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America Fucked Me

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AutumnSolace   United States. Aug 10 2009 19:22. Posts 101

Okay, so no problem. There are other ways to transfer money to my account, right?

Well actually, this "problem" has fucked me beyond belief. Pokerstars handled this correctly but when I tried to deposit money into Full Tilt (I'm not broke there, I actually got quite a nice sum of money, just never deposited and wanted to get the deposit bonus) they fucking suspended my account. This has happened at several brokerage websites as well that I tried signing up to, including Scottrade.

So how do I fucking tell Full Tilt Poker they are just misinformed and that my identity is correct... I just am skull fucked from my Credit Card Issuer? They won't allow that bullshit. And now my account is locked and I lost a couple hundred dollars as an 18 year old with no job and about to go to a full time college. For the fucking very least I could have cashed and put it towards my college tuition. Instead I have to come up with several legal documents including a photo identification that I don't have. So before anything happens chances are I'm going to have to get my driver's license just to retrieve money that is rightfully mine.

In the mean time though I want to try and stay playing poker. Despite losing all my fucking money inside that Full Tilt Account. Two days before this happened I've been putting in 8 hours of volume a day and am more serious than ever... and this happens. So now while I work things out will Full Tilt Poker, I need to find a way to get money inside my Pokerstars account.

I am a STTSNG player, but I had tilting problems as I've told many people. I keep changing my game to things I'm inexperienced in. My Sharkscope shows a positive rating from when I deposited my first $10 and turned it into $200 in one week (hit #4th on the Battle of the Planets Leaderboards first week.. hells yeah). Then I lost it all trying to learn HUSNGs. But now it is back to STTSNGs for me.

If anyone can help me in any way it'd be greatly appreciated. I was going to recommend I would pay someone with paypal but I guess there are scams out there so that is possibly out of the question. I have dealt with lachlan before though so he could vouch for me that I send money fast and easy though (When I moved my roll from Pokerstars to Full Tilt). Or if anyone wants to stake me or just help me out in any way I'd be sure to work hard and get shit done. I'm AKA SCC-Faust @ Team Liquid and AutumnSolace @ 2p2. I'm not the best STTSNGer but if someone does stake me and I lose it, I won't hesitate to pay it back via Paypal or check.

Or if anyone has any guidance right now, I'm totally lost and extremely aggravated this has happened. I NEED HELP FUCKING GOD DAMN SCREW YOU US GOVERNMENT.

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Nadeem   Belgium. Aug 10 2009 19:32. Posts 448

Lol @ screenshot, pucifer?

Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die tomorrow 

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Aug 10 2009 20:15. Posts 6374

  On August 10 2009 18:32 Nadeem wrote:
Lol @ screenshot, pucifer?


ban baal 

whamm!   Albania. Aug 10 2009 20:43. Posts 11625

ill add u mr. devious pucifer

egood   United States. Aug 10 2009 21:40. Posts 1883

you're 18 and dont have a driver's license?

AutumnSolace   United States. Aug 10 2009 22:20. Posts 101

  On August 10 2009 20:40 egood wrote:
you're 18 and dont have a driver's license?

No, I had seizures. You need to be seizure free for 2 years before you can go for your permit.

Myrevolution   . Aug 10 2009 22:34. Posts 134

deposit to neteller or whatever, (dunno if you can deposit to stars with it?
transfer to friend
friend deposits
transfers you the moneys

Vivi57   United States. Aug 10 2009 23:06. Posts 314

can't you go to the dmv and get a photo id that isn't a licence?

SpeedyJack   United States. Aug 11 2009 00:33. Posts 618

Which bank is your card with? Bank of America?

Also, just go to a scottrade office to open an account.

NotSorry   United States. Aug 11 2009 03:45. Posts 2603

  On August 10 2009 22:06 Vivi57 wrote:
can't you go to the dmv and get a photo id that isn't a licence?

Yes you can.

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