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New hustle by lostaccount, September 18

I have been sports betting as my new hustle, doing pretty good a lot less taxing on my body. I have been doing pretty good getting about a 14% roi. I have been learning from a professional for the last year and a half. Today i got the Lakers, indians and rays

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Honest To God by failsafe, September 05

I was honest to God banned from Team Liquid for posting this in the greatest maps thread

If I owned stock in this enterprise I would literally roll myself into a spliff.

BW Reps.

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High end poker table? by El_Tanque, September 03

Wow. Been a while. The last time I logged on a few years ago, someone remembered who I was and that they had met me at a house party in Vegas in 2009. The mind, and specifically the memory, of a poker player astounds me. Kudos to you. I am sure you will see this and remember me once again. I cannot, which explains my poor poker play.

Life has slowed down while picking up speed at the same time. I am married and have a kid now. Poker has taken a backseat to life. I absolutely love being a father, and it's been the absolute best experience of my life. The days are long, but the past year has been short.

You may remember, if you were at that epic party July 3, 2009, that I brought a beer pong table that I built. My fascination with being handmade things has continued, and now that my baseball career is over, I am trying to find a hobby to fill that void baseball has left me with.

I would like to make a high end poker table. I thought I would reach out to those with the same passion I had for poker to ask you all: if you were to buy a poker table for yourself... A nice table, a piece of furniture... What would you want in the table? What are some must have features, and what would you, as a consumer, avoid?

Thanks in advance.

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Thoughts: Just my thoughts at the time by RiKD, July 27

I cannot lie awake any longer.

I am learning poetry to give me something to do when I can't sleep. The problem is I don't feel like writing poetry. I didn't even know what a line or a stanza was. I never learned. I was allergic to summer reading in high school so I was kicked out of the AP English track. I think part of it had to do with I was conditioned to think poetry was "unmanly." I am quite a different person now to when I was in high school. But in many ways I am still that same guy. It's interesting how that works out.


I am reading a book about thinking by Heidegger that is quite good. I really should just get back to that.


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New Computer stup (Almost complete!) by Ryan Neilly, July 25

New desk comin Monday and Microphone/Camera and gonna go live on twitch almost everynight.

kinda stoked lovin it

respect to everyone at lp,

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Podcasts? by RiKD, July 25

So, maybe I will put a halt on the bursts of narcissistic entanglement that is my blog for at least one post.

I will be in the car for 16 hours straight next week and was interested what people have to say about podcasts. One that really stands out to me is S-Town (Shittown). I don't think that one could be topped but shit like that is I think what I am looking for. I also love Vegan Vanguard with Mexie and Marine. That is about it. I could check out Serial and the other contributors to S-Town as well as who Vegan Vanguard has collaborated with recently but that is an overwhelming task at the moment. Or I would be interested in something completely different. A friend recommended me S-Town and I was like "yeah, oh ok." I am just looking for what the kids call [Fire Emoji]. But probably not actually what the kids think is [Fire Emoji]. I don't know. We are all like 30-40 here anyways. Who has listened to some good shit? Let's get it out in the open.

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What's the best solver right now? by Nitewin, July 20

I know of PIO, monk, CREV... I think there are a few others.

I'm leaning towards Pio right now but I see three versions, basic, pro, and edge. I'm not really understanding what the differences are. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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Audiobooks? by k4ir0s, July 15

Any recommendations? I like to listen to them while exercising.

Just finished Can't Hurt Me, which I would recommend to anyone looking for change in their lives.

This year has been tough. Quarantine hit me the same time as another breakup. I started a web business last year and was doing good, picking up clients and picking up momentum until it all came to a immediate halt. I need some inspiration; I need to pick myself up again. Success is there for the taking, and I know how to get there. I crunched the numbers and looked the data I accumulated. I need to network with business owners twice a week, and cold call businesses 2-3 hours a day, follow up, do a bit of content marketing and do good work. And the money will come. My ex taught me how to stat a business, so I have her to thank for. The problem is, that money has never been a significant motivator for me. I wish it were.

Ever since I allowed myself to get involved in dating in a meaningful way I have found so much happiness through it. Falling for someone is the greatest feeling. It's something I've been missing my whole life. It just doesn't last. This time it lasted 1 year, and boy was much of that 1 year euphoric. My confidence skyrocketed and I felt so at peace for the first time in a long time. Of course it's unhealthy to depend on someone else for much of my happiness, and that's something I am looking to change. I blogged about this before when all of this started. I just need to learn to be content on my own for now. Relationships are hard. When they work it feels like bliss, but when they end your world can fall apart.

I'm trying to get back into the groove by focusing on fitness again. I neglected much of my fitness goals ever since the gyms closed. It takes another level of discipline to workout at home. Fitness is one of the few things that consistently improves my mood.

You know what's the most frustrating thing? Knowing what you want and knowing what you have to do to get there, yet not doing it because of an elusive block. In the words of Kurt Cobain "Somethings in the way".


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Portuguese translator by Jelle, July 14

**** CLOSED ***

Hi all,

I posted before that I'm trying to make educational apps. I just got so tilted by office life that I'm trying to do anything I can to get back away from it

Anyway, the first app I made is meant to learn the poker rules and that one is seeing some success, which is almost unbelievable to me I'm so happy about it. I started charging $1 to download it on iOS and it's bringing in some pocket change every day. Now that i know there's a need for it, I would feel more comfortable paying someone to translate it into one of the big languages that I don't speak. The most important one is probably Chinese or Portuguese.

I translated it into dutch myself and it took me like 8 hours of straight work, even being intimately familiar with everything and being an expert at english, dutch and understanding poker. I think it would more realistically take 2 days to translate everything for someone else. Given that, I thought it might be fair to offer about $250 for it (am I being too cheap?)

So if any of you want to do it or if you know someone who would want to do it, please set me up! I'm kind of hoping I can get some LP user's 16 year old brazilians/portuguese cousin who knows poker to do it and make them happy.

On android, I'm giving away everything for free because I still have no traction at all, so I think it's better to do whatever I can to get some ratings going.

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Staking for apps by lostaccount, June 30

I’m looking to stake 1 shark to win me monies from big donkeys. Players in app plays like 2006 so let’s make some money together. Private usually has max 3 tables so most of the time you are 1 or 2 tabling and stakes are nl60-200 canadian

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Motivational by tutz, June 15

Hey guys. This is not really a post about spirituality, but more like a motivational one.
I made a video showing my Yoga transformation so far.
The entry is in Portuguese, but it reads:

"I started practicing Yoga in November of 2018
In September of 2019 I decided to start recording my practice
This video shows a little bit of my evolution in the past 10 months"

Take a look, I think some of you might like it:


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First 60k in PA by Ryan Neilly, June 09

Hey there LP, been workin really hard on my game and playing MTT weeks and cashgames other weeks.

Just hit first 60k in PA

Lets get to 150k by the end of year.
(JFound88-over 50k in 6 months <3, as I said )

Click LINK Below.

We crushed the PAScoop winning the 20 hu w/ 970 ppl, won the $100 100k (6 way chop w/ chiplead 12.6k) and lots of other great hits. Pokers been good, and now we are back studying hardcore with MMasherdawgs course + Kanu7s course + Elliot Roe.

The momentums real.

PA Pokers the nuts
If u want good online action this is where its at.

Feels good.

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Hello by 11elikaon, June 05

This is sort of re-introduction, i was a user here from 2006-2010.
Those were the good ol' days of poker hey?

Its kind of sad to see what happened to poker in some ways and this website as a result, which used to be so active. I loved seeing how active hand posting was, and my favorites were PoorUser or Elkys, Raszi was good too. Its all quiet now. When people talk about poker its about solvers and what not but thats the evolution i guess... i see bring back the moneymakers.

Anyways im re-picking up the game since last year but just for fun really, i never want to be a pro player and honestly never could be. Its still fun though.

So hi, im a FR player, use to be able to beat 200nl 16 table, now i think i can beat up to 25nl, definitely not beyond
Not bad huh? decent winrate...

I am not a 6-max player...

on any level

anyway, i dont expect me to remember it, cause I keep playing it - cause its actually a bit more fun i admit as a FR player.
so in some ways im like the robinhood of 6-max, take from FR and give to 6-max.

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private server on pokerbros by lostaccount, June 03

If anyone of you are looking for a soft app, pm me. its a lot softer than stars. its pppoker and pokerbros

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Pee El lol lol lol by gawdawaful, May 29

+ Show Spoiler +

Almost even for the month

Still unemployed

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RiKD Blog Thread by RiKD, May 25

So, here is my "new" blog?

I might talk about suicidal thoughts, killing Jeff Bezos, and strangling Israelis that exert heinous power over Palestinians, etc. Put the babies to bed.

I quit my job today. That was unpleasant. It still is unpleasant. I wonder when the unpleasantness of it will go away. And now it's time to think about what to do next. I wonder if I'm any good at anything. In the Politics Thread we are talking about how there are no ethical choices under capitalism. Well, sometimes it feels like there are no choices of where to work under capitalism. I am a wage slave getting exploited anyway you cut it. What I feel strongly in my gut at this moment is that I should work towards being an existential psychotherapist. What I feel weakly in my gut is that I should just end it all right now with a sharp knife to the gut. Disembowelment with say a large chef knife would probably do the trick but there are probably better ways to go. It would be nicer to have a #2 on hand to cut my head off to alleviate the suffering. I don't want to kill Jeff Bezos today. I think I would always be down to strangle a corrupt Israeli at least into unconsciousness. I don't actually have any power though. I'm rather benign. My power lies in my connection with leftists in this area which I was at a party where close to all of them in the city showed up and sadly it wasn't much. We did some work on Bernie's campaign, ate vegan BBQ, and shared in discourse. It was a good time and solidarity yeah but on another hand maybe it is kind of depressing that there isn't more of an impact here. Although, I'm not one to talk. I could definitely do more or could I? I am disconnected from my leftist people at the moment. Food Not Bombs is one way to make a difference and connect and it's shut off for me right now. That is the catalyst for everything. The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) can be too but I am not a Democratic Socialist.

I think at a time about now it's time to read some Schopenhauer. I need a Schopenhauer Cure. Or I don't even know what to read. It feels like I should be spending a lot of time on finding a job. I don't even know what I am doing. From how much time a day to devote to it to even what I am looking for. There is some soul searching to be done for sure. I am just sick of these shit jobs. Running us proletariat ragged for scraps. I feel powerless. I don't know what to do. There is still some joys in life but it feels muted. I just have to carry on like the Stoics. Will this matter in 5 years? I don't know. This fundamental aspect of existence that we need to drink water, eat food, have bowel movements and find something to do within capitalism or die is nauseating.

We'll see. I keep saying just get through the day and get a decent night of sleep. We'll see. We'll see.

We'll see.

I think I will try and paint my emotions right now.


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Going back to work by RiKD, May 21

I got a text today that more or less said, "So, do you still want to work for us?"

I have been dreading this text for a while. I could have just said no and officially started looking for other jobs but I was afraid. My car has no air conditioning and is scheduled for a checkup soon now that I am going to be driving it again. The job market has got to be a tough one at the moment. So, I was a coward and said "Yes." I start back on Friday. I felt kind of depressed all day today. Not that quarantine has been that great for me lately but going back to being a servant for scraps. Now I am back in anxiety mode. I don't really want to read a powerpoint to kids that don't care but maybe it wouldn't be as bad as this? But I just recall my Econ 200 professor reading powerpoints with 0 gusto and the class being a joke and some weird twilight zone of suck. I never would want to go near a project like that. I told my therapist yesterday that I don't know if I see myself doing anything. Yet I'm dying to get back into Food Not Bombs and explore other non-profits in the area.

My therapist said to just keep doing what I'm doing. That I'm gifted in listening, patience, to never turn my back on social justice, or giving, and to not be timid with my thoughts. If I add all that up I'm not sure what it means in regards to what I should be doing to earn some form of income. Fuck... I guess I'll survive. I'll survive. For now. Unless I die in a car crash tomorrow, or get Covid-19 and die, or any other number of ways to expire. And I'm sitting here depressed most of the day and worried how work is going to be and escaping with sleep.

I had to throw this one into the hat. I think I am feeling a bit better about all of it just writing this out. Yeah, I can see how it all equates to spam. In my biased opinion it's not like these blogs are completely irrelevant but whatever. As I said in the last blog it's a weird malady. These blogs make me feel better.

I realized something else tonight. I am fat because part of my self-esteem is tied into being this "foodie" or "good-eater." My dad is a fat ass and has this same problem and I think I originally picked it up from him. That's why when I am dieting I can diet because the self-esteem reverses to being good at dieting but just my base state is one that derives self-esteem through eating good food. It is accentuated when out with other "good-eaters" where we have to prove our "good-eaterness" and collectively get a good feeling by sharing in the good eats.

In the same vein I get self-esteem from this blog in some way. I'm sure of it. In some way it makes me feel relevant or important. There is also the cathartic aspect of it. I feel renewed. I don't fear work as much in this moment. I will go and do what is required of me to earn my paycheck and hopefully not fall too far in the undead cycle of undead work and undead rest. If it sucks too much I can find a new job or quit.

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Autobiography of a Yogi by tutz, May 21

Hi guys. I just finished reading the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" and so I had to come here to share what an amazing read that was. If you have any interest in yogic philosophy and spirituality, this is a must read for you.

Also, my instagram following in growing exponentially since I last posted anything here. I even gained a couple LP followers there I remember I had about 1,500 followers back then and now I'm almost at 5.700. A couple of my videos even went viral haha . When I reach 10k I will start a youtube channel and when this pandemic is over I'm gonna start teaching yoga. I'm also planning a one year trip to India so I can go further on the yogic path, but only after the pandemic is over of course.

My instagram:

How are you guys dealing with this whole situation? Don't forget to meditate, this is the best time to find out who you really are.

All the best to all of you guys. Namastê

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Simple math question by Nitewin, May 17

If you win 10 for every 1 you lose and have a 50% win rate, what is your expected value of this proposition?

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a fun one by donkeyrider, May 16

8 players are in the hand
verminoth posted 0.25
mojomars posted 0.5
you straddled to 1
you were dealt 10? 10?
puddnhead folded
GlockTease called 1
Freshbasil folded
Stephan folded
Getfoosed called 1
verminoth called 1
mojomars called 1
you bet 3
GlockTease called 3
Getfoosed called 3
verminoth called 3
mojomars called 3
board: 4? Q? 2?
verminoth checked
mojomars checked
you bet 5.25
GlockTease raised to 10.5
Getfoosed called 10.5
verminoth folded
mojomars folded
you called 10.5
board: 4? Q? 2? 10?
you checked
GlockTease bet 153
Getfoosed folded
you called 88.5
board: 4? Q? 2? 10? 6?
GlockTease showed 10? Q? (two pair)
you showed 10? 10? (three of a kind)
GlockTease won 64.5 chips
you won 223.5 chips

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