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User name lachlan
Joined Monday, 20th of August 2007
Country Australia
Quote full ring
Total Posts 6991
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Average Posts Per Week 9.10
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lachlan 's Public Profile:
If you have Stars $ and want FTP $ PM ME!!!!!

I don't like to send first as it's an easy way to get scammed, however here's a list of LPers over the past couple of years that i've done successful trades with where they have sent first:

Uptown (Click to PM)
mikeymoo (Click to PM)
hellokittery (Click to PM)
Dora (Click to PM)
AutumnSolace (Click to PM)
ErikQuirk (Click to PM)
ConquistadoR (Click to PM)
SfydjkLm (Click to PM)
player999 (Click to PM)
BEFO (Click to PM)
seadonkey (Click to PM)
goodguysm (Click to PM)
Siro (Click to PM) ($4k)
Xervean (Click to PM) ($3.2k)
mikeymoo (Click to PM)
holyemj (Click to PM) ($100)
Sanai (Click to PM) ($275)
MayZerG(Click to PM) ($60)
TenBagger(Click to PM) ($500)
TimDawg (Click to PM) ($5k)
thewh00sel (Click to PM) ($1.7k) [i sent first]
iop (Click to PM) ($1k)
Shad (Click to PM) ($1k)

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