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Dissertation results help by Logan621, January 20

What the fuck

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I can post here if I want by RiKD, January 20

I can post here if I want it is just not in my best interest. I have plenty to ruminate on.

The point is I was practicing Protection by Emma Ruth Rundle on guitar and honestly typing this I am better off going back to practicing.

It is also not wise for me to get into any sort of "debate" with people on here or even respond to anything.

Subtle brag that I am practicing a hard song for me on guitar. Love the chords I just can't play 1/3 of them yet.

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Happy New Year! by RiKD, January 02

Happy new year to anyone that may still be around here including the lurkers. In 2022, it seems I still have a compulsion to post here.

I finally got a job. The title is salesperson but I'm basically a fashion retail hoe. I don't suck dick but I will sell sweaters for cash apparently. I figure I'll give it a go. The company allegedly is a good company to work for so we shall see.

2021 flew by. Isn't there some hypothesis that time is relative or something like that? Or, the classic as one ages time speeds up. Terrifying. I realize aging is inevitable but the degradation of the body is no fun.

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I know nuffin' I'm just sitting here looking at... by RiKD, December 24

Pretty colors.

If any of you lot is unemployed how many hours a day are you looking for a job?

I feel like there are only so many jobs for me out there and applying does not take too long but I know some people who are savage about the job hunt.

I don't know. This morning nothing was all that appetizing. I've got some interviews in the mix so maybe I feel higher than I should because interviews can come and go like a flash. I mean I just can't ever see myself putting in an 8 hour day on searching for a job. The more normal my sleep schedule the harder it is to be a NEET. There are only so many things to occupy the time. I came back to the Habermas but it is like I lost my place or never had a place in that book. I learned to code more. That almost seems like a waste as I don't know what my destiny will be. I wanted to learn Rust but I can't really go through the book because it is for good programmers. Even if I get good I don't see myself enjoying sitting around programming for 8-10 hours / day. I've gotten such conflicting advice regarding coding at this point it's me saying fuck off to people thinking I have to optimize every minute of my life and let me just tinker around and hack and have some fun.

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genug by RiKD, December 20

Sometimes I don't understand my brother and sister-and-law. They itemized out 15 Marvel movies they need to see/re-see before seeing yet another shitty Marvel movie that is not out in theatres yet. 30+ hours of watching shitty Marvel movies sounds like torture to me. I also don't get how they can budget in a 5 figure trip to Disney a year in advance and my brother is not allowed to get a video game he wants when he wants it. I was thinking though that maybe their watching of excessive bad movies is not as bad as me being on here. On here feels more active which it is. It is almost a bad thing. The faster I type the faster I type the more I post the faster I type to type faster to post faster. There are some elements of addiction to it. I could finish Dark season 3. I could finish Arcane season 1. I could finish Dune (the book). I'd rather sit here listening to music and typing up literally whatever. OMG who knows what will happen when I click send.

Ooga Booga Vote Trump Ooga Booga

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NFT Baby time to get rich again by lostaccount, December 13

been buying some nft and it keeps going up up up rocket 2 da moon soon

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Meet the Loco by hiems, December 12

I've been bed-ridden for a few days after having my wisdom teeth taken out. It kind of sucks balls I have been living off of carbo-gain, whey protein, vegetable-shake-powder, peanut butter, and multi-vitamins for the past 3days and the pain hasn't gone away yet. Feel free to donate to my paypal or patreon btw...i also take crypto.

Anyway I had some time so I was thinking about how concerned I am about the Loco's life trajectory. I remember he told me a story once on Discord about how he was on a long flight and some guy sitting next to him started giving him "life advice" how he told him "He is good at figuring out what people should do with their lives"...Loco said he doesnt give a crap about stuff like that but I thought to myself, "Man how pathetic must Loco come off as in real life for strangers to randomly start giving him advice on what to do in life"

I thought about the movie "Meet the Parents" and I imagine Loco has been in a similar situation a few times in his life...where he goes home to his girlfriend's family gathering and their right-winger father disapproves of Loco's life choices. I can see it in my head, Robert Deniro complaining that for starters, he doesn't even have a car! "What kind of guy doesnt even have a car?!!?" "And he works as game tester? WTF is that!" What a dumb loco!!! I wonder how many times he has been dumped because of this!! LmK if you agree with this!!

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Friday Night Lights by RiKD, December 11

Friday night. Friday night lights. Listening to Balam Acab. ACAB. Let's go!

I remember the days when Friday night lights meant something. It meant me, captain of the lacrosse team leading the way trotting out to More Human Than Human by White Zombie with the moaning at the beginning under the Lights. That is a check mark for this blog about romanticizing the past.

{Lasagna Recipe}

I've been quiet but I predict hiems will eventually try and go after me. At this juncture I am an easier target than Loco and that is just a fact. I don't even have enough money to fill up the gas tank so I can go out tonight so I am stuck here eating my nephew's left overs:

2 chicken tendies
about a cup or 2 of mac n cheese
3 sugar cookies with coffee

It cost me $0 + whatever the fraction of a coffee bag is.

hiems, making fun of me for roping or seppuku I don't think it goes down like that in my current state. I've only thought about it deadly seriously once and I had 60 units of alcohol in me. I'm not violent enough. It would probably involve Ativan but once I take the Ativan I would feel better unless I overdose on it but I don't want to do that and I don't want to drink alcohol even though my life appears to be in a dire situation which it is but I am not miserable like you claim. This could change obviously but I am not even mad I'm not going out tonight. Last week at the ending prayer I was holding hands with an attractive female and my hand started to tremor because of the medications I am on. I was going to let go of her hand but she grabbed on tighter and finished the prayer. I told her I am sorry about the tremor and she gave 0 shits. That happens to me all the time by the way. It's annoying. It's really not a bad enough outcome to avoid AA altogether it's just annoying. As long as there is no proselytizing, socialization with this group is actually more interesting than many. We've been to hell and back which just brings a more extreme sense of humor and levity I have not come across anywhere else.

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Loco's Shark Avatar by hiems, December 07

I was wondering if there was a way to change Loco's shark avatar.

I realize that avatars change with post count, but the shark is a sacred animal in poker because of the term "poker shark".

In My Opinion, loco is a very dumb guy!!! He is also a dumb vegan!!!! He doesn't even have a car!!! Lol! Soo I think his avatar should be something more appropriate for him.

Like a fairy. Or a princess. Or a figure skater landing a triple axel.

wat yall think?

Ps we should remove rikds green star

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Thoughts about NJ/PA/DE/MI Online Poker by hiems, December 05

I've been really ramping up my due diligence on relocating to a different state lately. At the bare minimum, I am going to switch jobs soon to a company that can better facilitate my transfer to another state.

The thing that really bothers me is not being able to play NJ online poker. It's definitely a major hold-up. I haven't played much this year but have been messing around a bit lately . It really is great to be able to play poker on sites with great software (Stars mainly, but Party is good too). Even if I am playing like...30nl, 50nl it is alot of fun to be able to play and work a bit on your game here and there. Mainly I was thinking about moving back to Vegas, but really it's not the same comparing software vs Stars. I'm sure the traffic is there but I think that being able to save hand histories and see where your game is going is a really valuable thing that I kind of dont want to lose . It really is annoying that Vegas doesnt allow trackers on their sites.

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Happy Holidays LP by Ryan Neilly, December 03

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and crush all your games!

small update on me - took 4 months off this year to work on me, just restarting, took 100 to about 1k in the last week, games are still great, seems i have no passion for cashgames though, gonna focus on only tournaments again. Feeling fresh again.

I'll try to find stuff to blog about more

Recently won a lil $5 mtt and a bunch of 2nd to 5ths, gotta play those FT more aggro...

Have a great holiday season, lots of amazing poker Crush!


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Retirement by RiKD, December 02

Has anyone ever met someone that is a retire at 55 zealot?

Criticizing anyone that spends money or wants to live in a beautiful place, et al.?

There is almost a hubris in their plans.

Counting every penny.

It would suck to have to work at 55 but what are people going to do at 55?

What do people do at 65?

The existence and the opportunity for experience is just not the same as in one's 20s.

I mean it also depends on the person. What is optimal?

This person's spouse posted that his only joy in life was finding a new green tea he liked at Costco. Like, what the fuck world are we living in? I am not saying we have to pop bottles and make it rain at strip clubs because that is fucking stupid too. I don't know what I am saying. Just throwing some stuff out there.

I would say I am firmly in the enjoy life when younger and take some big swings at risk.

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is Hem3 or 888 accurate???? by HeRoS)eNGagE, December 01

Hi guys
So i am not really playing poker anymore but i play once in a while.
I use to play with HEM2 but no more support so i bought HEM3
it is the second time this is happening.

I start my session at lets say 1000$ Bankroll
HEM have me up 2 buyin but only up 1 and an half on 888

Did it happen to anyone else?

I dont really get what's up

Thanks guys!

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Happy Holidays! by RiKD, November 27

Happy Holidays everyone!

I just had 3 formal Thanksgiving dinners in 3 days. Why on Earth was that necessary?

I make it a rule to not break bread with Karens. I don't have any Aunt Karens. No complaints at all actually.

Now, it's time for the big one (Christmas). The Big One where most people's expectations get a little haywire. No, maybe your kid won't like all of his/her presents and throw a tantrum for half the day. Or, it's sets up a fucked up dynamic where the parents' and child's happiness is determined by materialism and hedonism only furthering the cycle of fuckedup'ness. Which is even more fucked up by the fact that many times for the parent how their child acts and behaves is all they have. That is The Magnum Opus.

I laugh at people that say not having children is selfish. Although, I don't think having children is inherently selfish. There is no denying it is a hell of a project.

But, I would love to look at the history of Christmas and the history of Black Friday. People are in a frenzy to find the right gifts and maybe purchase a piece of joy in this world.

As usual, I have no idea what I want for Christmas. The dam has too many holes. Who knows where to start plugging?

So far, I have gotten my sister a phone case and my parents a gift card to a restaurant that they like. T R A N S C E N D E N T A L . . .

I seem miserable but I am in bliss listening to this Stimming und Moderat. Ich habe zu Stimming und Moderat gehört und ich fühle glückseligkeit. Stimmung = mood in German. Stimming = what autists do to make it out alive but the artist name is actually Martin Stimming. Moderat is Modeselektor + Apparat both brilliant in their own right. I go through phases every 1 year, not quite every season, that I want to move to Germany and get immersed and study German Thought. Go to Stimming, Moderat, Booka Shade, et al. shows. Live in the hipster part of Prenzlauer Berg. It's all a dream. All a fantasy. I'm more likely to end up working at Taco Bell. Where did my life go?

I don't think it is easy for a lot of people. Even if you are making JP Morgan Chase type money you still have to work for JP Morgan Chase. They are seeing record numbers of resignations. I think rightfully so people are realizing it is not sexy to be a rent seeker especially if 1 or 2 people are bullied into covering an entire teams' work without any increase in pay or benefits.

I don't actually know which way the world is going to go. For me, it is fun to joke about collapse because that is certainly on the table for most of us on the planet and it helps me cope. Elon Musk perhaps can escape to Mars, Jeff Bozos can die in space, Bill Gates can have his own mansion/city with his own security and farming distribution and emergency room and hospital et al. We already live in a dystopia.

I try to laugh so I don't cry. No one wants to be around when the laughter stops.

So, when is this VR technology going to be as good as The Entertainment or The Experience Machine?

(Please guys, stay away from Zuck and his Metaverse)

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cool song i found by hiems, November 26

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Leftovers by RiKD, November 26

Just some leftovers at the time.

PUA (Pick up Artist/Artistry)

I dabbled in PUA in my 20s. I will say the one thing it did for me is showed me the ease in which a dude can walk up to a woman in a club or bar and start a conversation. That was pretty powerful at the time. Now, there are a million things wrong with PUA. One of them being this focus on make outs. There were plenty of times I would get a make out in a public place and it virtually meant nothing. In fact, make outs in public places should not ever be happening. This is all like kind of late 18s – early 20s when people are just starting to get more drunk and it can get pretty sloppy out there. Hell, I started drinking in 7th grade I should have known better. In 7th grade we would play spin the bottle or 2 people go into a closet and make out or just time people making out. So, make outs do matter in the fact that it's a first kiss scenario but really it should be happening in more of a discrete way and with people who are vetted and not just complete strangers.

Holiday Loneliness

Perhaps because my libido has been shot since I have felt so crummy lately this has helped but there has not been much holiday loneliness thus far. I have no desire to go to a club and get a make out but it is not like the fact that I have no one to cuddle with under the covers on a cold night has not really phased me much either. I did start going to AA again which helps with friends. It has also helped that there were no Aunt Karens at the Thangsgiving dinner table. I am willing to be a little lonely in general if it means less headaches in the future.


I don't know who is in control I just know that many times it doesn't feel like me. I question myself. If I don't question myself and life just moves I am either on the tracks of determinism or free will. Determinism would feel like free will but I swear there are times that free will is free will and doesn't feel like anything but free will.

But in general I have to get out of my head especially if I am manic. I saw the blue fairy in the blue lights though. I saw a lot of things. I hallucinate. I have synesthesia. That bridge to guardian angels and new worlds and new gods is such mind fuck. I've seen it; I've been there. I don't want to drive 129 mph in a 45 mph with Orbital – The Box – Part 2 blaring as loud as it will go. Actually, to be more truthful I do want to do that... I don't want to kill anyone and I don't want to lose my license though.

c my love,
help guide me,
you are an og,
like ri, like zoé, like me

That's how I pray today. I pray to complicated new gods of new dimensions with horrific poetry.

I also don't think I am as manic as what I am writing. It's almost like I am playing a character of manic me.

Oh well, I should probably find something else to do.

r Love x y Love x z Love ...

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Been sick by RiKD, November 23

I've been sick with a really ferocious cold like 6 days. Allegedly not Covid which is probably a good thing. My sleep is awful. I mean I slept most of today thank goodness but it is all in like 1 hours blocks and then I have really bad coughing fits. Then I thought I could control the dreams. Which I could to a degree but if I slept for like 2 hours from 1-3am I lost control. I am at a point now I don't want vivid dreaming, lucid dreaming, I just want to sleep for like 1 12 hour block. That's all I want in this world. Due to my aches and general dissatisfaction basically nothing as brought me joy. All entertainment is banal. I feel like shit and don't feel like getting anything done at a time I need to get stuff done. I am trying not to make it stressful and just survive on a basal level but I hate that survival zone. So, that's what I've been up to. Suffering and more suffering. How are you?

I think part of the reason I am posting this is so I can post in the future if I can't sleep. It is brutal to wake up every hour until like 3am and can't sleep. Hopefully, I can make things interesting but who knows.

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Spirituality by RiKD, November 12

To a degree I need to be more concerned about the spirit and the soul versus material and physical things. That is rich coming from someone whose finances could make a grown man cry. I don't necessarily have to be a born again Christian but it is wise to know Christ. Hiring a meditation teacher and meditating all day and reading all day and attempting to follow 15 or 16 or 17 precepts is / was close to insanity. By the way, the cravings and the suffering never disappeared. It's not like Christ or God is going to get me out of this predicament but maybe some warm tea and Erykah Badu might for a period of time. D'Angelo and white tea. Lauryn Hill and white tea. I am a white supremacist with my tea and a black supremacist with my spirit. Mi Esprit.

Maybe this is more important for me because I am an alcoholic and all around addict. Maybe I am forced to think about this stuff more. I don't really know what normies think about but sometimes maybe it is tough to relate to them as humans. I related more to my cat than someone that enjoys The View.

Read The Trouble with Being Born by Emil Cioran and try and refute it. I cannot. God is dead and we killed him. Try to refute Nietzsche on important matters. I could try to start reading off of Oprah's Book Club but cleaning up vomit all of the time would get tiresome.

I need to be in diners at 4:00 AM laughing my ass off with groups of people with fucked up sense of humor.

I need to be in forests. Deep, dense forest.

I probably shouldn't make fun of other peoples' spirituality unless it is funny?

I wish to be free.

There are many ways to be free in a place like the USA and many ways not to be free.

The fact that freedom of expression is valued is a rather large plus here. It is depressing to list all the ways in which I am not free. I am free to buy hundreds of different brands of shampoo (I forget who said this). I am free to starve to death.

I am free to write. I am free to groove. I am free to do a bunch of coke and go to a disco and pick up some slut hog and have a hell of a night, hell of a life yikes.

"Just being the best version of my self 24/7/365, all day every day, can't stop, won't step, whooooo!!!!" yikes

Sometimes I want to just settle in to some peace and quiet and lie down and read some Dune for a while.

Life can be exhausting no?

Imagine the first zip line through a jungle in Costa Rica and like the 17th zip line through a jungle in Costa Rica. Really, by 9 I was like get me off this thing.

Really think about the first time entering someone and then keeping that excitement going for like 10-20 min. I've fucked for 44 min. and that was just stupid. I don't mind a woman coming first or playing with herself or toys or really whatever although I am not man enough to let her peg me. I think it is hilarious to joke about getting pegged but for me no thanks unless the dildo is the size of a Pringles can.

But, I think we all need some form of spirituality in our lives. What happens when the laughter stops?

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just want to say by lostaccount, November 04

i love u all og lpers even the not too smart hiems sometimes

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It's over in a way unless we adjust by RiKD, November 03

I'm 37. It's virtually over for me and I won't even go through the years of maxing my salary but why are we concerned with all of that. Maximizing salary means likely maximizing staring at the wall in a cubicle... I don't mean to make this into some Fight Club bullshit. I can't sleep. It's the night time. It's the right time for some Tribe Called Quest. If there is one thing that works in my life it's A Tribe Called Quest at night.

I miss painting. Now, there is a timeless activity. That brings me happiness until at least 90 or so or I start losing my vision like Matisse or Picasso. The next step is I need a studio and learn oil paints. I more or less wrecked the carpet in my parents' home so no more painting there. Painting is one activity I don't feel bad for being 37. I just love doing it.

I saw somewhere today that if someone wants to retire at 40 and have a $150,000 burn rate they need $9,000,000. That seems really absurd but it is also not that tangible to me. Some days like today I am ok being 37 with a liver disease that could kill me in a horrible, painful, nauseating downfall in 2 years.

Telling me to get a job. Of course. I am looking. It is kind of hard to know how much to even settle for. Inflation has been so wild it almost seems like less than $20/hr and I am getting taken advantage of. I mean I am still getting taken advantage of but something I can live with realistically.

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