulz and anonymus ??
can you explain me, you seems to know alot^^

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palak   United States. Mar 06 2012 22:05. Posts 4601

Anonymous: large decentralized group of hackers which is largly nothing more than a whole bunch of script kiddies that think by doing a ton of ddos attacks they are hurting things when they in fact arn't. E.g. Post Megaupload take down in which many sites went down worldwide due to ddos attacks.
Lulzsec: A group of a few, 7-10 I think?, hackers who banded together out of Anonymous and formed their own hacking group which perpetrated different hacks on websites which actually did involve stealing of information, e.g. stealing info from some police departments. Lulzsec performed some hacks as it's own group, other times it teamed up with other hackers working under Anonymous for broader initiatives like "Operation Anti-sec"

Issue with anonymous being so decentralized is that many many claims are made on behalf of Anonymous which other members of the group disavow. Stratfor hack was by lulz on behalf of anonymous, meanwhile other anonymous members denounced the hack saying Stratfor was protected by freedom of the Press. Also the claim made recently by "Anonymous" claiming to want to shut down the web on March 31st which security experts world wide immediately called bullshit on. Also think Anon vs Cartel thread from a while back, same issue of some people issuing some order of what "Anonymous" is going to do while other members of the group disagree completely.

EDIT: Decent analogy to make, teamliquid(anon) being a larger group out of which LP(lulz) formed.

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