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Unofficial Movie recommendation thread.

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whamm!   Albania. Nov 22 2011 21:44. Posts 11625

C'mon I think we need to have this. Feel free to post any movie you watched recently you wanna share.
Don't share movies you think sucked though lol. These ones are out on torrent with divx quality.

Cool music, great acting by lead. "JunO" meets "500 days of summer" (if you're into that kind of movie) Nerdy, geeky types can totally relate and root for this guy. Totally enjoyed this movie.

Breakthrough performance by Chris Evans. Cool story (based on a true one) Small time lawyers try to take on Pharma suppliers, problem is one of the lawyers is fucked up and tries to redeem himself.

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PuertoRican   United States. Nov 22 2011 21:56. Posts 13018

^ Full movie.

Rekrul is a newb 

RiKD    United States. Nov 22 2011 22:30. Posts 8407


imma go with the first 2 that popped into my head

meet joe black

(trailer isn't very good. it's more of an existential film with humor and good feelings than some dramatic romance.)

trading places

cool. i like the reccos. no one ever mentions either of these but i'm a fan.

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Ryuho27   Mexico. Nov 23 2011 00:29. Posts 23


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RiKD    United States. Nov 23 2011 01:06. Posts 8407

pretty good. saw it when i was sleepy and not really a great movie for that. it was supposed to originally star brad pitt and cate blanchett and be a total epic. everything fell apart and the director had to cut the script for half the budget and scrap together new actors.

huge fan of that director though.

3 more

requiem for a dream

(not for the faint of heart)

black swan

(movie about ballet? fuck yeah! it's fukken bad ass. still not convinced? mila kunis is next level smokin and her and nat port have a lesbionic moment)

the wrestler

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TheHuHu3   United States. Nov 23 2011 01:20. Posts 5544

Sick thread. I'll contribute later.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

Sanai   United States. Nov 23 2011 01:57. Posts 643

crazy stupid love was good. chick flick/romcom but done well, maybe the best romcom i've seen in recent years.

egood   United States. Nov 23 2011 02:13. Posts 1883

casinocasino   Canada. Nov 23 2011 04:22. Posts 3343

Forgot about the fountain, tyvm

austrian oak   Belgium. Nov 23 2011 05:40. Posts 520

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BILAT_POWER!!!   Philippines. Nov 23 2011 06:51. Posts 1525

this one is really good.

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iop   Sweden. Nov 23 2011 07:09. Posts 4951

I loved Midnight in Paris - however after I saw the trailer, I was contemplating weather or not to see the movie as the trailer does not do the movie justice.

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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Nov 23 2011 08:47. Posts 2422

ok recent movies
Best one i saw was:
girl with the dragon tattoo -- original swedish version as an american one is coming out shortly
its a trilogy that i thought was very good

starts with girl with the dragon tattoo
the girl who played with fire
the girl who kicked the hornet's nest

found the 1st one to be the best but all are good

whamm!   Albania. Nov 23 2011 10:41. Posts 11625

youtube trailers along with your movies would make it easier to figure out if it interests readers
just a suggestion guys

dUUd_   Estonia. Nov 23 2011 11:16. Posts 1840

500 days of summer and midnight in paris are not very good movies

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Raidern   Brasil. Nov 23 2011 13:28. Posts 4243

Harold and Maude

Easily the best movie I watched in 2011 (8.0/10)

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Mariuslol   Norway. Nov 23 2011 13:42. Posts 4742

Enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.

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egood   United States. Nov 23 2011 14:19. Posts 1883

  On November 23 2011 10:16 dUUd_ wrote:
500 days of summer and midnight in paris are not very good movies


RaiNKhAN    United States. Nov 23 2011 18:19. Posts 4080

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nosoul   Brasil. Nov 23 2011 21:25. Posts 902


the corporation

devils rejects

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