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Joe Rogan or any good Podcast thread - Page 4

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bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jan 14 2013 20:53. Posts 8633

  On January 11 2013 21:56 HaiVan wrote:
Niiiiiiiice! NDT is the nuts.

damn he did go on ;o listening now

Truck-Crash LifeLast edit: 14/01/2013 20:54

Loco   Canada. Jan 14 2013 22:43. Posts 19952

all this talk about a stupid fucking conspiracy rofl

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bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jan 14 2013 22:46. Posts 8633

yeah some tilt as expected so far

Truck-Crash Life 

Mariuslol   Norway. Jan 14 2013 23:33. Posts 4741

mm a bit silly at the start, that moon shit, but became really enjoyable toward the end. I do wish he would have prepared a bit more, and gotten some more awesome questions. To push Neil a bit, ask what the latest shit they have found out that's making them go "waat", and what their working on, stuff like that xD

mnj   United States. Jan 15 2013 00:38. Posts 3848

  On January 11 2013 22:44 PuertoRican wrote:
Yeah, I just listened to the NDT episode yesterday. I just found out about an awesome app called Stitcher, on my S3.

Rogan's show was the first to pop up in the comedy section on Stitcher.

Although I watch his show on my computer, I can now stop listening to music while traveling to and from school, and listen to Rogan's show instead, and stop watching his show on my computer, which leaves me more time to study~~~

p.s. It's amazing how smart and quick NDT is, I wonder what his parents are/were like.

some people are just born that way. outliers bro

mnj   United States. Jan 15 2013 00:57. Posts 3848

Joe Rogan prob 100x more successful than me.


whamm!   Albania. Jan 15 2013 01:06. Posts 11625

Rogan stepping back on his early days of constantly advocating that everyone do shrooms and DMT lol. That shit is definitely not for everyone. The podcast is improving over time and mostly now it's about having his best buds or complete strangers who really have something to say - also he's toned down a lot since the first100 episodes.

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jan 26 2013 12:03. Posts 8633

apparently david choe has discovered that martingaling is unbeatable casino strategy and made a small fortune with this revelation

Truck-Crash Life 

whamm!   Albania. Jan 26 2013 15:39. Posts 11625

^^martingale strat is pretty much common sense and I wonder why they ever named that after him. I thnk everyone has thought of that strat even before they looked up it and realized it was invented by mr. martingale

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jan 26 2013 15:46. Posts 8633

yeah he sounds like a super idiot when he talks about his gambling, i like how even someone as retarded as joe is like "wait...what" when he tries to explain his system.

most of the other time he's funny/entertaining though

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 01 2013 22:56. Posts 11625

all athletes take epds
nice podcast for those who loved asprey and victor conte ones (health, nutrition, conditioning)

SpoR   United States. Feb 07 2013 01:09. Posts 1254

If anyone hasn't posted already, Adam & Drew are doing a loveline kinda thing again.

Also, Ace's personal podcast is #1 as usual

Also, I highly recommend everyone to listen to old episodes of loveline from like 2000-2005. I guarantee you will become a better human from listening to these.

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 22 2013 08:40. Posts 11625

jesus christ Dana White in the JRE!

PuertoRican   United States. Apr 23 2013 18:31. Posts 11521

GSP was just on the Joe Rogan show. Their interview finished about 10 minutes or so ago.

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whamm!   Albania. May 08 2013 00:02. Posts 11625

Ok podcasts i like:

Ten minute podcast - wil sasso, bryan callen and chris d'elia
Pointless - kevin peirera, attack of the show host
Monday morning podcast with bill burr
Norm macdonald - its on youtube
green podcast
Dvdasa - david cho with yoshi and asa akira
Bryan callen show
Sometimes adam corolla, opie and anthony, jay mohr

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PuertoRican   United States. May 08 2013 19:59. Posts 11521

Rekrul is a newb 

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jun 11 2013 23:06. Posts 8633

nvm found it mods delete this reply if you want t.t

Truck-Crash LifeLast edit: 11/06/2013 23:35

SpoR   United States. Jun 15 2013 01:24. Posts 1254

Dr. Drew podcast :
Lots of information on psychology, addiction, diseases, relationships, drugs, political stuff, and interesting guests are usually in the educated science fields or celebrities.

Adam&Drew Show:
Same great dichotomy from loveline only less callers and more jokes, cursing, and social commentary. Very funny and smart at the same time. Interesting guests in celebrities and comedians etc.

Neil Degrasse Tyson and all the interesting science/space philosophical stuff he brings with science guests and comedians.

Stuff You Should Know:
Haven't listened to any of these yet but it's from the site

Penn's Sunday School:
Penn from the comedy/magic duo running his podcast based on athiesm and philosophy etc. Has interesting political and celebrity guests.

State Of The Game:
JP McDaniel and other sc2 proliferates talk about esports, sc2, gaming news, and drama.


PuertoRican   United States. Aug 14 2013 15:41. Posts 11521

Rekrul is a newb 

SmokingDough   Canada. Aug 16 2013 01:13. Posts 365

thought the ian mccall one was quite good.

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