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Handnr: 1099029
Submitted by : YoMeR

GAME #4334160586 Version: Uncalled:Y Texas Holdem NL $2.50/$5 2022-08-27 01:33:07/GMT
Table Table27428344
Seat 1: P6-235367TT $420.79 in chips
Seat 2: Hero $573.40 in chips
Seat 3: P8-829693YM $515.27 in chips
Seat 4: P9-827609TY $363.60 in chips DEALER
Seat 5: P1-623352WG $602.39 in chips
Seat 8: P3-654488DS $519.05 in chips
Seat 9: P4-754845FT $1,247.44 in chips
Seat 10: P5-270847QW $142.50 in chips
P1-623352WG: Post SB $2.50
P3-654488DS: Post BB $5.00

Dealt to HeroKsKh
P4-754845FT: Call $5.00
P5-270847QW: Fold
P6-235367TT: Fold
Hero: Raise NF $15.00
P8-829693YM: Fold
P9-827609TY: Fold
P1-623352WG: Fold
P3-654488DS: Fold
P4-754845FT: Call $10.00

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $37.50)

P4-754845FT: Check
Hero: Bet $15.00
P4-754845FT: Call $15.00

Turn (Pot : $67.50)

P4-754845FT: Check
Hero: Bet $48.10
P4-754845FT: Call $48.10

River (Pot : $163.70)

P4-754845FT: Bet $79.85

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Oddeye   Canada. Aug 27 2022 23:29. Posts 5086

Any info? My first reflex is raise, probably what I'd do too. Like it's not impossible to run into A3 but still, boat seems super rare in that spot. I'm not 100% sure cause he his representing 3x mostly, maybe some Q and bluff

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lostaccount   Canada. Sep 05 2022 13:02. Posts 5366

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gawdawaful   Canada. Sep 07 2022 22:46. Posts 9010

I've always just thought river is a snap because villain is unlikely to have much of a calling range that we beat
At the same time, if we have more river raises than just boats for value, do we get to have more bluff raises too..?

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Oddeye   Canada. Sep 12 2022 20:08. Posts 5086

Just to be clear call is the easy safe option, folding seems crazy unless he is a super nit.

I don't think we bluff raise here a ton, I mean he did limp call from utg, stats would probably help the decision but I feel it could be a value bet with Qx, limp calling 3x other than A3 unless big fish seems rare, but some people play boats that way. After much thought I'd probably raise less than I initially thought with KK here. Against a smaller bet I'd raise more often.

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MezmerizePLZ    United States. Oct 02 2022 00:22. Posts 2598

minraise obviously

KeyleK_uk   United Kingdom. Oct 14 2022 07:11. Posts 1687

  On October 01 2022 23:22 MezmerizePLZ wrote:
minraise obviously

Seems good

poker is soooo much easier when you flop sets 

DooMeR   United States. Oct 21 2022 19:56. Posts 8534

It's rly close imo. I probably just flat though in the moment, without a specific note. Though if i have a note about something relevant here I'd consider raising. If i raised, id just shove with all those missed draws fish will call off entire made hand range. I'm really torn though I kinda wanna just value shove.

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Gawuss   Poland. Nov 19 2022 17:51. Posts 2336

easy call vs fish all day, especially vs 1/2p

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Nov 30 2022 01:11. Posts 5133

  On August 27 2022 22:29 Oddeye wrote:
Any info? My first reflex is raise, probably what I'd do too. Like it's not impossible to run into A3 but still, boat seems super rare in that spot. I'm not 100% sure cause he his representing 3x mostly, maybe some Q and bluff

He's not representing 3x. If he had A3 the right play is to check/call or check-raise river. Guy is just clicking buttons, could have A3/boat, Qx. Their thought process is probably something like-"im afraid he wont bet river, i have a boat", or "i want the bet to be half pot as that's about how much top pair is worth". I'd just call.

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Oddeye   Canada. Nov 30 2022 13:59. Posts 5086

I pretty much agree, good line with a boat would be the same as A3. Like I said I would mostly call too, raising would be vs a smaller bet.

EzPzLmnSqz   United States. Jan 16 2023 20:37. Posts 549

fold limp utg is clearly AA only

lostaccount   Canada. Feb 27 2023 19:21. Posts 5366

dont leave us hanging what did u do?


lostaccount   Canada. Today 15:04. Posts 5366

my asian buddy give me the answer plz its killing me not literally but lol



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