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Acoustic Guitar! Do you play?
  Endo, Dec 25 2012

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas LP!

I just recently decided I want to pick up the guitar. I got myself a Yamaha FG700S for a Christmas present (pic attached). Do any of you play, and how did you start? Can you recommend any starting resources or starting pointers? I've played the piano at a state/national competitive level since I was 6, so I'm pretty musically inclined, although I do not have any experience with any other instrument.

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Multitabling HU help
  Endo, Mar 22 2012

I'm having trouble multi-tabling HU because the action goes so fast. Any suggestions/recommendations? Mostly I can't keep track of how the meta/flow is going at certain tables and I don't notice small things like timing bets because tables flip around so fast demanding action. How does everyone else adjust for things like this?

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$1 challenge! (Inc Busto)
  Endo, Jan 05 2012

Took a look on hero, had a dollar.

Play $1-2 HU SnG's. Ran up to $33 now.

My next blog will either be legendary or a sadface.

Lets see if I can make it up to $1/2 HU games!

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  Endo, Jul 30 2011

Read blog post below--

With a $8 rakeback (that I discovered today, lol) I play on grinding Turbo micro HU SnG's until I have a roll for NL25 HU again!

I get a little twinge of adrenaline every time I shove preflop and get called LOL.

@ $30 and climbing--

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I need BR management discipline :(
  Endo, Jul 28 2011

So I traded for some Hero $ earlier, got $100, and was just playing around on NL25 HU, which I find for the most part to be really really soft. Really quickly into my first session, and a couple of check/raise all-ins later (most of which are snap called with the nuts or TPTK against my FD/SD) I find myself with only $33 left.

Then I seem like I cant lose, run it up to $250 or so (oh baby, going up 10 buyins) and play this massive fish at NL25 who I take like 4 BI off of in maybe 50 hands.

He sits out and I'm just browsing on the HU tables when I notice he's sitting on some NL100 tables. Same guy. And I'm just licking my chops, thinking "Oooooo free monies".

You can see where this is going...

I had told myself that I was already underrolled for NL25 HU, and if I did well I would not move up AT ALL until I was fully rolled for NL50 HU (meaning 20 BI). I've always done very well at HU online in the past, but always had BR management issues. No moving up. No matter what.

So what do I do? I sit down at the NL100 table and he posts his blind.


AK, 4bet preflop, he calls. Flop comes KJ3. He checks, I bet, and he snapjams over. I'm like FIST-PUMPING CALL right then because I know I'm good and he flips over QJs. Rivers a Q.

I'm like -.-

About 20-30 hands later, I'd chipped up a bit and we were both with $170 stacks.
QQ, 3bet preflop, he calls. Flop comes Q56. I bet he calls. Turn is a 8. I bet he jams and I'm thinking REVENGE!!! SO SWEET!

He flips 77. Rivers a 4.

At this point I'm like -->

Im mega-tilted and absolutely fucking refuse to leave the table and acknowledge that I've lost money to a huge lucksack. The only way I was leaving the table was if either of us went bust.

...That's a very bad idea btw, challenging a known lucksack to a who-busts-first battle when you have 60bb left in your BR. He KO'ed me soon after.

And kids, that's what happens when you play HU massively under-rolled, even if you think its way +EV.

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Anyone have extra Hero $?
  Endo, Jul 16 2011

No poker in the close vicinity of Beijing...and I want to dink around online again

$100, Can send amazonpayments or paypal, first to anyone reputable.

Dying to play right now lol

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Monitored and reported
  Endo, May 10 2011

ZZzzzzz I wish I could actually use LP hand convertor with Hero

Nothing is coming through.

And now my blog has a weird post title without an explanation.

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Paypal for Hero $
  Endo, May 09 2011

Just signed up, don't have any option to deposit, and I only want a little to mess around for right now. Can anyone xfer me $100? I'll send first on paypal to anyone known.

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Discount Stock Brokerage
  Endo, Mar 23 2011

Hey guys,

I've been involved with investing in stocks and options for the past year and I know a lot of LP are involved with investing as well as poker (as the two have a lot of overlap). I just transferred my assets to Tradeking and I wanted to let everyone know of the promotion, refer-a-friend, that's going on at TradeKing right now that's ending on March 31st. I feel is a great deal ($100 for both parties when you open an account with a $1000 minimum). Their fees are $5 per trade, which is lower than most of the other Stock brokers such as Scottrade/E-trade out there.


""Refer a friend and you both get $100."

Normally, Tradeking gives $50 to the referrer for referrals and sometimes runs special promotions where both parties get $50. This is the first time I've seen them offer $100 to both parties. Offer is valid until March 31st.

Text directly from Tradeking:

"I wanted to let you know that TradeKing is my preferred broker and,
with their improved "Refer a Friend" program, we can now get $100
bonuses in our brokerage accounts. To qualify, all you need to do
is open an account, fund with $1,000 or more within 30 days, and
make a trade within 180 days.

So why did I choose TradeKing? They have a great price, at just
$4.95 per trade, and their customer service has won awards from
SmartMoney and Kiplinger's. Their suite of powerful tools is
free and they have an innovative Trader Network, where traders
connect with one another and share their ideas and strategies.

Interested? It only takes a few minutes to open an account. The
"Refer a Friend" program is open to you too. I hope you'll join me
at TradeKing. Just click the link below to get started."

Tradeking fees per trade:
Stocks: $4.95
Options: $4.95 + $0.65 per contract
Minimum deposit: $0 (minimum deposit to qualify for this offer is $1,000)


* Ranked #1 in customer service by Smart Money (2010).
* Smart Money award for Top Online Broker 4 years running (2004-2009).
* Awarded “Best For Options Traders” by Barrons (2009 & 2010)
* 4 Star rated by Barrons in their annual survey of the best browser based online brokers 2007-2010.

This site has gotten very good reviews from many reviewers. Their customer service is fantastic and they charge the same fees for over the phone transactions as they do for their online transactions. review []
Smart Money review/rankings []

Tradeking also has a up to $150 transfer fee refund that should stack with the referral promotion:

With TradeKing, you'll get an intuitive trading platform, fast trade execution, powerful charts and research, professional-caliber tools, our innovative Trader Network and much more, all for just $4.95 a trade. We'll also refund transfer fees on ALL new accounts charged by your current broker up to $150. It's just another way TradeKing is easy on your wallet. Conditions Apply*. See below for more information about this offer."

There are no inactivity fees or account management fees, and to get the bonus you just have to keep $1000 you deposited in there for 6 months and execute at least 1 trade. If you don't know someone with an account I can send you a referral, but mostly if you're looking to enter the stock market this is a great opportunity to do so! (10% free capital is pretty big!)


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  Endo, Jun 28 2010

Hmmm so the game turned out to be 2-5 even tho it was advertised at 1-2.

Major pots: Double straddle of $15, $30. Two limpers, I shove with JJ, and get a call from A6o. He covers, pot is ~650.

Flop comes 266 and runs out without a J.

Straddle to $10, UTG (short with only about ~120 left) shoves. I shove over with about $350 with AQs in MP and BOTH BLINDS CALL and I'm like...I'm soooo not good.

UTG turns over 44, blinds turn over 77 and 99. Flop comes 235 rainbow. Turn hits a 6.

Folds around to SB. He sits with 650 or so, I cover. Active villain opens from SB for $15, I'm in BB. I 3-bet with A4s to $50, he calls. Flop comes 339. He bets $60, I raise to $150, he calls. Turn is a 7. He checks, I bet $200, he shows TT and folds.

I told them in reverse order, so I busted with JJ =(

Sick soft game tho, need to get back there next weekend.

POKER GODS, STOP TORMENTING ME!! Need to win more flips and 70/30's. PM me if you coach in flips.

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