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3 hands to contemplate

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RiKD    United States. May 16 2022 03:39. Posts 8394

First hand:

Folds to me in SB. I have 35hh and make it 3bbs. BB calls. He is almost fully anonymous besides having a 100bb stack. I don't even have a screen name or picture to guess.

Pot: 6 bbs


Ah 9c Th

I make it 2 bbs. They call.

Pot: 10bbs


Ah 9c Th 4c

I make it 7bbs. He thinks for a bit and makes it 28bbs...... What is the plan?


Second Hand:

I raise LJ with AhKs to 2.2 bbs and get 3bet in HJ to 7bbs. Again player is anonymous besides his 100bb stack. 30million hands say this guy is probably really tight. I guess I don't have any reason to think otherwise. In the moment I decide to 4bet to 20bbs because I have AKo. He thinks a bit and calls.

Pot: 41.5bbs


6c 8d 9c

What is the strategy here?


Third Hand:

100 bb effective

LJ limps. Seems pretty limpy / cally / splashy. Guy who seems pretty solid raises to 4bbs in HJ. I am on the button with KhQs. What if the blinds are not strong players? What if the blinds are strong players?

I decided to 3bet to 12bbs because Pio says so and it just seems like a reasonable play in this situation.

LJ calls. HJ calls.

Pot: 37.5 bbs


Jd Jh 9c

Both players check relatively quickly to me. What is the plan?

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Oddeye   Canada. May 17 2022 01:55. Posts 5095

First hand you'd love reads but as played I'd call. Expecting him to fold to a jam here is pretty far fatched against an unknown.

2nd hand I might be brain dead not sure what LJ. Do you have any stats to know how tight? Because this is gonna change how you play there. It's either small cb/fold or x/jam or x/f.

I guess you mean strong = a reg?. Either way just 3b 3.5x or something like that. Plan is cb around 1/3 pot and fold to action.

On top of my head thats how I'd play. Good luck!

RiKD    United States. May 17 2022 03:22. Posts 8394

Reads are hard when everyone is anonymous and the hand re-player doesn't show mucked cards. Also, I'm multi-tabling so can't watch other hands that closely. It's a lot of guess work which sucks. It's some parts what is the average guy doing here versus what this specific guy is doing here based on my gut feeling. The sizing on the first hand is what is a bit peculiar.

LJ = Low-jack = UTG in 6max game

Yeah, no reads is really tough. I am just going by what Stroggos said about a 30 million hand sample. I would say some guys can have every set and 2pairs here while others just aren't. I don't have any of those hands except if I 4bet 89s but I probably wouldn't do that.

chk feels like I'm giving up the pot.

small cbet feels like I'm putting money out there kind of bad. I know it doesn't have to work that often but I feel like he has a really strong range here besides like KsQs and other stuff like that. I guess that is all that matters. If he folds enough my equity versus his strong holdings don't matter.

Yeah, I get you on the 3rd hand. It seems like some of these spots are just spots we have to 3-bet and c-bet about 1/3 pot.

J J 9 r being a flop that I think hits their ranges which makes it more tough. It's tough to chk because we kind of give up our equity. Although I have realized I still have PLO tendencies. Meaning a K completes a nut straight, same with a Q and they might already be tripped up or boated. Meaning a T gives JTs a boat not that there are that many combos of that at all I am just thinking out loud. But, that is PLO and this is NLHE. Still A K boats up KJ and a Q boats up QJ again not many combos but I have PLO in my head still. The limper could have QJo or KJo. Maybe the pf original raiser as well.

Stroggoz   New Zealand. May 17 2022 06:56. Posts 5283

  On May 17 2022 00:55 Oddeye wrote:

2nd hand I might be brain dead not sure what LJ.

I have to look up what position Low Jack is everytime someone mentions it. All i know is EP/MP/CO/BU/SB/BB

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. May 17 2022 07:04. Posts 5283

Nvm, misread position.

You probably want to overbet turn on 1st hand, and flatting 3bet instead of 4betting with AKo

One of 3 non decent human beings on a site of 5 people with between 2-3 decent human beingsLast edit: 17/05/2022 07:08

RiKD    United States. May 17 2022 18:52. Posts 8394

What sizing?

Back in my day the only overbets were like river shoves. I should probably watch a Run It Once video by Sauce or someone on the subject to get up to speed.

We flat the AKo simply because the 3better has such a strong range according to your 30 million hand sample?

I like 4betting AKo / AKs but I seem to run into AA / KK so often I am either running really badly in those spots or people just 3bet / 4bet such a tight range. I think it's because I was running into hands like 76s and other bluffs that I just assumed people can 3 bet light / 4 bet bluff. I also come from a time when everyone was trying to abuse the button and opening and 3betting and 4betting were light as fuck. The days of the "invisible ante" as David Sklansky called it.

Oddeye   Canada. May 17 2022 19:12. Posts 5095

I rly like ovb on 1st hand. I'm guessing 1.2-1.5x but maybe there is a better sizing.

2nd hand I think he likes to call because of the position. Also people for some reason will think you never have AK and stack off on AxKx much lighter. I tend to 4b alot too but thats mostly due to aggression dynamics at higher stakes. I wouldn't flat as much CO vs DE.

gawdawaful   Canada. May 19 2022 23:37. Posts 9011

I'm with oddeye, I think 3.5x ip 3b is better. Punish the guy for isoing 4x
Also I dunno if I like 1/3 psb for flop cbet in hand 1. I would size up here with my value and prob just have a fairly tight 3.5x open range from sb to begin with (in cash)

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hiems   United States. May 23 2022 20:20. Posts 2979

How many hands u play so far

I beat Loco!!! [img][/img] 


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