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Live poker question

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k4ir0s   Canada. Aug 26 2017 12:07. Posts 3460
I never played too much live in the past, but lately I've been starting to get into it. There's always a huge waiting list during weekend nights with a ~3hr wait. I usually call in advance, but still end up waiting a long time after arriving. There are always certain regulars who manage to bypass the waiting list. Is it likely that these people are bribing the floor staff? Or is it more likely that they're just friendly with the staff? I thought of slipping the staff $20, but I wouldn't want them to expect it every time if I could get through by simply becoming a familiar face.

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K40Cheddar   United States. Aug 26 2017 14:38. Posts 2194

The wait bypass is probably due to status. Some casinos offer a rewards program where if you hit a certain level of tier points you get a benefit of things like access to special lounges and cutting in lines. Personally, I have never ever seen anyone "bribe" the staff in order to move up the list.

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goose58   United States. Aug 29 2017 06:26. Posts 871

Yea, you can bribe the floor sometimes, some people are bribe-able in life and some aren't, I've never done it but I've heard of others doing it. It's frowned upon, so if you see it you should complain imo.

For the waitlists, you need to show up before they happen, or wait until they get smaller. So go early, or go late. Otherwise just take notes on the waitlists/games or try to bribe the floor yourself... Or go to another casino that doesn't allow that behavior.


traxamillion   United States. Sep 19 2018 00:29. Posts 10468

they are tipping the floor.

This is standard in my cardroom in Norcal.

I think some people do as little as $5/night I usually shoot them $10 though each session

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