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Daut versus LuvtheWNBA comic

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Webjoker   Netherlands. Mar 21 2008 09:26. Posts 435

I work for the Dutch version of PokerNews and once every two weeks I make a comic about a famous poker show/movie or epic heads-up. This week I choose a WPT episode featuring Isaac Haxton and your/our famous Daut.

I watched this episode many times because the heads-up (and the rest of the episode) is nice poker with some sick moves. Also featuring Raihkan in the background ofcourse. So I created the comic and post it here so you guys can see. Maybe you don't like it, maybe just 'mehh' but it never hurts. Here we go!

First an YouTube embedded movie from this episode so everyone remembers where we're talking about. The whole episode you can download here:

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NerO   United States. Mar 21 2008 09:32. Posts 2402

lol amazing

XeliN   United Kingdom. Mar 21 2008 09:34. Posts 2365

haha good work

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frenchylucky   Finland. Mar 21 2008 09:35. Posts 1788

this is just AWESOME, dank u well !

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kemo   Denmark. Mar 21 2008 09:38. Posts 573

I like it Nice one

Trey   United States. Mar 21 2008 09:52. Posts 5616

wow, good work lol

The72o   Zimbabwe. Mar 21 2008 10:03. Posts 6112

love it xD

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lebowski   Greece. Mar 21 2008 10:52. Posts 8958


new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

tloapc   Pitcairn. Mar 21 2008 11:03. Posts 2591

what did u say??

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Defrag   Poland. Mar 21 2008 11:05. Posts 4628

Sick ;D

Wow, that heads-up game was sick to watch on tv, how the hell I missed that ;o

uiCk   Canada. Mar 21 2008 11:16. Posts 3510

best part is rainkhan

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Question   Czech Republic. Mar 21 2008 12:27. Posts 1074

This is great ROFL :D:D:D:

lachlan   Australia. Mar 21 2008 12:36. Posts 6991

lol wow the hand with the 23o and the 75o is insane. cant believe that hand actually happened!

full ring 

Oxy   Canada. Mar 21 2008 13:28. Posts 2293

hahaha sick life nice

this shit is OBSURD 

kantoiki   Australia. Mar 21 2008 14:37. Posts 3818

LOL good post

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Sheitan   Canada. Mar 21 2008 14:48. Posts 4217

Wow it's awesome haha this is sick good !

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gawdawaful   Canada. Mar 21 2008 15:10. Posts 8817

I see FrinkX too

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gawdawaful   Canada. Mar 21 2008 15:10. Posts 8817

and Jonny

Im only good at poker when I run good 

Loco   Canada. Mar 21 2008 15:25. Posts 19226


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ggplz   Sweden. Mar 21 2008 16:11. Posts 16625

haha good shit nice

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