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awesome danish documentary

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Daut    United States. Sep 12 2011 13:59. Posts 8872
the country not the pastry

lots of documentaries being posted on the blogs so i thought id post one. i watched an amazing one the other day, it was about danish soldiers

In February 2009 a group of Danish soldiers accompanied by documentary filmmaker Janus Metz arrived at Armadillo, an army base in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Metz and cameraman Lars Skree spent six months following the lives of young soldiers situated less than a kilometer away from Taliban positions. The outcome of their work is a gripping and highly authentic war drama that was justly awarded the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critique at this year's Cannes film festival. But it also provoked furious debate in Denmark concerning the controversial behavior of certain Danish soldiers during a shootout with Taliban fighters. The filmmakers repeatedly risked their lives shooting this tense, brilliantly edited, and visually sophisticated probe into the psychology of young men in the midst of a senseless war whose victims are primarily local villagers. Yet more disturbing than scenes in which Taliban bullets whiz past their cameras is the footage of the young soldiers as each tries, in his own way, to come to terms with putting his life constantly on the line.

heres a link to part 1:

really insane to think the cameraman was walking around during all of this. hes got fucking balls

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superfashion   United States. Sep 12 2011 14:50. Posts 918

the one guy looks like hong jinho

seems interesting, will watch

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Luna_Bluffgood   Germany. Sep 12 2011 14:58. Posts 1215

video not available in germany

nicksson   Sweden. Sep 12 2011 15:29. Posts 4662

this is a great documentary, definately recomend seeing it

lukeperry   Sweden. Sep 12 2011 16:15. Posts 145

knew which one it was as soon as i read "awesome danish documentary". this one is great.
if you liked this one you might like Restrepo.

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ggplz   Sweden. Sep 12 2011 16:52. Posts 16639

gonna check this one out
it's in danish right?

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Mortensen8   Chad. Sep 12 2011 17:33. Posts 1761

You guys all understand french? anyone got the english or danish one? thx tho I enjoy watching documnetaries way more than fiction.

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nolan   Ireland. Sep 13 2011 01:36. Posts 6205

haven't watched this yet but it has exciting implications.

even more so if it's in french.

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kemo   Denmark. Sep 13 2011 05:53. Posts 573

one of my friends is one the guys featured, though definitely one of the less "dickish". Good documentary.

also, im in one of the airport clips o/

SneakrFreakr   United Kingdom. Sep 13 2011 13:55. Posts 2534

english version? or with subs

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ManofFire   United Kingdom. Sep 13 2011 16:50. Posts 140

I rly wish my heart looked like a grenade now.

That is so badass.

Daut    United States. Sep 13 2011 20:21. Posts 8872

oh fuck didnt realize this was french version. i actually watched it on tv and just searched youtube for it and linked the first part of it. i think youll have to find it on torrents as it doesnt seem to be on youtube

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GiYoM   Korea (South). Sep 14 2011 08:30. Posts 455

Where's armadon?

ggplz   Sweden. Sep 17 2011 09:51. Posts 16639

You can get eng subs + DK version from piratebay.

Pretty cool documentary but kinda boring for the most part.

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhANLast edit: 20/09/2011 06:40


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