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2012 Update

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Jas0n   United States. Jan 22 2013 19:08. Posts 1866
Had a pretty good 2012. We didn't do as much as we hoped in sales this year. Missed our goal by $300k or so but this was mostly because we had to move back to the suburbs in June-July. To make the move easier we liquidated a ton of our inventory, I think at one point we had less than $20k in merchandise. And then after the move, we had to set up, hire employees, reorder, etc before we could start sales again. This took a good two months out of the year for us. Still, we more than doubled our sales from last year, our inventory has increased dramatically, and we're expanding to other markets. So overall, can't complain.

When we first moved into the warehouse, my buddy Alex worked for us part time to give us a hand. He could only stay for the summer because he had grad school in the fall. He ended up being a really great worker. His attention to detail was spectacular and he was just really knowledgeable about a lot of random things, which gave me an entirely new perspective when we had to think up solutions to problems. We offered him a permanent position with us for $70k a year but he turned us down. It really sucked but was understandable, he had a really sick scholarship and he got into a pretty competitive program.

So this basically means that I'm managing the warehouse myself. I also handle the customer support for our buyers. It gets really tilting at times. Some people have ridiculous notions and expectations. Just recently, a buyer purchased an item from us. He received the item, used it, and then lost it. Now he wants another one from us. Gets mad when I tell him we can't send him another item because he was the one who lost it.

Since taxes are going up in 2013 our CPA advised us to pay as much tax in 2012 as possible. We took his advice and we literately paid all of our taxes and didn't accrue anything for 2013. This meant we took a pretty big hit at the end of December. Between eBay & Amazon fees and taxes, for every $$2.50 we make, fees & taxes take away $1.50.

We have three full time employees now along with two photographers that we work with on the side. We have leased a second warehouse, 8000 sq ft. Our broker got us a really sick deal for it. So now we have ~14000 sq ft which should last us a while, and if it doesn't there's another one that we have our eyes on.

tl;dr had a good year

edit: just got invited to dinner by my sales rep from the biggest distributor that we work with. Going to be me and edzwoo with him and the ceo of the company. First business related dinner invitation, man I feel soooo legit right now.

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joLin   United States. Jan 22 2013 19:26. Posts 3818

wp leblanc

YoUr_KiLLeR @ TL 

whamm!   Albania. Jan 22 2013 19:40. Posts 11625

keep updating if you can. really inspiring stuff when an lper does well outside of poker.

uiCk   Canada. Jan 22 2013 19:42. Posts 3521

whats the 75k item?

I wish one of your guys had children if I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles so you can feel my pain because thats the pain I have waking up everyday -- Mike Tyson 

mnj   United States. Jan 22 2013 19:53. Posts 3848

fuck poker

Carthac   United States. Jan 22 2013 21:13. Posts 1343

Great job buddy, keep it up!

PuertoRican   United States. Jan 22 2013 22:35. Posts 12660

Rekrul is a newb 

goose58   United States. Jan 22 2013 23:38. Posts 871

When did Woody Harrelson start lifting?

But yea, Jason, congrats on the success ^^

longple    Sweden. Jan 23 2013 10:29. Posts 4471

inde   Germany. Jan 24 2013 18:24. Posts 1298

very nice!

collegesucks   United States. Jan 25 2013 12:13. Posts 5780

this blog should be featured imo along with edzwoo's.. make them update more frequently!


hiems   United States. Jan 25 2013 13:34. Posts 2299

  On January 25 2013 11:13 collegesucks wrote:
this blog should be featured imo along with edzwoo's.. make them update more frequently!


eestwood   United Kingdom. Jan 25 2013 13:56. Posts 698

wp. keep ballin

can we all ball 


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