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We are the 99%

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Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 23 2011 12:19. Posts 2683

Not you, fucking hippy

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drugs, animals, children are welcome -Xavier 

tloapc   Pitcairn. Oct 23 2011 12:59. Posts 2591

I am the 1%

The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action. 

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Oct 23 2011 13:15. Posts 14026

3 chickens and a bowl of grain


seriously though, that picture is depressing, he only has a single gold chain on and that girl is obviously so impoverished that she couldnt even get her sleeve tattoo completed.

LikeASet   United States. Oct 23 2011 13:57. Posts 2113

You want the starving children to be the ones protesting then? The other people shouldn't be protesting and pointing out the obvious ringers?

auffenpuffer   Finland. Oct 23 2011 16:31. Posts 1429

"Because things are even worse in Africa, you can't whine!"

Solid argument sir.

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Oct 23 2011 17:07. Posts 6374

ban baal 

Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 23 2011 17:45. Posts 2683

  On October 23 2011 15:31 auffenpuffer wrote:
"Because things are even worse in Africa, you can't whine!"

Solid argument sir.

I never said they couldn't whine dipshit. I just put it into perspective

Go tweet from your mac book pro about how much you hate capitalism

drugs, animals, children are welcome -Xavier 

Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 23 2011 18:27. Posts 2683

Type your long dumbasspost again aufenpuffer. Keep in mind i definitely support their right to protest capitalism's shortcomings

drugs, animals, children are welcome -Xavier 

auffenpuffer   Finland. Oct 23 2011 18:28. Posts 1429

no i won't be typing it again, but do you have some sort of an answer for me? I'm fine if you don't want everyone on the forum to see the shortcomings of your stupid posts spelled out for you, but certainly if you have something to say in defence of all that silliness I'm interested to hear it.

Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 23 2011 18:29. Posts 2683

I made my point and youre talking total nonsense putting words in my mouth.

drugs, animals, children are welcome -Xavier 

auffenpuffer   Finland. Oct 23 2011 18:33. Posts 1429

you made no point: the attempts towards making a point were found inadequate in the post you for some reason deleted. Anyhow if my post was "nonsense" and "dumbass" I would believe you could not humiliate me more effectively than by letting everyone see how stupid it was.

Well thanks for the interesting discussion, I take it you have nothing in defence of the retardness pointed out in my post.

Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 23 2011 18:50. Posts 2683

From the first post you made you put words in my mouth. The post i deleted wandered into slanderous which is not ok

All I said was that the people protesting still live better than 99 percent of the worlds population. Anything more you read into it is on you

drugs, animals, children are welcome -Xavier 

auffenpuffer   Finland. Oct 23 2011 19:10. Posts 1429

I'm rather surprised by this new-found sensitivity towards slanderous posts, for you yourself called me a "dipshit" in the post I answered to. Only to point out how you were "wandering into slanderous" did I call you a "stupid fuck" (which I explicitly stated in the post too by the way).

You certainly did not "only say that people protesting are still better off than 99 % of the worlds population". Instead you mocked the protesters by calling them "fucking hippies" in context of an silly comparison. Also if you are not trying to say that their protest is in some sense pointless or funny, why did you make this post at all? Unless you think that other people have having more serious problems disvalidates they protests, why is it interesting how many people are worse off than them?

And the comment on protests was not all you said: there is the separate issue of "Go tweet from your mac book pro about how much you hate capitalism". The part of my post answering to this I will type again because I'm sick and tired of hearing this retarded bullshit all over again and would for once like to have someone admitting how insanely stupid this old joke is.

"What are you trying to say? Are you perhaps implying that I cannot criticise capitalist world-system because I've gained from it? Just like the intellectuals in Soviet Russia should have shut up about the issues of USSR because they had recieved free education, free health care and (essentially) free housing from the very system they turned against? Or perhaps you mean that as long as I participate in capitalism I should shut up? In your opinion I ought to go live in a forest in complete autarchy in order to gain right to be critical towards capitalism?"

 Last edit: 23/10/2011 19:17

Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 23 2011 19:26. Posts 2683

The point you seem completely unable to grasp is that I am objecting to them painting themselves as the poor 99 percent as if they lived in one of those countries where 99 percent starve while the one percent fly around in private jets.

Sorry I didn't spell it out more clearly for you

I support the right to protest and think there are some points to be made but their way is wrong

drugs, animals, children are welcome -XavierLast edit: 23/10/2011 19:27

auffenpuffer   Finland. Oct 23 2011 19:37. Posts 1429

USA has wealth ginicoefficient 0,8 which makes it #5 most unequal country in the world in terms of wealth distribution, and #1 Namibia is not far ahead (being very far ahead would be impossible too, for gini 1 means that one person owns everything). So unless you are saying that their protest is silly because they are not doing as poorly in absolute terms as their african brothers I dont see what point are you making?

  I support the right to protest

I never thought you did not support their right to protest. I thought you objected their protest, which is a completely different thing.

 Last edit: 23/10/2011 19:43

NighTLesS15   United States. Oct 23 2011 20:28. Posts 241

auffen, he's not gonna know what gini is...but +1 for auffens side as the 1% in america have a detrimental effect on these "third world countries" (hate using this term but i'm pretty sure roald won't understand if i used something else) with different types of exploitation and massively unbalanced trade relations to scratch the surface of which there are obviously many more we can get into. But these "hippies" are against people making billions while others suffer which includes the first picture you put up Roald

Frinkx: 1k on mario cart? PoorUser: Snap call  

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 23 2011 22:33. Posts 4714

indeed it is laughable that some of the top 10% are complaining about their own supposed poverty, but what i find more disgusting is the people that won't join this protest to help the poorest people, only because they are afraid of looking like a liberal douche with an arts degree. The rich have accidentily divided and conquered the middle class by separating them into different stereotypes that hate/laugh at each other, which in turn makes them think irrationally.

supposed to have greenstar not braceletLast edit: 23/10/2011 23:00

Roald   Tuvalu. Oct 24 2011 05:57. Posts 2683

lol NighTLesS15 you are fucking pretentious. "he's not going to know that means"

gini coefficient is a great way to take statistics and say whatever the hell you want with them aka "lies, damn lies, and statistics". What about the human development index? This is a stupid game we're playing now.

I say protest some of the bullshit that went down but don't try to paint yourselves as the real victims as there are people who really are victims of all this around the world.

I've said what I had to say and don't even completely disagree with you guys except for how they're painting themselves. Maybe I don't communicate it well enough or maybe you guys are fucking retarded. Either way, this isn't a productive use of my time so that's enough of this for me

drugs, animals, children are welcome -XavierLast edit: 24/10/2011 06:04

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Oct 24 2011 08:42. Posts 8646

Truck-Crash Life 

terrybunny19240   United States. Oct 24 2011 11:05. Posts 13829

OP is crap. trying to make change vs very powerfully entrenched hyper-rich class of people is not going to happen if we all go "o look at the african babies, at least we're not them ( yet )". you basically referenced the OWS protests and then posted something completely frivolous... you're a trollin' and didn't even know it ????????


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