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Polk vs Negreanu Poker Grudge Match

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captainhook   Canada. Oct 10 2020 21:26. Posts 303

Start Date: Nov 1, 2020
No. of Hands: 25,000
Stakes: 100bb at 200/400, max two tables

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu

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captainhook   Canada. Oct 10 2020 22:49. Posts 303

Polk vs Negreanu: What Is Happening & How Did We Get Here?

captainhook   Canada. Oct 11 2020 04:01. Posts 303

Odds on Pokershares

Doug Polk: -667
Daniel Negreanu: +485

lostaccount   Canada. Oct 12 2020 16:21. Posts 2972

I’ll take Doug willing to give 6:1

lostaccount   Canada. Oct 12 2020 16:22. Posts 2972

+600 for dnegs

Jelle   Belgium. Oct 13 2020 00:37. Posts 3407

I wonder if this will even happen

captainhook   Canada. Oct 13 2020 01:10. Posts 303

  On October 12 2020 23:37 Jelle wrote:
I wonder if this will even happen

It will. Both Doug and Negreanu already agreed, unless one of them flakes out.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Oct 14 2020 21:45. Posts 9249

are they putting money on the side or is Polk only going to get the 10bb/100 winrate ?

Baalim   Mexico. Oct 20 2020 04:09. Posts 33595

Its pretty wild how Negranu has become so unlikable that he is hated by the community more than ppl like Lederer, Ferguson etc.

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Oct 20 2020 09:08. Posts 9249

Lederer and Ferguson never pretended to be the face of the community nor friends, they just fucked people. Negreanu on the other hand tried to be the most likeable guy ever and then started fucking the community while trying to bluntly say retarded shit to their face. What a complete donkey.

People could swallow the shit he did if he did it out of pure greed, which he did, but his behaviour is what annoyed everyone

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captainhook   Canada. Oct 20 2020 11:05. Posts 303

Am I the only one who wants to see Negreanu just to see the community get more annoyed?

Ryan Neilly   United States. Oct 23 2020 05:27. Posts 1481

calling 1st delay, daniels really busy that week, maybe in like 2 weeks


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