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Good tv shows?

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aCa_   . Jun 16 2012 23:46. Posts 470
Haven't really followed any tv shows lately and looking to start a couple series.

some tv shows that I liked off the top of my head are weeds, spartacus, breaking bad, misfits, lost, heroes etc. Pretty much mainstream stuff but I am really out of the loop with whats good now since I haven't watched tv in like a year so help me out lp.

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Fayth    Canada. Jun 16 2012 23:56. Posts 10085

watch Suits

its ssssssssick

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mnj   United States. Jun 17 2012 00:22. Posts 3848

modern family, ARCHER, bob's burger, cowboy bebop, the walking dead, MAD MEN, COMMUNITY, game of thrones, NEW GIRL,

NewbSaibot   United States. Jun 17 2012 00:22. Posts 4913

I got into some show called Flash Forward on netflix a little while back. Premise is that the entire world blacks out for an hour or so and see's their own futures in 10 months. Some people saw the world ending or something, cant even remember. Fun series though.

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aCa_   . Jun 17 2012 00:27. Posts 470

^ that sounds like a cool show I'll check it out. Also thanks for reminding me about Suits fayth, I remember watching that show a long time ago and just saw that there's a new season so going to be watching that too.

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qwerty67890   New Zealand. Jun 17 2012 03:36. Posts 14026

gl watching modern family on no fap

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thrust123   France. Jun 17 2012 05:15. Posts 346

oh i had forgotten about flash forward; looks like it was canceled after season 1 though

some shows i enjoy watching: mad men, game of thrones, true blood, the big bang theory, how i met your mother

Kapol   Poland. Jun 17 2012 07:59. Posts 4696

The Bold and the Beautiful

Especially episodes 4207-4656.

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julep   Australia. Jun 17 2012 08:15. Posts 1274


bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jun 17 2012 08:17. Posts 8646

  On June 17 2012 02:36 byrnesam wrote:
gl watching modern family on no fap

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pretty nice boobs for an asian chick

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Gumster   Sweden. Jun 17 2012 09:49. Posts 2290

fuck all these series ppl are recommending. watch the wire, it has everything. the acting is just superb, and so is the writing and everything about it blabllabla its the best series ever watch it now or die.

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xafies   Greece. Jun 17 2012 10:36. Posts 1079

I'm currenlty watching it's always sunny in Philadelphia which is hilarious

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Xervean   United States. Jun 17 2012 10:42. Posts 682

+1 FOR GAME OF THRONES!!! Currently my favorite show by far!

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jun 17 2012 11:58. Posts 5102

The Wire is the best tv show ever made. Each season builds on the last, unraveling the plot. The show is very real, about the drug trade in baltimore, some of the characters are played by actual drug lords/and policemen. There is just so much about the show that's amazing. You can take courses on the tv show at harved and shit.

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Shishio   Colombia. Jun 17 2012 15:19. Posts 131

  On June 17 2012 07:17 bigredhoss wrote:
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pretty nice boobs for an asian chick

Sofia Vergara isnot asian ¬¬

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Etherone   Canada. Jun 17 2012 17:03. Posts 753

  On June 16 2012 22:56 Fayth wrote:
watch Suits

its ssssssssick

watched first 3 episodes of suits because of this comment.
its ssssssssick

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jun 18 2012 01:31. Posts 8646

  On June 17 2012 14:19 Shishio wrote:
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Sofia Vergara isnot asian ¬¬

byrnesam posted her pic though


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K40Cheddar   United States. Jun 18 2012 03:48. Posts 2202

I enjoyed "24" a lot and also like prison break, although i will say prison break seems to deteriorate slightly by season.


FarmMylife   Canada. Jun 18 2012 13:25. Posts 111

I liked the first 2 seasons of prison break, but the rest of it was just the same story over again. Shameless and Life is Short are pretty funny and Suits is sssssssick

thrust123   France. Jun 19 2012 04:08. Posts 346

  On June 17 2012 16:03 Etherone wrote:
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watched first 3 episodes of suits because of this comment.
its ssssssssick

watched all episodes of suits because of this comment, now waiting for s02e01, i loved it!


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