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Hmmmm.... by RiKD, July 30

I went for a walk on the beach today as always. I passed a woman who was with like 4 or 5 kids... They were everywhere. As I am walking towards her she goes "ohhhh, I love your snail (tattoo)!" I respond kind of blankly as I always do now, "oh, thank you." Then as I passed her, "OMG I love that owl (tattoo)! Owls are my spirit animal!"
I gave like a Phil Mickelson smile after making a very easy par putt or something and walk away. As I am walking away she yells at me, "Where have you been all my life!?"

She was not a kid goofing around. She was like 30-35 and very attractive which her behavior was a bit strange regardless. I have nothing to offer a woman besides late-night organ donor at this point so I just walked away with out saying anything. In the past there is no way I would have past that up as I would also have been at least a good amount drunk. Encounters like that make life more fun. I just have to figure out how to get at least like $3,000-$4,000 in the checking account per month and I feel like that encounter goes a little differently too. Ideally get my own business going again making $10,000+/month but I don't know if that is possible for me ever again. I don't really know what to say about money that hasn't already been said. I do know that being trapped in service for 7 years can be hellish. And, it seems that all this town really has is service. Service, car factory, jet factory, steel mill... I'm missing stuff but jobs are pretty bleak here if you aren't an engineer. Great fucking place to retire but not a great place to live as a 30 something trying to improve his/her life.

Yet, crust punks have boyfriends and girlfriends and enby-partners and all of the combos all the same. I don't know if I am willing to make the leap to crust punk and I am also tentative to attempt a comeback within capitalism. I have doctors who are telling me to take the disability and I have doctors that wonder why I am not working. I am really out of it too. Literally none of my clothes have buttons or zippers because I want to be free. I am like an artist in every way except in reality I am just a weirdo that doesn't actually ship any art nor wants to. So, I need to pay bills. I need to eat. I need shelter. I need clothes. There has got to be something about me that I can leverage for wealth. I want money to grow in my sleep.

By the way,

L'esprit de l'escalier

I feel like the best, most fun response to the woman at the beach today would have been to stop and respond, "Where have YOU been all my life?" Maybe, that's really cheesy although there isn't really a bad response. Just stopping and shrugging and saying "I don't know" works.

The problem as I said is that any house of cards that I build up or try to hide will tumble eventually under the least bit of scrutiny in how my life is going at the moment. The best policy is to be honest but no one wants to be with someone who is broke, in debt, and struggling to pay bills. I could attempt to pull off late-night organ donor when she is lonely but that is a weird setup especially with out drugs or alcohol ever being involved. Not to say that 2 strangers can't set some thing up because I have been part of arrangements like that before but it's usually spurt of the moment type of things fueled by alcohol. Plus, I will not have sex with a woman if she is too drunk if I have never had sex with her. Plus, if I ask her out to coffee and I am worried that my credit card will be declined that is not a good position to be in. I just sit at home eating mayonnaise sandwiches trying to figure out how to pass the time so I can take my sedatives and sleep as long as possible. Who the fuck wants to live that life? Even if they've never played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? There is no way any of it works unless she wants to cover everything in exchange for some dick. What does that even turn into? I heard of a guy who basically manipulated cougars for a living but I don't want to do that. I don't know what I want to do. I never have. That is my problem.

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Riley Reid by RiKD, July 22

I am back on Twitter for whatever reason. I suppose the logic is that if I just follow a bunch of dope artists and the sharpest people I know of some good info will flow to me. I saw someone I follow following Riley Reid and I was like "yeah, this could be interesting." Riley Reid and Sasha Grey are two women in porn who I feel like attack it with a certain intensity that just makes a lot of their videos feel more engaging and transcendental. Riley's first thing in her bio is that she is an atheist. Aggro atheists are an interesting bunch. I feel like I qualify as an atheist but maybe not really. The more I have lived the more it feels like something is out there. Aliens for sure somewhere in the universe. I feel like that with what I have experienced the chance of simulation has increased. I really don't know though. What if the biology of rainforests which may seem magical and beyond what anyone can even comprehend at this point could be deemed godlike whatever that means. I don't necessarily feel sorry for those that pray to a patriarchal god. If mental gymnastics can be achieved to the point that Fear in God is the only fear and it can be prayed away then maybe that is not a bad way to go about things. I don't think I will ever make that leap of faith but shit if I could just pray instead of taking an Ativan maybe I should consider that shit.

I was going to do a portion of this blog on the male gaze in porn but I doubt anyone on here is actually interested in that. The only takeaway for LP nerds would be that there is nothing to be learned for guys from male gaze porn. It's actually the opposite. Buy some books or videos that actually focus on having good sex. Not some pumped up bro with a mutant penis pounding away to the degree that it produces a clapping sound for 6 minutes then the guy jizzes into the starlett's eyeball. That is terrible. I think most people on this site are in their 30s if there even are people still on this site so maybe everyone gets it by this point but posting for those that maybe didn't know male gaze porn is not how to learn sex.

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For Zerg Kings by Silver_nz, July 21

I've been getting into creating subtitles for Queens lecture videos lately. If anyone Zergs are still playing SC, these are great information for the current meta.

Conversely if any C-level Protoss players want a game or two, I am up for practice :D

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Re-Start by RiKD, July 20

I am constantly re-starting. I still keep my xp points, skill points, and loot I have just been re-starting lately.

I re-built up The Nerd Machine (my desktop computer). It's pretty rag tag. Best Gateway Gaming Desktop from 2009 and potentially a Samsung 20'' Monitor from 2006 (lol). I really enjoy my blue switch key keyboard and new Razer mouse. There was a Warcraft III Battle Chest collecting dust in my bookshelf I had to open and play. I am trash especially compared to like Moon and Lawliet but I did remember most of the hotkeys. One time I pressed "T" with a Keeper for "Treants" but it's the lvl 6 move Tranquility that started "healing" my entire army who was at full life and out of danger. Also, I feel like the keyboard setup was slightly different because I kept hitting "v" for Death Knight coil which is OBVI "C" for any Death Knight users out there. I was typically random back in the day except my Human was pretty bad compared to the other 3. Oh well, I got fairly addicted to it where the only thing I wanted to do was play Warcraft III (TFT) but then got like really sick of it when the nostalgia wore off. There is like only so many fun builds against each race and no hope of me surpassing INFI so it just got kind of stupid.

My time is much better spent getting better at the guitar. I was re-stringing my guitar today and busted 3 strings. I am still legitimately tilted by it. The low E is a punto as I restrung it and tuned it fine. Then the A string stripped and busted when I was tuning and I think the other 4 are fucked. So, clearly I did something wrong and I don't know what I did wrong or why the low E was done correctly. It tilted me so much that I am just done for at least today and I'm more interested in making shit music on Garage Band than getting good at the guitar.

A friend convinced me to try out coding. I remember in 2006 I was interested in coding and my librarian mom brought home a 1,000 page book on Python and I was like wat?

Then I got good at other stuff but right now there is not really any excuse. I thought some things were outs that weren't in the last 7 years. Coding might be my only out. Coding & media are great outs if possible. But, clearly my shit on Garage Band is not going to pay the bills and as much as I like some of my paintings I don't really have much interest into trying to monetize them.

I don't really want to spend too much time on this since I haven't actually ever coded before but apparently their are programs out there that attempt to gamify it so it's not like taking some awful computer science course in university.

I've heard of code academy and learn code the hard way. Is this accurate?

I heard AWice say that he could make a better project than these. Did he do it?

Did anyone do it?

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Go Fuck Yourself. by RiKD, July 10

I am approaching new levels of broke that I've never experienced before. I don't need to get into all the details but the biggest thing is I haven't really been putting up much of a fight. There are still avenues I just haven't tried. I'm sick of fighting with capitalism every step of the way over not starving or the shot in the dark of finding some joy. Capitalism's take on joy is a perverted production of what they've convinced people joy is or should be. I don't know if the people down at the psych ward signed me up for disability or I still have to do that. It's all bullshit. Thankfully or un-thankfully the suicidal ideations are not that crazy. They could definitely get crazy. I don't think that much about suicide at the moment but it is the type of thing that I don't know if I care to live or if I care to die. If someone were to kidnap me and tie me down and maim me starting with my testicles and penis, of course, I would not like that very much. If they were to tie me up to a pole and empty a magazine of an AK-47 into my torso I am unsure how much I would care.

I haven't ever properly been in love. Maybe that is something to live for. My viewpoint now is that it is just fucked up chemicals in the brain. Then we have to deal with those fucked up chemicals in the brain after it ends. How could I ever honestly say I love someone until death due us part or even past that to some sick multi-dimensional eternity game. Like I can really say I am going to love someone not only for maybe 30 years but through infinite time in infinite dimensions? Really? All partnership really is is new benefits and new downsides. I think for a lot of the lucky ones the benefits outweigh the downsides but it is not like there are any guarantees here. The thing is if the chemicals are firing we are all fucking blind. I never disliked a woman when my throbbing penis was in her wet, warm, throbbing vagina. And, of course, that is not the only time I liked her. Maybe I have some misogynist tendencies I don't know about but most of those have faded away through out time and education.

I haven't really thought about hitting the bottle either. I am reading this book on addiction. AA is totally inadequate at explaining the science of addiction. There is some glimmer of hope that I could find a sweet-spot from say 10 units of Kentucky Bourbon to 20 but the problem is I know that it is total compulsion. I will drink until I pass out which is actually an added bonus for someone who hates to be conscious. When my only thoughts are, "I'm barely breathing... I wonder if I will wake up tomorrow... Do I care?" *Fade to black*

My striatum has found new things to be excited about and I think that is what addiction is about anyways. Finding new things for the striatum to get excited about and dopamine to pump towards something better than compulsively drinking myself to death.

I get excited about the electric guitar. As long as I keep getting excited about the electric guitar I may actually have more chance of getting good because my striatum and dopamine are probably a bit fucked up. I bet many on this site are a bit fucked up. Between Starcraft and Poker our striatums and dopamine pump got fucked up for sure. There was a time where literally poker was the only thing that brought me dopamine. One time I was playing poker and ignored an attractive women that was drunk but not too drunk and came up to my room to sleep with me and I told her I was busy.

Later, I had my drinking rituals which always placed drinking and myself before anything. Which basically just meant that I would compulsively drink until I passed out and then do that every single day of the year. That is such a gross spot to be in. So, I am in a better spot now than I was then but I am still in a pretty gross spot 7+ years later. And, the thing is I am not really sure how to get out of all of this mess. The only way I figure is losing consciousness. Sleeping a lot can be fun but all of the problems are still there. It is the same scenario with drinking, drugs, video games, good film... The only kind of escape that will truly work is to kill myself. I was not made for this place and time. I am so sick of trying to be malleable. It never works out. It hasn't worked out. I somehow still have hope that it can work out but that bullshit positivity does not mean that it must work out or it will work out. I am not an undead soldier.

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Need PayPal 4 btc by lostaccount, July 07

Need 50-100$ PayPal for btc

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miracles do happen by lostaccount, July 04

2 lper who owe me paid me back their debt after 8+ years. I never expected that to happen and it wasn't a small debt too. one even paid interest 2.2x original amount the other just the balance. I forgot he even owe me money so it was unexpected. The money i got paid back feels like i won the sunday million again. Its not as much as a sunday million win but the money i receive felt better than when i came 3rd in the sunday million cuz money is kinda tight atm. Best bday gift ever. my bday is next week so will be going on a small trip with family. and neilly is so unstable, i lent him money again cuz im kind hearted. wasnt a lot 50$ for him to regrind the micro and he wasn't doing so well financially but he went off on me when i ask for it back cuz i see hes doing better. I hope ur well neilly. im grateful for God who gives miracle. this is a miracle someone u havent talk to for 8+ years paids u back a life changing amount of money. so bless never stress, to distress don't make a mess, i get down on my knees to feel at ease. thank u GOD

i have money but its out of my control, cuz i went manic before and was spending like crazy so parents took control of my money and they give me just enough money every month to spend. Now i finally have some bullets I control. having bad mental health sucks, have been struggling for 6+years but i finally feel normal again. anxiety can get bad sometimes but its a lot better than 8 years ago. I have so much free time now that i quit online poker not good for my mental health even if i make money.

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retrospective by CrownRoyal, June 30

I was just looking at my old hands I posted here on liquidpoker, jesus I was bad. I don't think I would have played a single hand I looked at the same way today. It's almost to crazy to think I won money back then. Even the way I talked to other people, my old blogs, everything about 20 year old crownroyal was so awful lmao. I apologize to all of you.

I played quite a bit last year during covid times, the games were soooooooo good. I think I made 10k USD from poker last year in sub 100 hours of play. (Thanks in part mostly to a 5.5k bink in a $50 tournament on bovada).

It's interesting to me that even though I have done no studying, minimal grinding and really just haven't been involved at all for so long that I could assimilate so much knowledge about the game over that period of time. Something about GTO really clicked with me, even if I'm describing it wrong and I never directly played with the calculators for it just seeing the bet sizings and the way the theory plays its ranges immediately resonated with me.

I have exactly zero desire to ever grind poker ever again, in fact I would say most all of my ambitions are gone and I'm only 32. I have become so complacent with my life, I wish I could get that fire back. In my real life I paid off everything I own and only work part time now as a systems/network admin for a smallish business. I own a house, a car, I have a nice computer, I have all the things I need. I don't have a lust for money or monetary success in general. It seems like that's the only thing there is to grind for but every time I have lots of money it just sits in my bank account, I genuinely have no use for it.

I spend most all of time learning, I could talk your ear off about anything regarding physics or space. I have a pretty big crypto trading hobby lately, that's also been keeping me going for the past while.

Anyway, enough rambling. Just checking in for the 10 year class reunion. love you guys.

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re-boot , re-fresh by RiKD, June 28

I just got home from the psych ward.

Yet again, yet again.

I just feel some contentment to be home and I am tired. This one was a fucking crazy one. Over 3 weeks I got less than 50 hours of sleep. I reached new levels of more or less sustainable hallucinations but the paranoia and some of the harsher visual/audio hallucination got me. Right now it feels like it has taken its toll. It may take me a while to recover. I still get color hallucinations in certain states but it seems that I have lost my synesthesia. As awesome as synesthesia is I am ok with trading that for serenity. The worries I had in the first 3 days in the psych ward are so absurd and fear inducing that I would not wish them upon anyone. All of my artwork is on the shelf. I am a little curious to see what I was up to but I want to not look at any of it for a while. I talked to a friend who used to be in the psych field. He said I should just focus on healing for a while. I tend to agree.

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Job Listing - Crypto Trader by Smuft, June 06

Hello Friends,

So after the crypto boom in 2017, I have been doing that full time ever since. I meant to write a blog post detailing my adventures because it's kind of a fun story and it's probably nice for old LP'ers to hear how everyone landed post-poker. I'll give a short bullet point version here:

2017 - Traded the crypto bull market with no idea what I was doing, did a lot of manual arbitrage and in the process realized everything was going up all the time so started to long shitcoins. Did pretty well but got rekt in 2018 like everyone else.
late 2017 - Moved to Hong Kong and helped setup a crypto trading desk for a mid-sized bank where a friend had a position as the head of bank's trading desk. I had been trading crypto 16 hours a day everyday for 6 months at this point and my friend wanted to get involved but didn't have much crypto domain knowledge, I showed him what I knew about crypto and he took me under his wing, teaching me how to approach trading in a more professional manner. I was here for a little less than a year but it was probably more beneficial than obtaining a finance degree in a decent school.
2018 - Alas going to work in a downtown Hong Kong office each day and dealing with suits is not tenable long term for an ex-gamer/poker degenerate. I left on good terms and started my own fund along with another ex-poker player turned trader.
2018-2020 - We ran some fully automated market neutral cross exchange arbitrage strategies and achieved a little less than 100% returns over 1.5 years before our strategies decayed to the point that we felt closing the fund was the best choice.
late 2020-current - We reopened a new iteration of the fund focusing on more traditional quant strategies like momentum, mean reversion, stat arb, market making, etc. We've done quite well off of the back of the bull market and have been aggressively hiring developers and traders which brings me to this blog post. We're looking for 1 or 2 more traders.

Some context about the job. When a lot of people read this and hear "crypto trader" they are probably thinking of those guys who draw lines on charts and yolo long or short on high leverage. This job is not anything like that. We have a bunch of semi to fully automated strategies that need to be monitored by humans. This is because automated trading in crypto is still not reliable and shit often goes wrong and requires human intervention. In the case of our semi-automated strategies, the trader is also required to learn how the strategy works and adjust parameters on the fly. This is not rocket science and any ex-poker player who is motivated to learn can do this job well.

- have been a winning poker player at some point
- have a good reputation in the community, either knows me or we have mutual friends
- experience with crypto a huge plus, especially knowledge of the major exchanges and their derivatives

- scheduled ~50h work weeks, a lot of this is semi passive where you are at your PC with all of our trading infrastructure up and watching it but you are not glued to it like you would be a multi-table poker session.

- base 5k/month (first couple of months are training/easing into your position and have a reduced salary)
- discretionary bonus that depends on your performance and the funds performance
- you'll learn how a winning crypto fund makes money and be apart of a team that is all striving to be successful in this industry (if leveraged properly, this is worth more than $ compensation long term)
- I'll be candid, this is not a glamorous job, you will not get rich from the $ you make at this job, it's just a job. The reason why I am posting on here is because there is a pretty large demograph of poker players who are struggling to still squeeze the last $ out of poker or who haven't transitioned out of poker in a satisfactory way. The people in this demograph who also meet the qualifications and are comfortable with the requirements and compensation package are ideal candidates for this position.

If you're interested PM me with some details about your qualifications, why you are interested, and your contact info (telegram/skype/whatsapp).

Also happy to answer any general questions about what I do or how I ended up here.

Hope all of you are well.

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Into the Future by RiKD, May 02

I could try and kill every last neoliberal in the USA, UK, and France including the deep state and all C-suite hierarchies but that is obviously an impossible task. Also, how would it be fair for atomized me to decide who lives and dies? There could also be unconsidered ramifications like the replacements being worse than the people before them and justifications for surveillance, militarized forces, etc.

On the flip side if I was an OPCW whistleblower I don't think many from the above category would second guess disappearing me especially if it was outsourced to some arm of the intelligence community or private mercenary firm.

If I think about it I don't want to kill anyone except for myself on occasion.

I could sip on flutes of good champagne while watching 1990s All Japan Pro Wrestling celebrating my future lack of consciousness in this existence before I gulp down handfuls of benzos but I don't want to drink ever again even if it is a hopeful suicidal one off.

A comrade in the psych ward found a poison that was painless and lethal within 20 min. I could wear a lethal dose on a necklace wherever I go like Nietzsche's friend Paul Rée but today that is probably very illegal and I'd rather not have to interact with law enforcement about a thing like that.

Maybe my favorite is to just find the right gas and fill up an empty dumpster with it and toss myself in there like they toss the stray dogs when there is no room at the shelter.

Good tv is getting me through these times. I don't think it really gives me any hope but being in the midst of a good tv show brings much needed escape.

I am still waiting on being fully vaccinated so hopefully I can soon make some sort of connections with human beings not behind glass. I recently saw a guy on YouTube who fancies himself as some sort of god of the online left denigrate Food Not Bombs. I will admit that it kind of riled me up. I mean I get what he was saying. Having 1 million or so subscribers and putting forth a strong message certainly has a lot of impact... I don't know. I more so want to let that comment slide and not care and get out behind the glass and organize with people in real life. Food Not Bombs is a great starting point and gateway into other things. There is nothing more simple or less controversial than accepting food donations and then preparing food for people who need it.

I read a great article the other day about the left wing deadbeat. Basically, a person who spends all their time reading and arguing theory but does not actually do anything. Of course, there is a time for theory and it is easier to sit in the comfy chair and stare at YouTube videos through the glass but I will have to do the more difficult actions of leaving the house and organizing with people in real life if I want any chance of decreased suicidal ideations or a "Great Transition."

"The Great Transition" is an idea from Peter Joseph's film InterReflections. The film is based off of Joseph's book The New Human Rights Movement. Obviously, we are going to need more than just Peter Joseph ideas but that is part of the point. Putting time, energy, and focus into a lot of those ideas is a lot more exciting than canvassing for "promising" politicians or making a sign and standing outside yelling slogans.

Time to step away from the glass for a while...

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bink a small tournament by lostaccount, April 23

won 845$ in a 20$ tournament. This definately helps with the bills.
I will be volunteering again next 4 tuesday. Theres a lot of cute girls at church lol but i am not interested. Got my eyes on someone special. Hope yall doing okay during covid. God bless us ALL.

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Stories by RiKD, April 11

I wrote some notes in a notebook...


Zoë is a beautiful woman and a unique character. I wanted Zoë. Zoë is a sex addict. I decided to not try to persuade or seduce Zoë to have sex with me in any way. That left things in interesting waters. Zoë got so much attention that I felt the urge to pathetically vie for some of that attention instead of just HODL the line. She would eventually come back to me and give me attention. The thing is it is not like there was really any danger of me manipulating her. The danger was her manipulating me. I have no idea if she even lives here anymore. She is a transient, nomadic creature.


I have a friend named Finn. Finn has a bone disease that causes pain. Finn used to have a cabinet full of Big Pharma. Now, Finn illegally uses marijuana products costing less money with more effectiveness than Big Pharma. Finn was also my first friend who stopped taking AA and other 12 step programs seriously. The fact that Finn was using marijuana products with out a doctor's prescription and questioned AA practices and effectiveness pissed off a lot of people. Finn did not give a fuck.

One of the reasons I bring up Finn is that he has been on disability for as long as I remember. It's a fucking grind. The government gives people on disability just enough money not to die out on the streets but not even in all cases. Finn lived in an ok old house. I think the government subsidized it. It provided more autonomy than living with his parents but living with his parents was not an option. It was in a rough area. Most people were nice but one could watch a crack deal or a shooting from one's patio. Finn had a rough upbringing and used to be addicted to crack so he knew the game. Finn was far from an easy target although he did not really have any other choice but to live there.

Finn had a humble but all-knowing quality to him that I think a lot of people were attracted to. Part of that quality was not being afraid to say "I don't know" if he did not know. We were always doing something. We would go fishing, talk on the patio, cook for people, etc. Screens were never involved. Finn had the most basic pay as you go flip phone possible. He didn't even have any screens! It was always inspiring for me to see Finn with a positive girlfriend despite all of his woes. I miss Finn.

Pink Matter

Back when I did improv in one of the performances that I do not even remember the context I boldly told the theatre the first thing that came to my mind: "If models were made for modeling, thick girls were made for cuddling!"

After the show some thick women came up to me slightly wet asking about that line. I told them the truth that no it was not an original thought but something that Andre 3000 wrote for his portion of Frank Ocean's song Pink Matter. One of them asked me if I shared that opinion and I said that yes I do... I would not have said it if I did not believe it. It was weird to have a fan to some extent or perhaps even a groupie at an Improv show in some small theatre in a mid-western city not named Chicago.

I think it was John Belushi who started his career at Second City in Chicago who said, "Good improv is better than sex." This is a guy who died doing crazy doses of eight balls... He knows his drugs and he is also correct. Good improv is better than sex. What does that mean? Does it mean that the improv community is a good place for casual sex among performers and audience members? Well, yes but probably more important is that improv is fun period.

I started taking advanced classes. There was this weird girl in there who I had seen perform and she was really good. I didn't say anything to her for 4 classes until we were in a scene together. The scene just fucking exploded into the most insane, bonkers, weird, sporadic, fun, energetic scene. We just kept going and going and the instructor let it go on and on and on until it seemed virtually impossible that we could top ourselves. The class gave us a standing ovation which never happens. The woman I did the scene with and I went back to being weird introverts but there was a charge there. Super charge. With the help of her I had just done the best improv scene of my life and it felt phenomenal. And then I didn't do anymore improv ever again...

I never really puzzled over it until this day. I think I was trying to do more days of improv than there are days in the week. I auditioned for a "professional" improv group and made it. We would be paid a share of the profits of the show. I guess I don't blame the founder and coach for trying to make it more commercial so he could make more money but it was just kind of lame as fuck so I quit. I had another team that we were always on the verge of breaking up and I don't think we were all that good anyways. I quit. Looking back on it though I should not have quit the advanced classes. The instructor did not excite me but he was actually what I needed. There were some fire people in that class. So what if I would constantly run into some of the people that I quit their teams? I made a bigger deal out of that at the time than I should have and suffered completely dropping out of a fun, exciting part of my life.

Now that I am almost vaccinated it seems I am considering making an improv comeback...

We will see.

I've thought about doing standup since forever. I even filled up a notebook with jokes. The sad thing about that notebook full of jokes is that there probably isn't even 10 min. of good material in there. I would not be looking forward to probably at least 6 months of bombing consistently every night. Also, where I live right now there is no such thing as stand-up "every night" or even ever. I am certainly not going to move to NYC or Austin (I will never move to LA) with 10 min. of bad material.


There is an OutKast song called SpottieOttieDopalicious that is a great summer song. There was one summer visiting my family that everything just seemed perfect. I was listening to a summer playlist that I made for the trip all the way up. The windows were down. SpottieOttieDopalicious had been playing so I was on that vibe. I was hitting a red light so I was slowing down and I noticed a fine SpottieOttieDopalicious angel in her own right waiting for the light to turn red so she could cross the street. She did not have any ear buds or anything so she definitely heard the song. Then the light was red and she put on the most graceful, sexy walk to the beat that I could not have even imagined. Just a great shape and hips and a large ass... which btw, how come black women always need to have a shapely large ass? What about a well proportioned ass that fits her body or what about the black women with skinny asses? Are we supposed to just discard them or something? I see white women all the time proud of their skinny ass wearing thongs... anyways...

So, then I get to my sister's apartment and she is staying with her boyfriend for the weekend. I open up the door and the aroma is overpowering... the desk is covered with the best weed in the city, zig zags, a bowl, etc. This was at a time when something like that might shake me up a bit. I went for a walk and called a friend. Also, luckily, my sister's cats love me. They were like, "Don't worry bro. We got your back" and were there for me with the lap sitting, cuddles and lolz.

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Got scammed lol by lostaccount, March 26

Lost 300$ worth of btc oh well I should really do my due diligence. I was tired n took a blind faith. Never trading my btc again online. It was some guy on 2+2

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Relaxed Strategy and Management by RiKD, March 14

"Relaxed Strategy and Management" is how Jack Dorsey spends 16 hours of his Sundays on Twitter and Square. Strategy is a great word. I have always enjoyed strategy in regards to games. Strategy is also important in regards to war. Like how many weapons Raytheon can sell, how many construction jobs can Bechtel pick up, and how many military bases Halliburton can build and service. Strategy is important in business too of course. Management, however, can basically be boiled down to a manager hiring as many underlings as the higher ups will allow them to so that they can feel special and powerful, protecting themselves with politics and bureaucracy, and then maybe or maybe not doing any work that is valuable. There is management that is important. "Managing one's affairs" is important. Everyone should put some time, effort, and energy into "managing their affairs."

I am unfortunately back on facebook. Someone that i made friends with in the psych ward only has facebook and i am worried about him. Now, i can't just sit here and put all of my self worth and validation into trying to help someone i only know to a certain degree but he is a good dude. I am worried that he will go straight back to selling drugs and end up back in prison. He had some job lined up where he would be making tacos for some local taco joint. I didn't really know what to say. If i had his skills, knowledge, and connections selling drugs i probably wouldn't be bothering to make tacos for no money at some shitty taco joint even if selling drugs is a game of russian roulette. It's a tough spot. I do my best to avoid law enforcement these days so i would probably be in there grinding out the shitty taco job but if someone offered me a tempting drug smuggling job it might be hard to say no. The problem with that is that then the next one is tempting too and the next one and the next one and the next one and the risk of violence or imprisonment keeps going up and up and up.

So, nowadays, i use facebook solely as a messenger platform BUT i tend to notice the top post and notifications. I am getting a shit ton of friend suggestions from attractive women. The algorithm knows i am thirsty for THOTs. I know maybe half of them but i am not adding ANY of them. I have to hold true to something and right now that is not giving a fuck about facebook and only using it as a messenger platform. Maybe it would be good for me if my psych ward buddy messages me that he caught another charge and is in prison again. I've already exchanged messages with old friends that i probably won't talk to in a while. I would much prefer to just cut myself off completely from facebook once again but i gave this guy my word that i would check up on him.

Anyways, the top post this morning was one of my Northerner friend's view of a beach nearby me from her patio. Sometimes with time things become pretty clear. The immediate memory was one night the meeting was kind of small and i always use to sit off in the corner so i could see the entire meeting in front of me. Jasmine strolled in and sat down right next to me. She usually wore sweatpants and hoodies but today she was wearing perfume and makeup (the perfect amount). She was wearing short shorts and i don't know if i ever saw or paid attention to her legs before. She kept provocatively crossing her legs and it was hypnotizing. Talking to her after the meeting it was clear that she was horny for me but i had a rule that i would never sleep with any of the women from the meeting. I did not continue the tit for tat with her even though she had set me up the ultimate ball to spike. She probably just assumed i was an asexual nerd, did not give any fucks, and promptly found the first guy that was more than happy to have sex with her while i went home and sadly masturbated by myself once again.

Being a White Knight is stupid. No one gives a fuck. One of my best friends cheated on one of the most well liked women in the meeting (Lexi) with some random he was treating in rehab (Abby). It went sour with Abby and she overdosed on Fentanyl and died. Lexi found out and it went sour there too. Lexi started drinking and sleeping around like an absolute maniac. I rejected her because she was drunk which i'm still fine with that decision but a lot of the men in the meeting got some good fucks in and most people in the meeting didn't care. It was all too much for my friend who hit the streets and started hitting the heroin heavy again. We got him back 4 months later and no one gave any fucks and we were just happy to see him back and alive.

One of my other best friends (AJ) was vetted by pretty much all of the women in the meeting that mattered and he could pretty much sleep with whoever he wanted. That was interesting to observe. He was attractive, tall, and had a gift of gab so i don't know if anyone could have pulled this off but he did. He did not own a car so i gave him a ride home most nights but it was pretty obvious what was going on if he preferred Daniela or whoever to give him a ride home instead of me.

At one point i was also vetted by pretty much all of the women in the meeting. It is easy to be a White Knight if there are virtually 0 options... Eventually, i would get horny enough to forget my "heroic standards" and rationalize and then at that point almost all standards start to break down. I mean there are still standards of being consenting adults and having fun but what i mean is that even that shining newcomer that just walked through the door becomes fair game. I never reached AJ status. Not even close. He was just much more practiced and experienced. He was also more in the moment. I was always worried about what was going to happen and also more susceptible to catch feelings. I was always worried something would get messy but thankfully it never did. If both parties are adults and discrete the outcomes are far better. Even if something erupts into some drama that just means some of the people will latch onto that for a while and then forget and most people will not care to begin with.

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Volunteering by lostaccount, March 10

I started volunteering at a church to help serve the people in need yesterday.
Haven’t work in such a long time was exhausting but rewarding seeing the smiles on their faces when u help them. Good times but gonna need a 2 week break till I’m ready again.
God bless u all, hope u guys have a happy life

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Do you meditate? by spets1, March 03

I've tried it a bit, like try not to think about anything at all. I can feel my brain relax, its pretty cool tbh. But usually a couple minutes later I realise im once again thinking about something. Or sometimes I take all the thought out of my mind and imagine to put them onto a shelf, not to touch them.
It's pretty cool, also good to actually come up with good ideas especially if you're caught in a thought circle when you keep circling around the same thoughts without any productivity

such as these:

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p by RiKD, February 25

Sometimes i get a little bit good feeling to write some words. I become bored and lonely through out Covid and through out life. I was reminiscing about a time that was probably about spot on the nose in regards to my physical peak. I was so busy that i just didn't think to eat a lot of calories. I mostly ate plants and not too many of them. With my job i was running around steel mills and up and down stairs between the tundish yard and continuous caster. I swam for about 25 min. 3x / week. I remember one time I was getting everything set to go for another swim and this gorgeous latina went out of her way to walk the entire length of the pool to flirt aggressively with me. I was 6'2'', visible abs, and the right shape sculpted by the swimming. The right posture. I was 28. I was flattered by the whole situation but all i really wanted to do was get a reprieve from life through movement and breathing through the water. This is partly why i never bother women in the gym. Even if they are wearing makeup and showing off their breasts. Having an attitude of abundance is a good thing in the dating world and the truth is there is an abundance of women who will look good in a cocktail dress and it is truth that there is even an abundance of women who will look good in a cocktail dress and are also funny, sharp, kind, etc. It is not however wise to just play fast with the Next button in every situation. One will end up alone shaking their heads at what happened at age 40 and beyond. I can never get that 28 year old's swimmer body back. Those 10 years have already emptied out into the bottom of the hourglass. It is true that Brad Pitt was 40 years old as Achilles in Troy but ole Brad is gifted in symmetry, was being paid millions of dollars to get into comic book shape. I have no desire to eat chicken and broccoli and train 3+ hours a day for a year. I do have a desire for a partner beyond mutual orgasm. She could pull her panties on and fix her hair in the mirror and then we could go and grab some french toast instead of parting ways. Or i could cook up some vegan pancakes or make some eggs benedict.

My first kiss was arguably the most attractive girl in my grade. The kiss played tricks on me a little bit. On one hand it was a spin the bottle game peck at a friend's party but on the other hand there was eye contact, she smelled good, and her lips were legitimately wonderful. I remember some time in high school i asked her if she liked me pretending to be my younger sister on AIM... pretty cringe. She responded that she liked me as a friend but not in THAT way. I never brought it up again and kind of deluded myself that it never happened and that she would believe that it was my younger sister and not me. I always sort of knew that she knew it was me... She was probably dealing with simps on the daily at that age anyway but i guess i always sort of had that skill to distort reality in my favor. For me, even at that young age i was not optimistic that i could ever overcome the "friend's zone" and for the most part was cool with it. She was a smart person that was fun to be around and it is never wise to try and fit a square peg into a round hole but i was secretly envious of the guys that would date her... even the friends of mine. Then i was collectively chosen to be her Homecoming Court escort. I was never a fan of spectacles like that but at the same time it was nice to have that arm candy for the night or maybe i was her arm candy... She went to university out of state, got married, and we never kept in touch. I was curious this morning so i looked her up on facebook... She is just as gorgeous as ever as well as her mom who must be in her 60s by now. Good genes.

So, i learned in Psychology that the second most important indicator of attraction is symmetry. I think the textbook literally used a picture of Halle Berry. The #1 indicator is proximity. I was thinking about this. I would wager that the city that i currently reside in has more 24-44 yr old women with a pleasing symmetry than i could reasonably date in 1 year. So, this idea of abundance is real. Some downside? Maybe more than half are a stan of Donald Trump. Then i can break it down further and the fact is that i am unemployed, in-debt, i live with my parents and i have no desire to get dressed up and grab drinks @ the in chic sexy lounge downtown. The champagne, expensive tequila shots, or volcano with good green no longer exists "back at the apartment." What do i have now? I guess i have some paintings and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That is probably more inline with the type of woman i am interested in these days anyway. Which includes many of these Twitch women i poked some fun at for vying for our attention. I currently only go outside to go on walks for the most part so i have access to these uncommon and rare birds thanks to the trusted internet.

The first time i ever went to a strip club i had probably just turned 18. It was a full nude club which of course if you are a perv like me is clearly better than non-full nude. I just find vagina beautiful is a nicer way to say it. I was a Mega-virgin at the time so my friends bought me a lap dance. The DJ was in on it and made some comment about not busting in my pants which was a legitimate concern. I did not bust in pants but i do still remember her warm breathing and whispering in my ears. She was not classically beautiful but brought me hard ons for weeks afterwards.

The first time i ever went to The Spearmint Rhino i was probably 22. I am not at liberty of going too much in detail here but EklY basically hosted all of our first times at this legendary establishment. That was the first time i had met EklY. I was definitely a stan and he flew by any expectations i may have had. There is no chance in hell at trying to get that first EklY @ The Rhino experience back. The beauty mixed with the hypnotizé provocateur professional aspect of it all makes it a difficult place to hold on to cash. I remember one time on first entering that place there was a group of 3 hypnotizérs and one of them grabbed me by my tie and pulled me in close to her face and stared deep into my eyes until i broke the spell because getting set up at a table with unlimited alcohol was always more important to me at that time than even a rare bird encounter. I was still a virgin at this time. I also did not have a lot of cash on me. A friend bought me a lap dance. I was being pretty stingy with the offerings because i only had 1 bullet for the VIP lounge. XTINA won me over. She had that Christina Aguillera archetypal look going on but was actually more attractive and more interesting. She knew what she was doing. She took me to an area that was more or less unsurveillable unless the bouncers were to actually enter that area and pay attention which was basically never happening. The reality distortion kicks in masking the fact that i am paying this women to seduce me into paying her more. In my whole life i mostly just didn't pay attention to rules or disregard rules in strip clubs. She would move my hand and scold me if i tried to enter her with my fingers but she didn't mind subtle clitoral stimulation and i enjoyed the warmth and wetness (?) of that area. I guess it is not impossible that she was wet but probably not likely. She was sweating which i enjoyed but it was hot in there. I remember thinking about the possibilities of picking her up which is not impossible but more or less impossible for a Mega-virgin. ElkY was likely fucking Rhino strippers at the time but this is ElkY we are talking about. Btw, I never paid that friend back for the lap dance and perhaps even more shameful was when ElkY was making it rain some guy was gathering all the One Dollar Bills up and then divvied it up between him and me and i accepted the wad of cash and put it in my pocket instead of scolding this random guy and moving the pile of cash towards the performing stripper. I have carried that shame with me for 15 years. Btw, i still remember the posture and maniacal look on ElkY's face when he was making it rain. On one hand it was an iconic image of Monster Free Roll Life but from my viewpoint at some point it crossed over into a robotic or compelled maneuver. I always wondered how much of it was enjoyable. Surely, an impromptu hard kiss with a beautiful woman on stage is likely to be enjoyable but what about thrown dollar number 2,555 after the climax of song 3?

Damn, man. I was a virgin until 23. And there is not really any other type of virgin than Mega-virgin. Mega-virgin is a ssstttrrruuugggllleee. Especially, junior and senior year of high school and 4 years of university. Prom was a lot of fun but cringe. The best play was clearly to get drunk and fuck. I remember this one time in university an attractive young lady was trying to get me to get out with her that night and i was annoyed because i was trying to beat my high score on so i could micro better @ warcraft III... She even feigned interest in Then, i remember meeting up with some women from my high school and one of them point blank asked me "how come you were never interested in me in high school?" and basically followed that up with "how come you never fucked any of the women who were interested in you?" I didn't really know what to say. She then went on to basically say "i had a crush on you in high school (and still do?) and left it open ended tete a tete that if i looked into her eyes and then her lips and then her eyes and then went 90% of the way for a winning kiss i would have been another number in her body count. Which, btw, a beautiful woman with a strong body count are a great start in attractive attributes. "That just means she knows what she wants out of life..." - André 3000. What did i actually do? "It was nice seeing you tonight... *hug*" Then, i probably went home and frustratingly rubbed one out to bad pornography...

So, anyways, then i find myself in a strip club in Buenos Aires quite drunk. I have been told that most if not all of strip clubs in Buenos Aires are fronts for brothels. My friend discovers a rare bird. She is almost comically Argie. She kind of reminds me of Pampita but more curvaceous. I am thinking to myself, "Damn, that is a nice find." Her friend is interested in me. At first glance i am thinking i am getting the short end of the stick. She is not strikingly beautiful in any way. But then she kisses me. I have never been kissed like THAT. Hypnotizér la Séductrice and i am paying for a motel room and more. Try as i might i will never get that experience back either. Nor may that idea even be a healthy one. Sex work is real work but it is nicer to consent to the magic in the air rather than making sex transactional. No matter how strong the reality distortion may be it is tough to get the thought out of the mind that she is only there because i gave her cash to be there. Believe me, i have tried many times to make the stripper i just gave x amount of cash to wet but don't believe i ever accomplished it. Compare that to the woman dripping wet through her yoga pants after a let's fuck kiss and there is no comparison.

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Poker software? by El_Tanque, February 20

Is there a poker software with HUD that works with pokernow.Club? Been playing there a lot and thought it would be helpful.

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Tournament study group by Gumster, February 12


Anyone interested in meeting up for a study session? Like discuss the current meta game (ranges n whatnot), talk about how to use solvers, do some sims etc.

I quit my job so I'm doing poker full-time now

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