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Best hangover cures?

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Trav94   Canada. Feb 02 2015 11:26. Posts 1772
So after the Seahawks blew it last night, it was time to drink heavily. Have a decently bad hangover this morning. Obviously eating helps along with some water. Gatorade has done nicely in the past. What have you guys found most helpful to tackle a bad hangover?

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austrian oak   Belgium. Feb 02 2015 12:02. Posts 497

A few beers for a soft landing

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MadeInPolanD   Poland. Feb 02 2015 12:51. Posts 1383

The best advice is obv:
Not drinking, getting home when im sleepy, not stimulating myself when im tired but getting rest, not hanging out till morning with friends just because they are meeting - i can meet them another time.

The second best thing, when i actually do drink and it's like once a month or less ( cause its a waste of time ):
- couple hours before drinking eat a meal with lots of fat ( like eggs, bacon, sausages )
- while drinking remember to hydrate and drink something without alcohol

- a lot of water / tomato juice / water with lemon and sugar before i go sleep
- some fruits before i go to sleep ( grapefruit, oranges or freshly squeezed juice from mixed fruits - all made before i go out, so that it would be easy when im drunk to just get home and drink, same for fruits - already cut and in the frige waiting )

In the morning :
- shower with changing water cold-hot
- showering your head with cold, then slightly colder and colder water every like 30 mins - 2h depending how much it helps you and how much you feel you ned it
- watery fruits or vegetables like tomato ( i also like salt a lot - and it keeps water inside your system )
- sugar in whatever ( tea with 2-3 tea spoons of sugar ), Pepsi, maybe some cheesecake ( depends how i feel and what i want to eat ), hawai pizza ( has pineapple, already bought and waiting in the freezer )
- maybe kefir
- i have homemade vegetable cutlets in the frige which are also good cause: low calories + im kind of full after 4 of them but not too full ( eating helps for hangover but if you overeat there will be reverse effects )

Basically you should prepare beforehand so that it will be easy to just eat it / drink it and by testing you will find it out after couple of times what do you want when you are hangover and also how hungover are you, cause sometimes it can be very bad and sometimes a shover and a normal breakfast will do.

But the best is obv not drinking and living to the fullest every day, not dying on the couch all day eating fast foods and praying for the day to end - such a waste.

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RiKD    United States. Feb 02 2015 13:43. Posts 6314

My experiences:

- Drink more socially and responsibly. When I got really familiar with my limits and dosages for fun that was the best drinking times of my life. Knowing that the shots are not going to hit me for 30-40 min. so just because I took 3 and feel fine does not mean that I am going to be fine and does not mean that taking another 3 or slugging Jack Daniels out of the bottle is also going to end up well. No one worth hanging out with cares how much anyone is drinking. The only people that care about how much other people are drinking are the people that are grasping at justifying their own drinking. Sometimes it gets to party mode when the shots start coming out. Sometimes the night is fun and 12+ hours of consistent drinking will take its toll but no one needs to do every shot ever and there is absolutely nothing wrong with chilling and have a water. The goal is to socialize and have fun. Being belligerent, slurring words, getting sick, getting into fights, whiskey dick... none of these things are fun or desirable.

- For me, "hair of the dog" advice was pretty disastrous. Yeah, a bloody mary, or mimosa, or screw driver, or irish coffee, or beer, or et al. did ease a lot of the pain, and fogginess, and anxiety of a hangover but for me it also led to ridiculous benders and a drinking problem. No one is me but me. I just wanted to make a point of sharing that experience because I would not wish the results on anyone and I know quite a lot of other people who share similar experiences. I also know plenty of people who can have a bloody mary on a sunday morning, a sunday funday and be sociable, good human beings come monday morning and beyond. In conclusion: buyer beware.

Before I stopped getting hangovers and/or the anxious fogginess of a hangover became so normal in the mornings I stopped calling them hangovers these are some recipes that I found worked for me:

- Sleep
- Water
- Gatorade

- I worked many long hours attempting to concoct the perfect hangover drink. This is what I came up with and it worked phenomenally:

Find a large glass.
Fill it up with ice.
1/3 sprite
1/3 vitamin water
1/3 water

If I could have set myself up with an iv of this stuff I would have but since that was not practical I just slowly sipped it all day.

- Dry toast
- Little bit coffee
- Eggs and bacon and potatoes as soon as I could stomach it
- Light walk in nature. I found it was good practice to not be afraid to chance it a bit. Fresh air and nature and endorphins are a beautiful thing.

-For me listening to Florence + The Machine "Shake it off" and album on the walk always seemed to work wonders. I found many other artists and sweet spots. I am sure everyone can experiment and find their own.


Defrag   Poland. Feb 02 2015 16:45. Posts 4814


2primenumbers   United States. Feb 02 2015 17:08. Posts 199

Drink Johnny Walker Black Label

I drank a fifth (well, 700ML) and had no hang over at all..

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fira   United States. Feb 02 2015 17:24. Posts 6345

from personal experience:

- candy, the type that melts slowly in your mouth. it seems to work really well for me.
- keep sipping water
- chocolate milk
- take a shower (read on a forum that this may help hydrate you, though i've not tried it yet)
- prevent the hangover by eating something and drinking water before you start drinking, and then continuing to drink water until you crash

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Feb 02 2015 18:11. Posts 9206

I drink a lot of water while drinking, ever since i started i havent had a bad hangover

PoorUser    United States. Feb 02 2015 18:54. Posts 7438

stay hydrated while drinking. minor exercise before going to bed can help a lot too (something as simple as just walking home)

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dogmeat   Czech Republic. Feb 02 2015 20:48. Posts 6374

milk with honey

ban baal 

cariadon   Estonia. Feb 03 2015 10:15. Posts 4013



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